When did you realize big brain NEETs like us is the perfect partner for asian women?

They are statistically attracted to software developers, CEOs, data scientists or digital nomads

Why is there a incel cope reaction to this natural step in dating?

(and yes Jannies, this is BUSINESS and finance since it's business related and successful business guys succeed with them)

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Why did Zuck choose an ugly Asian ...

His kid will be fucked up

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When did you realize settling for an insectoid as a white male automatically makes you a cuck

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It's because anons shilled LINK on Jow Forums and now there's a shit load of nazi incels on this board

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You’re right. You’re too ugly and autistic to get the girl on the left

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>big brain neets

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incel cope, thanks for proving my point

enjoy your neo nazi 100kg whale wife

it's fine if you fuck them, but to date one and marry / have one bear your children? peak cuckoldry

god look at those dead soulless eyes.

>being with (((feminist))) brainwashed girls

>it's fine if you fuck them, but to date one and marry / have one bear your children? peak cuckoldry
This applies perfectly to white women beyond their early 20s.

>Why is there a incel cope reaction to this natural step in dating?
Incel? We don't want our kids to look like someone else's you fucking monkey. Look at this pic, does that look ANYTHING like him? It literally looks like his wife went and fucked a chink with terrible chink genes.
A white male will never be able to recognize himself in his kid if his kid is non-white. That's a simple fucking fact.

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Your non existent adjustment shows. Step outside and have sex. You are on a wrong path, when you need reassurance from user degen magic meme chuck e cheese token traders board what type of ethnicity you need to fuck/marry/have a relationship with

OP is a faggot for posting this.

Cope harder infel faggot. No girls, asian or white, will ever be with you.

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If you think Asian women are for pumping and dumping then you're a sick, demented, twisted person.

I'm Chinese/Filipino and it's hard for me to get with girls because they have this preconceived notion that we're losers due to the media bias.
I swear to God, if one of you fuckers dated my sister with the intention to fuck her without committing to a relationship I'd make it my life's mission to destroy your life.


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>we're losers due to the media bias.
No you’re just a loser. Media’s got nothing to do with it. I’m Korean and my gf is white. Chads come in all races and so do incels.

Chink/gook/Asian women are just soulless materialistic succubuses.

They’ll constantly demand outrageous shit like a million dollar shitbox penthouse condo in HK, Singapore, Shanghai, Seoul, Tokyo, NYC or SF, a Ferrari, expect you to buy them shit all the time etc. If you aren’t mega rich or become poor they’ll leave you for someone who’s richer.

A girl like this will never be loyal to you. Sometimes you have to settle for less, but still they must be white

have sex incel

Oh sounds like you just described a random gender studies feminist thot though who then leaves for Tyrone

i dont get why this matters. my fiance is white, and if our kid looks more like her i will love him/her just the same

keep seething

You can spot a cuck a mile away when his son is a haft breed Asian mutt.

This board is /biz not /r9k

Of course it doesn't matter if you're non-white..

you didn't answer my question

And these are... not ugly?

>tfw you will never bring back a sexy asian wife to the West and have her cuck you with a muscular ripped Tyrone, riding his BBC as you watch from your cuckshed closet

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1) that kid is infant so it's too early to say what it will look like
2) I guarantee you're ugly as fuck so you're actually doing the world a favor by having a kid that doesn't look like you

>tfw I recognize the washing machine ad within 300ms

I visited Jow Forums too much

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who cares.. I don't like asian women, they are for dicklet losers