How much crypto (and what crypto) do i need to be able to bang a cute teen trap like pic rel?

How much crypto (and what crypto) do i need to be able to bang a cute teen trap like pic rel?

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theres no way thats a trap. if it is im gay

I am Brazilian and that makes me knower of traps, she's a trap, believe me.
Pic Rel, another trap (A brazilian one)

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>being this new
At least now you know the superior women.

post some more pics of this as fuk

The other pics are in my encrypted hdd in another location, sorry.

I miss last year when he was posted everywhere. What a cutey.

Not a trap if you don't mind getting caught

welcome to the club

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It's not gay, gay is liking MEN, traps are feminine.

>traps are feminine.

feminine men.

yea but they still have penises

Please kill yourself

feminine boys

Who is she??

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You're still putting your dick into a man's ass and your balls are still slapping together while you're in there. A dress and makeup won't change that.

I don't know her name, but the second one is Daniel Ferreira (Nielzinho or Niel Ferreira)

Quiet thyself woman

It sorta does change it for my dick tho

Don't care would still do it

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Literally Kys loser

>balls slapping together
only makes it better


cause you're gay

it's fine as long as you stick to the roman rvles


when will this meme end?

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It's a lifestyle here.

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I'd rather die alone than date a disgusting, used-up roastie with hanging beef flaps and some chad's discarded crotch waste. All women are whores. Disgusting, irreproachable whores. Every woman's eyes dart around whichever room she's in, trying to find the next wallet to subsidize the trainwreck of a life she's created for herself. They are leeches. No that's mean. Leeches can be useful for things like surgery. Women are like ticks

Reject whores, get money. Fuck niggers

>t. im ugly

How many of you could actually see yourselves fucking a poophole every time you have sex? It's like, kind of not that pleasing to think about.

I totally agree, that's why i only date young religious girls or traps, i refuse rosbife flaps

it's not a meme, the trannies are here to stay.
enjoy it ma dude. embrace it

>it's not a meme

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So these traps couldn't hack it as men so they think they found the easy mode cheat code or what?

they will find a subhuman, there's always one

the good news is faggots do not procreate, which is why the trap meme tends towards 0

Sai disso enquanto dá, viado.

You guys are gonna have summerfags like this until about august 2nd. You've been warned.

Disgusting, assholes are for shitting. Only degenerates put their dicks inside a literal sewer hole.

kek that's what I'm saying. It's actually revolting to act out

its a trap

and then your ballsack slapping against another dudes while they get reamed? Absolutely abhorrent


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Would get traped.

looks like an autist 12 year old kid addicted to twitch

no wonder this fucking board keeps buying shitcoins like link and has been missing on bitcoin since its inception, it's the faggot fate

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also saged fuck off with your mental illness faggots

I wonder if he killed himself

>not wanting to be the trap

kek I honestly don't know if I could live with myself knowing what could have been...

>tfw no cute zoomerchan to slap my balls against

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