Captain of the Marines deleted his twitter

Guys, Fernando deleted his twitter. Not good.

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good reported him to the SEC when he was posting cringe "special announcement" tweets

Seething whale.

now it's back

your link is still up...

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Holy motherfuck
It’s real

brazilian bro here again.

i told you guys since the beginning, he's a notorious lier, she knows nothing about architecture, he's just a scrum master

you like 80% retracements? if this faggot kept his mouth shut we wouldnt be dumping like this.

>Fernando is the reason we are dumping

No he's the reason we pumped. Whale shitheads and eternal accumulators are the reason we are dumping.

right and you want me to believe 50 starts up are accumulating link as its dumping hour by hour? lmfao how delusional are you? im on the same team but damn man put the dream goggles down

it's still up for me

He literally said they are accumulating from public market. Why would he lie on stage in a conference?

People like you deserve to swing from a noose for the lies you spread. Fuck you accumulator.

Are you turbo niggers retarded? Its up.

His twitter is still active fudster

How this guy get a job in Oracle?

Diversity hire

Macaco hyped link like a true braindead monkey he is, prob to pump his bags

Should I sell my BAT for more LINK? Ive been holding LINK since before novemeber 2017. I bought a ton of BAT while I was really drunk when it was around .10-.15. I like to diversify but fuck I love LINK so much I just want as much as possible. Is there literally any reason to HODL BAT?

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he knows people


>Is there literally any reason to HODL BAT?
No, it's a shitcoin. 2 years and no progress.


Haha you plebs cannot meme me! Bring me startups!!!

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Will he give me LINK If I dm him?