Will you leave biz when you make it?

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“Making it” is an illusion. Once you have enough wealth you will want more. I will probably accumulate till the day I die

boards.4channel.org/biz/thread/14730913one of you faggots will ever make.it. you missed selling the all time, ath

I'm stuck

I'll probably shitpost for another year or so, we can talk about our Lambos and laugh at NoLinkers who will be desperately trying to find the "next big thing"
I personally look forward to it quite a bit

Except its literally dumping back below one dollar you faggot deluded incel.

Read them and weep nigger faggots.

Yes. All in LINK I will dump the rest of the poorfags and nolinkers when I make it with my link frens

I still like you better than schizo 42

please leave biz now. I hope link exits scams so you morons would stop the link threads

But most of all, don't forget sneed

>I'll buy back in at (x) sats!! It's dumping!!

Xoom out homsexual tranny
Preesh brah, the real 42 is so cringe i want to kms

No biz will change, lots of anons who can't leave this place will have money so well have a whole different sets of threads & memes about shit go buy, shit to do, which hotels in which cities, which hookers. Or even how to invest, what to do with money, who knows boats

I'm still here.

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I'll post here more than ever, you'll all come to know me like a brother

First thing I'll do is scope out land to build my castle on

Nooooo evil 42 from the dark lodge has taken full control. He hates Link and thinks magic is just a faggy card game!

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You can't make it unless you do.

what was that, 42 bro?

Let’s be frens

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When you think about it, it’s crazy if you would have listen to the autistic fucks on this basket-weaving anime board a few years back, you would’ve made it 2 times over and the 3rd time is on the way. What are the fuckin odds?

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No. I'll still have it in the background as i swing trade Forex.

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Once you’re you are part of the matrix
t. Stuck n can’t get out

>grown adult who cant a basic cube

do one in 12 seconds

And miss out on the next 1000X?