I bought LINK at 4.17

I bought LINK at 4.17

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I bought LINK at 0.3

And you didnt sell? Idiot

stop spamming. nobody gives a shit about this stupid shitcoin

>FOMO'd in at $4.25




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Says the retard that bought at the top

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>buy signal executed

>buy signal executed

>buy signal executed

t. Jow Forums bot

larp but still a great time to remind stupid ass linkies they missed the absolute all time high. see you faggots back around 70cents to say haha

>I bought LINK at 4.17
Well if you bought because you like the project and think $link has potential than why are you upset user?

Which means you probably have like 100 at most.

Just hold poorfag.

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i bought LINK at 0.38

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here are all my buys:
1.70 (or 1.50-1.90)

I'm going to keep buying until I have 1k and after that ill throw in more.

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I'm still buying LINK, stop being a dunce and keep buying

I bought in at 27 cents.

Stop your whining and recognize your still at the ground floor.
It’s like some of you whining cunts want to be poor forever

Oh no you got a $996 discount instead of $998, what will you ever do?
Just HODL faggot.

>buy high
>never sell

ill keep buying till its $500

So you are the one that bought my bags! Thanks user, I had a blast in Vegas last weekend!

Everything below 5$ is a bargain imo, time will tell.


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Why do people like you even gamble in crypto in the first place?
It's like deep down inside you want your life to burn up

i sold at 4.50

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Bought at 35 cents avg and up 500k faggot.

>2 years to buy in below 50c
>buys in at 4.17
what do you expect OP, maybe next time think about what youre going to do

>I bought LINK at 4.17

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