LINKUSD $2.70 was the bottom, right guys?

LINKUSD $2.70 was the bottom, right guys?

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probably not, because bitcoin is going to atleast 16k. Alts are going to continue the dump

Yes user. Do not sell.

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>3.50 is the bottom right guys?
>3.25 is the bottom right guys?
>3 is the bottom right guys?
>2.95 is the bottom right guys?
>2.80 is the bottom right guys?
etc etc..

yes, it is, buy the dip!

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i bet it doesn't. want to set up a market on augur to bet on this?

50 cents is the bottom, or at least that's the target in some private groups. hehe...

nice wew ID. Who cares what the bottom is? We're golden from here. Even if it hits a surprising low like, say, $1.50 then that will be the bottom and we'll go up from there. Higher lows. More news. Top volume. Growing attention. We've all fucking made it can you all just chill out a bit and enjoy the ride?

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I bought 1.5 eth worth just now. Hope that was the bottom.

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I hope not, im putting $30 tomorrow and need AS MUCH AS I CAN

bottom 2.60, next high 12

>LINKUSD $2.70 was the bottom
If the hourly candle closes beyond the line - it will go to test the next line.

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I put all my savings in the last time it was 2.80, if it gets lower I can't even buy more.

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next stop at 2.1-2.2

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I bought some today to try to swing it, haven't lost much money. I watched the RSI for the BTC pair and I was pretty fucking sure it was going to go to overbought by now, but nope, still oversold, it's extending a lot, actually, and alts are bleeding sats and USD.

This is fucking madness

no the bottom is sub $1 for maximum pain

Thanks just bought 10k more.

big support is in the Google blog post

>retards still trying to vodoo magic the charts when the entire market is dropping
no, LINK will not "test" anything, it will just follow BTC like everything else

Volume has dropped significantly to about 1/5 of what it was when were at 4.50. In relation to BTC, its performing even worse im sats than usd, but so are most things. We probably have a way down to go.

great idea

Fucking bitcorn ruins cryptoeconomy.
Literally it is useless as currency, shit as a store of value, old as a technology, you can't even trade this shit because it's manipulated as fuck. Bitcorn must go.

I hope so.

I don't see any reason for it to stop bleeding until august

XRP, LTC and ETH are not going down in sats that much right now as LINK
LINK is losing sats and USD, it's fucking bleeding them

Because loads of new, weak handed fucking noobs bought into link lately. They see that their $1000 portfolio lost 10% and panic sell because curry is expensive these days.

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link is still #17 on CMC the same as it was a week ago.

it should actually be top 10 if you included the 65% dev tokens (which have been moved and started dumping)
imagine being an ERC 20 with no users, thinking you're gonna surpass ETH itself which has thousands of devs and users.