Hey Jow Forums I’m teaching myself to code and then I’m gonna start applying for jobs at tech companies in about...

Hey Jow Forums I’m teaching myself to code and then I’m gonna start applying for jobs at tech companies in about 3-6 months.

What questions do these nerds usually ask you during interviews?

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data structures and algorithms

tech interviews are completely broken at most companies. they ask you dumb shit that you'd know if you're a college grad and recently studied. shit like "what are the 4 pillars of OO programming." I'm a senior level developer and had no idea CAUSE THIS IS A GOD DAMN TEXT BOOK QUESTION AND NOT SOMETHING THAT WAS WORTH RETAINING!

after the bullshit grilling, they will ask you questions to test your algorithm chops. something like "write a function to guide a car from point A and point B that navigates around obstacles in three lanes of traffic and guarantees the least amount of merges possible."
I like the puzzles to be honest so long as they aren't timed and aren't on a white board. the test questions are always bullshit though.

large companies always have the most bullshit hiring practices in place. It's someones job to interview and come up with programming tests and puzzles at these places. small company interviews are always way more relaxed and candid cause nobody has time for that shit on small teams.

write a program that counts from 1 to 100,
replace multiples of 5 with fizz
replace multiples of 10 with buzz
replace multiples of 5 and 10 with fizzbuzz

You're a retard.


who your dad is, and are you jewish?

nobody ever asks that, cause that's what google says is a common question. I've never been asked to write fizzbuzz in an interview.

ok real talk, inexperienced retards don't get interviews, so if you don't know how the interviews work, you won't be getting interviews

last piece of advice: practice puzzles on hacker rank if you're nervous, cause a lot of companies these days just have you log into hacker rank to complete the test portion of the interview. I fucking hate hacker rank tests, but it's what to expect. the timer is way too aggressive on most tasks.

isn't the question usually 3 and 5?
because in your statement every 10 will be fizzbuzz and never buzz, because every multiple of 10 is also a multiple of 5 by default

No. But I’m sure I’ll be able to at least get a coding monkey job at a small startup.

Then you get people who can't use if statements, loops or modulo operator.
Holy shit dude it's not a cooking recipe, it doesn't matter if it would never say buzz, just do what the question asks and don't be a brainlet

yeah, cause fizzbuzz is the only way to test for that....
the question I posted above about an algorithm to navigating traffic is legit something I was asked to write in an interview. fizzbuzz, never.

also, modulo operator is pretty much useless. I can't recall ever having used it in the wild desu.

for(let i=1; i

larger companies: algorithms, data structures (generally)

for small/med-small companies, you'll usually be asked domain knowledge on whatever tech stack/framework that they're currently using, just because they want someone who's going to be productive ASAP. larger companies can usually place you somewhere in their structure so the questions tend to be more language and framework agnostic.

leetcode and hackerrank are good resources for getting used to the types of questions. to really practice coding and phone interviews, interviewing.io is a good resource.

good luck user

sounds easy as fuck

What the fuck. I started learning python myself just for fun two weeks ago and could do that. The codemonkey meme is real.

also, pretty much every company will screen you out with some joke/easy questions at the onset just to make sure nobody is wasting their time. you're expected to answer these types of question quickly and concisely. fizzbuzz is an example, another would be something like: write a function that takes in a string that outputs true if the string is a palindrome and false otherwise. stumbling on the easy step pretty much kisses your chances goodbye for the whole interview.

I've had shit like
>given a sentence find the word that's repeated the most and how many times
>check if a word/sentence is palindrome
>compare if 2 sentences have the same amount of words and match the type of letter
>describe to me 3 design patterns and their use
>general syntax of w/e language youre applying to

Also this guy knows whats up


kek. I learned OOP from a text book almost 10 years ago and have been programming ever since. if I don't know the answer to a text book question, it means they are asking the wrong thing. being able to recite the 4 pillars of OOP as a senior level dev is not an accurate measure of ones skill set.

does he know what a modulus operator is?

Fuck, I don’t even know how to answer these questions. I’m not gonna make it, am I bros?

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you'll be applying for junior level positions. it's already assumed you don't know shit. just talk up your ability to learn fast with minimal supervision and you'll be alright.