Capital preserved and steadily growing during a market downturn

>capital preserved and steadily growing during a market downturn
>just partnered with link for price oracle
>huobi and coinbase only a matter of time
>double-dipping on market cap gains

who else here /comfy/

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in b4 "it's a stablecoin"


AMPL. Just launched a couple weeks ago. Team from Yale, Berkeley, Uber, Google. Investors include Brian Armstrong (CEO of Coinbase), Huobi Capital and Pantera. Advisors from Harvard, Stanford, MIT, as well as Joey Krug from Pantera. Working product already deployed.

Honestly the lack of biz attention while the market cap steadily increases was one of my biggest buy signals.

Just because it is a good investment doesn't mean it is a great hold.

An amazing and interesting idea, however this is not an inherently appreciative asset.

I'll pass, add to my LINK stack instead.

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How do I buy?


you're right that its growth doesn't stem from the same economic principles as link or other utility tokens, but I disagree that it isn't a great hold.

In many ways it's a currency, and currencies can achieve very high market caps. The functionality of the protocol makes it attractive to traders, giving it the potential for healthy volume. Finally, it's been doing very well with one of its primary use cases - as a hedge against the volatility of the overall market - making it an attractive piece of a diversified portfolio. I think it could easily be a staple of a more matured crypto ecosystem.

I bought right at launch, and have seen an increase in both the number of tokens I hold as well as the value of each token. I think ampl absolutely has a chance to yield huge returns long-term; and worst case, it serves as a hedge in my portfolio, preserving my capital.

Don't even bother, user. Most of the brainlets on this board don't understand what a big deal AMPL is or why the LINK/AMPL partnership is huge. It can be frustrating being so high IQ and seeing amazing shit happen and watching the market have no reaction. I just need to remind myself patience is a virtue, and most people are essentially retarded when compared to me.

I read about this a while back but couldnt find an exchange that sold it.

This is the coin whose balance resizes in your wallet to maintain the exchange rate with USD and other real money right?

Another literal who?
Chainstinkertards are delusional

I'm shilling AMPL, not LINK you brainlet.

It's only on Bitfinex/Ethfinex right now, but Huobi is an investor, and so is Coinbase's CEO. As a currency token, it's also U.S. regulation friendly, making it an even better candidate for Coinbase.

And yes, that's part of it. They call it "elastic supply" - the protocol automatically adjusts the total supply, dynamically across all wallets, to target a price of one 2019 USD per token. However, it breaks it up over a timeline of 30 days, so any target adjustment happens in increments of 1/30th daily. Each new day, the protocol references the current price oracle for the new 1/30th supply adjustment, irrespective of the previous day's adjustment. So the supply change is gradual, with the real value of the token being decided by the market. So in a bull run, the supply increase won't catch up to the price - your token balance will grow at the same time as the price increase, essentially double-dipping on market cap growth. This is meant to incentivize selling, but if there are more holders and long-term bulls than sellers, buy pressure will push the price up, just like any other token or asset.

Using the 2019 dollar as the target is another bonus, considering the overall financial climate. It makes AMPL the clear choice as a hedge versus holding a stablecoin like USDT or USDC, or even DAI. Or hell, even real dollars.

I wish luck to you in your investment.

I don't have enough of a grasp on the underlying tech and tokenomics to put money in right now.

I still have a stack quota to meet in regard to LINK.

they actually have a great in-depth breakdown on their website if you want to learn more: Their whitepaper is quite approachable as well.

It's a really amazing idea, and one of the best use cases for cryptocurrency I've seen. "Programmable money" has always been one of the most exciting promises of crypto, IMO. Well, here it is.

thank you fren. LINK is a comfortable portion of my portfolio as well.

Are you me? I am going to pick a bag just for this message. Thanks user. How much are you holding?

I bought 5750 in the first 24 hrs of trading. My stack is now just over 7000, set to increase again in 1.5 hrs.

So just shy of a 22% increase in just under 2 weeks. Not bad for a hedge.

I have read the white paper. Is this just a stable coin?

not even remotely a stablecoin. the protocol has an ostensible price target of $1 per token, but the actual price is totally decided by the market. the dynamic adjustment in supply is intended to produce price stability of individual tokens, but functionally it allows for appreciation of an individual's holdings (even runaway upward price action just like any other mooning coin) while limiting potential downside.

So it's a volatility mitigation coin?

on very long timescales, yes that's the intention of the protocol. But only for the individual token price - if you buy 100 of them at $1, and then the market cap doubles, the protocol will try to adjust supply so that you have 200 tokens worth $1. That's why it's attractive as a hedge. Their ultimate goal is "an alternative to central bank money, like bitcoin but macroeconomically friendly."

On shorter timescales, though, it can appreciate or depreciate, and the market cap can go up or down, just like any other asset.

On very short timescales, the protocol introduces what they call a "unique volatility profile," with semi-predictable fluctuations in supply creating short term trading opportunities, independent from other market factors. The hypothesis is that AMPL's price action will be uncorrelated with other cryptos including bitcoin, and so far that seems to be true. It's too short of a timescale, and too small of a market exposure yet to be sure of that, though.

I think inelastic supply implies price stability.

Did you mean to say elastic, or else can you explain? Things with inelastic supply (e.g. Bitcoin) are famously price unstable

You're right, I'm an idiot

Is there a way to buy from ethfinex as a burger? Vpn?

This. Retards don't get what a momentous life event it is to retrieve the price of Ethereum- but DECENTRALISED


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Yes that's how I did it. You can even withdraw to any Eth wallet and the protocol will dynamically adjust your balance

Right, because fully diluted market caps have stopped other coins from appreciating (LINK, NEO, etc.) If you compare apples to apples, $83M barely puts AMPL in the top 100.

And if you're bullish on crypto markets overall, 83M is a drop in the bucket. At the peak of the last cycle, every coin in the top 100 had a market cap over 1B.

Finally, I never portrayed this as a lowcap shitcoin gamble. Get better FUD.

my mistake, it was more like $400M for spot #100 on CMC