I'm not mad. Im still up several thousand dollars.. but can we stop the "never selling" brainwashing. Anyone who sold at 4 dollars could have doubled their stack. The developers themselves are selling link. Keep some just incase you're sleeping during an announcement but just bleeding down without taking profits? Its madness.

Don't let these hodl hypers get you fucked up user

Next time, sell a little bit. Its easy enough to get back in

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Developers have actively been shilling here on Jow Forums

You connect the dots

'Never selling' brainwashing is what kept us the best performing asset during the bear market. I'm afraid of all the swinglinker posts because if they catch on the dumps will become more frequent and intense.

Swinglinkers are just fucking assholes tbqh. They're behind all the 'laugh at linkies' and FUD threads.

True, but I started at 3,5


$4? Not selling. $2? STILL not selling. $1? Not selling kikes. $0.10? You guessed it. Still not fucking selling.

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I'll stop selling when sir gay stops selling. 32 million should have been enough

Then again I have ~560, I might gamble with 30 LINK after todays thing

I started at the bottom too user. Watched my thousand dollar investment turn into 200 dollars last year. Was worth holding through for sure. But now losing thousands to the never selling meme? So silly. Learn from my mistake

Yeah, Im holding LINK for a year

the ppl that are holding are too emotional and attached to their investments

I sold at 4.20 and re bought

Chainlink is a long term investment for me, I'm holding until I feel like I've mad enough money

you have absolutely no proof devs are selling their links, the wallet movement come to a dead end, the link is still there

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i sold at $1 and rebought at .60

oh wait

it fucking pumped to $5 and i was left out

Same here

Yea most of those swing posts are larps. Barely anyone gets rich trading

Why didn't you just buy back in at 1.05

it went from like 0.60 to 1.20 then back down to 0.80 … anytime it goes up 100% or more there will be retrace for sure how new are you

I sold at $2.18 before the oracle news thinking the exact same way. If you can magically see the future then sure, sell the top.

same thing happened with coinbase pump... went from 2.20 to 4.50 which was around 100% then dumped back down

But don't you just look at your blockfolio Twitter and biz 24/7 anyways how do you not make it back in