How should I dress to show normies I /made it/?

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checked and /thread

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cargo/work pants
boat shoes / sandal
woman on leash

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If you've made it you dress however you want you cuck.

See >>

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suits are very gay
and will make you look like a cuck


dude on the left looks like a tranny. dude on the right is a chad

You just gotta buy big, and make the little guys jealous.

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Dude on the left looks a bit like a Bog

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stop caring about what normies think about you.
if you are rich then just wear whatever you want .
stop being a slave to society.

Not like this. Rich people in 2019 wear raggedy plain black T-shirts that cost $1000 but look like they came out of a Good Will.

They look Identical

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Thank me later, OP.

That nigger has taste though. Basmati rice is delicious

I hate when they make the Ralph Lauren logo that big it just like goofy

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