Best crypto EXCLUDING the ones in the pic?

Best crypto EXCLUDING the ones in the pic?
Voting for Harmony

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Harmony ONE takes it


Why ONE? It's been dumping for weeks while other coins like REN are getting pumped.

ONE is the last blue chip left in market

XMR and RSR. At least thats what I'm accumulating

So you rather wanna buy high? get rekt

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you can also link monero with LINK
but I'm not gonna mspaint that

I also misspelled a bunch of shit


get that Bitcoin on Ethereum

low-effort shilling aside, there is an informative thread going on


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moon3d supports all of them, try it now

Doesn't work that way.

>Hello, Mr. Brainlet, agent Chadson speaking.
>Your bank has informed us about a huge transfer you received
>Would you be so kind to explain where did you get the money?

If you don't come up with full transaction history, your ass gets raped in jail. Depending on how much of the history you can recover and how suspicious the exchanges you traded on are you will get charged with tax evasion in the best case and money laundering and terrorism funding at worst.


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Its like Ethereum on bath-salts, but with a Mormon dev team that literally cannot stop having BBQs

Ethereum will have private transactions eventually; Monero isnt needed. Thats the whole point of Ethereums upgradability.

You're a fucking retard. Stay poor faggot.

t. tax attorney


A lot of people holding LINK are balls deep in 0xBTC


unironically Holochain and Iota if they deliver

>if they deliver
Every shitcoin project ever

You mean every crypto project ever. Chainlink has not yet delivered, ethereum still needs to deliver 2.0.

Link don’t promise shit. Eth delivered their main functionality

Fantom is the best shitcoin. LINK has no right to be on there. The concept is sound but it's been a concept for far too long now.

Why not go with a coin that already has a fully working product, and now they're just improving it?
go with Monero

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Why do they have all those team activities? We don't see other crypto teams having bbqs and hiking trips.

team building you retarded neet

implying its not just posturing

I only have one TBA a year.

Now you have
store of value - btc
smartcontract and oracle - eth & link
the one you miss is anonymous transaction - xmr

XMR only purely peer to peer cash system other than bitcoin and litecoin I think actually has staying power. Privacy focused and doesn't weaken it's system by trying to provide "instant" or really fast transaction times. Shit is just a privacy coin plane and simple.

and 90% of total supply in hands of the team who will dump on you at any moment, LMAO

Shit fud

sentinel is the only project which has delivered and has actual usage


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why not QuarkChain (QKC)?

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Are you implying that Eth didn't deliver turing complete programming language executable on the blockchain? That was the whole point of the project and it was delivered.
Also, bitcoin worked as intended from the start.

while i agree 100% bitcoin has real usage ( i was only talking about shitcoins)
ethereum is clearly a scam thats why sent had to move away from eth and have its own blockchain
cause ethereum can't handle a big number of trasactions and infura act as a bottlenack for certain usecases.
eth community has pivoted away from dapps narrative cause what they built is not good enough for them, and their only usecase was building ponzi icos.
now they are pivoting to defi vut when defi turns out to be a scam too they will find something else

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You diverted from the topc.
Did Eth deliver what it promised? (hint, those were turing complete smart contracts).
hint: yes they did.

they promised scalability to build dapps and web 3.0 ontop
they literally scrapped every bit of promises they made:
they are centralized (dao and vitalik dictatorship)
they haven't delivered on pos and they probably won't deliver in q1 2020 like they promised:
Things in Ethereum 2.0 that haven't been spec'd yet:
1. On chain randomness
2. Wire protocol
3. Clients to slash surround votes
4. Decentralized network time protocol

If it hasn't been spec'd, it can't be reliably implemented.
POS will centralize the supply and the amount of nodes making it easy to shut down
while it will become faster ( if they manage to deliver and not fuck it up in the process) it will loose security and decentralization in the process
ethereum is literal cancer and has done much damage to this ecosystem

Smart Contract

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>Your bank has informed us about a huge transfer you received
why would I ever use a bank?
are you retarded?

that's good
the more options the better really


>they promised ...
programmable smart contracts. They delivered revolutionizing the ENTIRE space to the point of making their main invention, the EVM, a must-have for all other projects.

you didn't even fucking read what i wrote, talking with shills and bagholders is useless.
how are those heavy eth bags doing ? feel heavy yet ?