What coins is he in?

What coins is he in?

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None, he has bad taste and lives with low wagie job.

Not sure, but he should sell a few to buy some new clothes that fit.

This. Probably a waiter who blows 90% of his income on clubbing and test.

>GHJB coin
>Generic Henchman in Jason Bourne coin

GEAR coin.

REQ for sure

Whatever coins he's in they most likely don't fit.

all the chads I know hold
Chads like to own lots of coins. Owning fractions of something makes Chad feel like a beta. Chads must also have Chad consensus and not feel as though they are an outsider, but members of a group of elites who are shrewd and “ahead of the game”. Link is for high IQ brainbois. Chad is destined to barkback and bang progressively older and more diseased Stacies, competing with an ever swelling population of basketball Americans and, god forbid, Muslims

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you can see his veins through the shirt lmfao

jesus fucking christ imagine being born with such Chad genetics, working so hard to get a great body, then wearing THAT.

Spitting in the face of the universe, absolutely based.

Probably a real Chad has already a fullfilling carreer and for a kind of not written lawa in the unverse will never hold somenthing of value (like LINK) or any other crypto at all

i dislike men that have that gap between their shoes and pants. fucking faggot.

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Hes built like a woman

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When you're up and running just lean back and let the coins trickle in.

Good luck.

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>shirt too tight
>sunglasses to small
>no socks uncomfy shoes
does he experience chafing?

typical brapper chad

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He could look good in pretty much anything and he chose to wear that. Jesus Christ.

Olympic Coin
FIT Token

and all that kind of shit

Dudes like this are usually broke
They live like females... consumers... get free shit from people


why? it looks good


Africoin or wakoinda

you my friend are a homosex