Volume drying up on this shitcoin, everyone point and laugh

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Thanks for bringing the low price to my attention. I'd been looking for a nice entrypoint for a while now. Finally got my bag, and at a very good price! Thank you!

Lol retard, I dumped all my bags at a small loss. Glad I got out of the scam and got into FTM instead

its not too late to buy yet user...

You wont accumulate shit, low IQ fudster.

Why would I buy into an obvious scam? Lol I asked my coworkers and nobody even knows wtf SAP is

Literally who partnership

>Lol retard, I dumped all my bags at a small loss.
>Lol retard
>I dumped all my bags at a small loss

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Nobody in the garbage industry will know about a software giant. What do you expect?

Then answer my question above fuck boy, nobody even knows wtf SAP is.. I work at a high end job ($20/hr) and I’ve never even heard of it

>I work at a high end job ($20/hr) and I’ve never even heard of it

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>highend $20/hr job
Ah, you're just memeing. I was worried about you for a second.

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Buy high, sell low.

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Lmao I did part time brand promotion work in college where I would get high at music festivals and shit that paid me more than $20 per hour

Stop acting like you faggots make $20/hr, I worked 4 years to get to my level. You dumbasses, if someone like me in management doesn’t know what SAP is, then how do you expect anyone else to know what that small company is ?

>I work at a high end job ($20/hr)

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Lmao fuck you faggot, I get a 5% raise every year. You LITtards are jealous of my career and it shows. Stay poor faggots, your investment decisions are terrible.

Swinging into FTM was the best decision of my life

>High end job
Pick one

Your raise is hardly above inflation rate.

Whatever keep larping, you LITfags are going to go straight to 0

>not knowing who SAP is
this is more pathetic than your pay lmao

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Screen capped.
Do people like you even buy crypto? You must buy some utter shit.

Pathetic pay? I’m probably part of the top 2%

Like I said, you retards can keep LARPing about your pay and buying LIT. Throwing your money away, thanks for buyin my bags

Stop fake FUDding to make LIT seem stronger. LIT is a good project but you're not helping with this shit tier FUD. Use GOOD FUD.

Lmao fucking schizo cult members, I lost $2000 because I listened to you faggots and you think I’m saying this to make it go up? I’m warning any anons to stay away from this scam

this is controlled opposition

Lol same im -2k from Lit fuck this shitcoin

You guys are fucking stupid to not realize this is a pump and dump shittoken. Doesnt matter if it has actual use cases or partners if its pumped and dumped youre fucked. Look at CHX and LTO network

Both CHX and LTO have partnerships with multi billion dollar companies and CEOs who advise governments on regulations
LIT is literally exactly like them.

You're going to be bagholding this til it goes back to Ico prices retard

Oh and notice how most LIT and VIDT threads are dead as fuck? Its because most knew this shit was a fucking pump and dump scam and got out with decent gains. Enjoy bagholding dumbfucks

kek stay poor faggot, keep buying high and selling low

Yeah look at all the LINK threads on here, imagine thinking people’s opinion on an anime image board matter

>tfw accumulated LIT, VIDT, QNT, MITX over months
>tfw dumped some high and bought back in to increase stacks
>tfw portfolio is up the last couple days while almost everyone is rekt
seriously, no point FUDing when we can all make it holding this stuff. FTM is decent too OP, just stop being a tool

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how can you be at a loss? weak trader

I got JUSTed too, bought in at 120 vits . Lition = vaporware scamcoin

>its the retard who measures in vits again

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fuck you buddy, your shitcoin is dumping again

where do you think is lit going to be in 2 years?

Household name

what does that mean?


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Gonna keep shaking out these moon boys, and make room for the whales to feast.

Bump for the current pump