Guys, I'm very close to buying high and selling low. I bought at $12...

Guys, I'm very close to buying high and selling low. I bought at $12.6k and I'm getting really nervous about where this is going. If it breaches $11k I'm just going to cut my losses and sell before I lose even more money. At this point I've practically wiped out all my gains from 2017.

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Just hold pussy, how much did you spend? Itlll go back up.

buy the dip
it'll go up again

Why would anyone sell BTC at a loss? Just hold for another few months.

I bought $10k at that price and my entire portfolio is $55k. If btc goes back down to $6k I'm going to officially be in the negative, despite getting in in early 2017.

Sell half.

I've done it many times. I started with 25 btc in early 2017, now I'm down to less than 5.

Imagine OP panic at 3842 hahaha.
Absolute brainlet.

I panic sold back in november 2018 at the point where I was about to go into negative, but it was at $4800, not $3800.

Ok fuck it I just sold half.

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I bought $1k of BTC just for fun when it dipped at 12,500. I should've dumped it at 13.5k but whatever. I'll ride it out even if it means a long wait.

Ok but my entire life savings is $75k and $55k of it is in crypto.

>buy high, sell low
Kek a true Jow Forumsraeli

nigga if it's gonna bounce anywhere it's here wtf are you doing

You should sell all. It's going to keep going lower.

Do you have a full time job? Never speculate what you can't afford to lose. And my man, panic selling is only acceptable if you're still making a profit or if you suspect a permanent correction to a much lower price. IMO, BTC will break 20k.

I'm only going to do that if/when we go to $6k because that's the point where I start losing my initial investment from early 2017.

I used to but I quit to become a neet during the 2017 bubble. But I can never go back now so if the market crashes again and I lose everything, I'm going to unironically kill myself.

Get your money out of crypto. You went from 25btc to 5btc. You don't know what you're doing lets be honest, so put your money in some index funds/bonds sleep peacefully at night.

To be fair, I actually went from about 8 btc to 25 btc in less than a month in 2017, but then I quickly lost it all.

>he quit working to become a full time gambler
my condolences

It's the only hope I still have going for me. I would have killed myself anyway a few years ago if I hadn't discovered crypto, because I really hated my job and my life was (still is) meaningless.

> actually I made money in a bull market

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I'm not trying to be an asshole here but with only a slight bit of luck anyone could have thrown a few darts at a list of buttrex (binance for the december run I guess) alts and done about that well that year.
It mostly sounds like you are trading too emotionally and out of desperation. You need to get a system. You are either overusing leverage or riding alts into oblivion while they have yet to show the apeshit strength they did in 2017.
I'm not good at trading either so I don't have a lot of advice past that.

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its already going back up again
never change Jow Forums

nice job faggot keep up the great work - I'm sure selling at a loss again will somehow work out for you this time

I fell for the memes that DGB would reach $10 eoy 2017, so I held all of it even after 10x gains.

this every fucking shitcoin x10 AT LEAST in 2017 most did 50x and some 100X to 1000X
yet OP only managed to X3 ...

What coins did more than 20x in 2017? I was there for all of it and I never saw anything like that. 10x was about the best you could do you were just incredibly lucky and gambled on some $10k market cap coin.

*unless you were lucky

Also I'm not even up 3x anymore from my initial. It's more like 2.2x now.

go to cmc and look at literally any shitcoin
verge went from 0.005$ to 0.22$ in 20 days in December

Buying high and selling low isn’t a bad thing as long as you’re not constantly fomoing and fudding. It’s basically just like manually stop lossing out. I fudded and sold btc at 10,700 and it bounced off of that support immediately but it looks like that 40% correction ppl have called for since $4,800 might actually happen.

Yes reddit!

> crypto is gambling
Two for two reddit!

it's fine we are going to the 8k level the next few months/weeks just buy back in lower

He managed to x3 his btc holdings you brainlet.

most peoples went int shitcoin to increase their BTC holding you faggot
verge went from 70 sats to 1900 in that time, that mean OP 8btc would have been over 200 BTC 20 days later

>gambling is reddit
O no I said a naughty word! Quit brining up reddit faggots