Based nolinker here, whats this pattern called?

Based nolinker here, whats this pattern called?

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It’s called zoom out

That's the "everything is dumping but mentally ill fudders can't stop making literally every thing about Chainlink" pattern.


It's called the I'm up 25x since ico and I'm not selling pattern you fucking stupid faggot nigger kike


You can also call it the "Still #17 in mcap after a parabolic rise to.. #17"

aka the "Nothing has changed, linkies outperforming the entire market"

This is the "thanks for buying my bags before exit scam" pattern

Yeah, it's almost as if LINK going down triggers some sort of psychosis. Maybe these people are in the early stages of NoLinker syndrome.

discord trannys are more obsessed with LINK than actual holders.

Lmao you sure do seem mad for someone whos impossibly up 25x lmao link never cracked 5$ and never will.
The absolute state of incel discord tranny math ability. Yikes.

Enjoy 2.20 end of week pussy ass white boys lmao

Parabolic undergrowth with smaller elliptical bumps

It's called thank god I bought at $0.3

I believe it’s what they call up 775% since last Aug

>Maybe these people are in the early stages of NoLinker syndrome
lol, never considered this
Does that mean we're experiencing the infancy of the singularity?

"dumping to sub $1 prices" pattern

Link is down in sats, like it was yesterday, and the day before that etc.
It's been two weeks now, and everyday it trades lower than the day before..
This is atrocious, and you should be ashamed of yourself to downplay this crypto-holocaust.

You're not the real 42 get out of here larper.

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Im also an no-linker after i sold my stack at 4.20$ kek.

I am the real 42. Aka ass blaster, beahahahahaha!!

i believe its the neetsgettingBTFO pattern, extremely common in crypto

Decreasing price with decreasing volume = bullish

meh, bought at 17c.

I fomo'd at $3.70. feels bad but im not selling.

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Of course I'm mad I have 50k fucking link. I was worth a quarter million dollars a few weeks ago and the only fucking reason I'm not now is pussy kike retard niggers like you who weren't smart enough to buy link early and are fucking the price to try to shake the smart money out. Good luck shlomo. I'm holding.

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post your wallet dumb faggot, anyone can ss this shit kyke nigger cuck

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Same but $3.89

congratulation on hodling a proven scam

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