Literally put my life savings (45 RUPEES) into this and it just keeps going down and down. PLEASE STOP DUMPING!!!!

Literally put my life savings (45 RUPEES) into this and it just keeps going down and down. PLEASE STOP DUMPING!!!!

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This is the next LINK isn't it, I don't remember the last time the entire board collectively decided to buy into an ICO/IEO only to get rekt immediately after. If history repeats itself, you should be rich in 2 years user.

>45 rupees
Do not visit this website again until you have 100 rupees.

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>you should be rich in 2 years user.
This. I think it’s the next best thing, but will buy when it shows sign of normie adoption


except LINK is a game changer pioneering something that no one else could, this is just muh Eth killer #2755 this time by ex Goolag employees we swear!!!

>fud threads have started to appear out of nowhere

do you want some cOOkie cOOkie?

They've pushed out more actual new code and ideas than LINK has in 2 years

t. Link holder since 2017

Except your big mac god agrees that it's a strong platform to have this be the first platform he's porting LINK to. Also the fact that mainnet is actually going live next month with staking, is basically giving people ETH 2.0, probably 2.0 years before it's actually available.

LINK x ONE are the future that blockchains promised.

>there are people that were meme'd to actually believe this

ONE is actually the bitcorn destroyer

I have no idea. Chainlink also has always had a lot more energy while Harmony always seemed forced. It might be another JNT, or ICN. Those two always seemed forced.

meant for

I think the meme potential comes if skelly keeps interacting with them. Always material with him

Ok what the fuck, is this shit really happening?
I see fucking threads about this every day, never even bothered looking into it until now. This Harmony One coin was created less than 6 weeks ago and has been on a continuous downtrend the entire time. Why the fuck does anybody even make threads or post in them about this shit? This board really does need flags

I think ONE just had a bad timing. It came out just as linkies got their pump. Everyone is just too focused on Link to direct their meme energy to other things, and now it's dumping so no ONE bagholders don't feel motivated to make memes.

Buy high sell low, friend.

Alright I'll look into it.

Stay in school

Ico was weeks ago but they've been working on it since 2017. Main not coming soon too.

bizonacci endorses ONE

ok i want to buy but can someone refute the fud that 10 billion coins are in the hands of the devs and only 2 billion are circulating? this is my only concern.

bizonacci is also an AMB holder tho

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It’s true and is my main hang up about the project. They have a public vesting schedule on their website though, so it’s not like LINK or XRP where it’s totally at the discretion of the company to dump whenever and however much the want

It's real. Read the whitepaper though, there's some long term for wide adoption. It looks like they do expect to be extremely successful.

Thanks for your rupees but we only accept curry or wound eye greenback

C O M F Y for the next year or 2
thanks for the lambo biz

huh? they will dump 59,234,000 tokens a month starting at 31/jan/2020