2 honest questions about Quant

Please don’t get mad but I have 2 questions about Quant.

1. I looked into a lot of the books and it seems there’s a lot more buyers than sellers, do you all think this may be part of the reason why it’s been going up?

2. How many Quant would you consider a “suicide stack”? Thinking of getting 1,000 wanted to know if that’s enough.

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1. wash trading
2. Suicide stack would be 0, because you would probably kill yourself if you had any QNT when it crashes to 0.

1. Damn, wash trading? How can that even be possible on IDEX??

2. Haha

Any serious answers out there? Thanks!

Questions are good man lol
1. Yes, people who hold QNT are reluctant to sell because of the potential and low supply of the project.
2. I think 1000 is great, 100 EOY at this rate is actually possible with this mcap and everything in the work. Please look into it yourself though. Also, none of the fud here even makes sense lol

Yeah I have noticed the fud is kind of silly and have really started to just ignore it and realize that it’s people that don’t want me to buy for whatever reason, not because it’s actual fud

Thanks for the answers, maybe I’ll start with 500

Realize that the majority of people fudding the coin are just bored holders, it's gotten kind of annoying actually

The fud being so dumb is pretty bullish. It’s just neets bitching about it being closed source or mindless “it’s a scam” posts

>lending link mythos for quant again
not at all. The project is flawed but sounds good

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A closed source project can't practically be decentralized - making it a server application which nullifies any advantages a blockchain can have

> buying a coin on top of a 100x move
did you also bought link a 4.5$

No, but I think link was more heavily shilled at $4.50 than this so not sure what point you’re making... isn’t it going to $1,000 eoy?

Dude dont buy this scam. Honestly lost my life savings in this.

Haha, how is that possible?

They pulled the rug under me

Weird fud but funny lol

1000 QNT is a great bag.

So what? You can invest in something besides a decentralized blockchain and still make money. Stocks can make people rich, it doesn't always have to check off some list of crypto values to get rich. They're providing a service that hundreds of banks are clearly willing to try out.

Jesus user you're in every quant thread we get it you haven't finished accumulating

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>muh FUD to accumulate
back to plebbit with your brainless bullshit

I've been on Jow Forums since 06 faggot

As a result of stupid fud, I didn't buy at 2~3 dollars.
I'm angry and I will take revenge.

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Damn it just broke above .048 wow this is thing is strong, hopefully I can get home and in before .05

keep dreaming faggot, its literally going sideways.

How am I faggot? I mean I’d love for it to take a dip it just seems like it’s not going sideways though to be honest? Can’t tell where that comment came from

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Do u mean it’s going sideways as in the graph moves to the right? That’s how any graph works to show the passage of time, it definitely looks to have been going up though in that time. Unless that was some weird joke and excuse to call me a faggot? Idk...

zoom out. quant is a scam.

zooming out is bullish

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Oh come on, surely no one actually got put off by "Quant is a scam"?

Especially when there were long, well-presented posts explaining its positives, and actually a strong shill:fud ratio overall?

SURELY you didn't see something that's been top volume on IDEX for almost a year, relentless popular on biz, and with more killer + point that most top-5 projects, and think... "oh, user said it's a scam, like he says about LITERALLY EVERY OTHER COIN, so I guess I shouldn't buy"

SURELY no one fell for the fud, right?

>literally saying that the amount of shilling posted was greater than criticism raised, therefore it's a good project
You earned your rupees pajeet

> making something up that I didn't even get close to saying and therefore isn't actually funny-by-parody at all.

wew lad good first try on the old mock-quote thing, keep at it.

You seem well versed in manipulation techniques. Speaks well about Quant that their shills pride themselves of being master of deceit

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Yup, we meet every Thursday to practice

Guys I really just wanted some questions answered I didn’t mean to lure in this guy who posts about theranos in every quant thread lol my bad... anyway, home now gnna buy 500 tnite and then wait for tmr to see if I’ll buy the rest, thanks all!

zoom in. quant is a scam.

zoom out dumb faggot.

I knew the project was great. But I was wrong with the timing. And most of my time I keep the link.

Fuders are really interested in the deception and accumulation.

ok.. what am I looking for?

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this thread is hilarious quantards... but guess what, your precious quant isnt going to be surpressed much longer... soon you'll know the pain of going parabolic into the top 10

idk my dude if you don't see it after attaching that picture then you wouldn't be able to see it even if it hit you in the face. stop asking me to spoonfeed you, DYOR.

>so much outright shilling instead of talking about the tech
>muh Gilbert knows everything, must not question him

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No really what am I looking for? This looks literally like what btc looked like when I first got in... I got in at $900...

>keep the thread about matic up at all cost
>never talk about the tech
>just make pajeet-tier claims about the price exploding soon

>1. Yes, people who hold QNT are reluctant to sell because of the potential and low supply of the project.

low supply alone it's not a valid reason.
Where is the tokenomic? The coin is better to be hold then sold because.... ?

I'm not quite sure point hes trying to prove either here haha it just looks like a good performing crypto

The shills will just copy and paste their response. Dont even bother with these low effort shills.

The famous “john smith” from Norwich, who tried to kill himself in 2018, this is his wallet showing he was one of the manipulators down to 1.90.withdraw his quant just as it bounced up.


I've seen a shitload of Quant threads but nobody talks about what the token is for. What the fuck is it for?

There's a lot of fake buy orders I know people with combined 500+ ETH of fake buy orders. Same people who had hundreds of ETH fake sell orders when QNT dumped to 0.007. Whales are finding this can be manipulated so easil easy with bots since it is really only trading on idex.

>I looked into a lot of the books and it seems >there’s a lot more buyers than sellers, do you all think this may be part of the reason why it’s been going up?
This is the most retarded thing I've read on biz in two years.

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The whole move down to 1.90 was by a group.John Smith known to the qnt group,from Norwich Uk was a ringleader.

I reapet my question hoping someone could tell me:
Where is the tokenomic? The coin is better to be hold then sold because.... ?

>Just Believe Eliza...Gilbert
>Just look at the credentials and connections!
>well iron out the tech in time...

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Here friend

Dude... did you actually just post something to read about the tokenomics.... is this your first day on this board lol theyre just baiting you.. none of them actually know how to read except for the words "sergey", "microsoft," and "breadcrumbs"

Sorry, it wasn’t for them. Just casual lurkers :)