/bizpol/ right now

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unironically. i want money, above all else right now. i'm selfish but idgaf

There's no such thing as /bizpol/ as Jow Forums is a bunch of loser incels who are incapable of making money in society

Most of Jow Forums did that when trump was paraded around isreal like the good little goy he is. That's when I did anyway and so did many others, but this was just some salt I guess. Ever since I came to Jow Forums though I don't even give a shit since my primary goal is making money by any means necessary

Fuck this guy. I lost friendships, got into arguments, spent time and money supporting this guy only for him to turn his back on every promise and every supporter he ever had.


Trump 2016 redpilled a lot of people on a lot of subjects.
Trump 2018+ is full (((puppet)))

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I love what he said

Hail Our God King

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Jow Forums's IQ has been slowly rising and they stopped supporting trump like a year ago

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lots of leftypol fags on biz. Looking forward to Trumps second term

Pol outside of a few happenings has been shit since early 2017. Back when they had real pizzagate threads and at least followed closely the D.A.K. shit, which is btc related after all. Now its obvious fucking slide threads every time, and completely compromised. Havent been there really in a couple months and it feels good desu. Guess Im going throughba phase where icgaf about politics, or ironically, thats just me growing up a bit.

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Jow Forums is dead.

>yang incels actually believe this

yeah im a lefty now sorry drumpf jokes on you i didn't hate niggers that much anyways

Also this,
And yeah I stopped going to pol since last year. I get there's those super anti Jewish people that completely dumped Trump but pol used to not really give a shit and focused on pedos,sjws and pissing off sjws but now it's just shills and slide threads.

Very true.
You have to understand Jow Forums. It used to be that half of the shit that people associate with Jow Forums was mere shitpost amongst very interesting threads - they even found out the location of a terrorist training center once.

Now it's all obvious infiltrated Shareblue/Soros/ayylmao/??? shills trying to spin out an 'LOOK AT THE ALTRIGHT!!!' narrative. Not a single good thread anymore. Or perhaps it is I who is also growing older.

This. I'll care about jewatics when Patrick Little needs some help becoming the president

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It's full of boomer fucks who just don't get it. i miss the wild west

>if u hate trump u are leftist!
this was the same kind of delusion clintonfags had in 2016

kek I was in that /sg/ thread. meh it's not the shills it's the boomers who are to blame. maybe there was spike of paid posters around election times but mostly the board died when prude faggots came in, then the updates nailed the coffin.

Same. Used to read Jow Forums every day but noticed that I would get constantly angry and annoyed afterwards. Stopped reading /v/ because of how dumb it is to argue about products. Jow Forums is all I read now, since it's one of the few boards that can get you ahead in life (and the memes and pajeet banter are top-tier)

Maybe you're right. Fact is, it feels like pol has... Changed. Not in a good sense. Oh well, was a good ride.

Jow Forums is the best board. It will bring you many riches, dear sir.

Guys, it's 4D chess. I mean it. What happens when Trump shows his support for something? Leftists immediately try to fight against it. By saying he doesn't like crypto, several people are gonna buy it literally just to spite him. I've never seen someone defend a news network until he was president. Never saw anyone talk about the EPA until he was person. Barely anyone talked about immigrants until he was president.

Hope you've locked your long positions in boys.

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>"go die on wars that are not ours"
>"fiat money (FED) is a good thing"
>*sends money to Israel*

I used to believe this too, user. But the dream is over. Nothing will ever change.
As the meme goes,
>Just like work for 50 years lmfao!

What war has he started? He didn't go to war with Iran, got troops out of Afgan, avoided war with Syria, and got a Mexico to send troops to aid the US at the border. Money has always gone to Israel, cause our money goes fucking everywhere. Do a tad of research

free advertising from the most powerful man in the world? based

just ignore them. soros shills are all over the place, their arguments never make any sense, and they'll just jump to the next retarded shilling point if they even bother to reply

Meanwhile American soldiers are still in Syria despite Drumpf saying he would pull them out. Do you know why they're still there? Because every jew in the media and government immediately started kvetching when Trump announced the pullout in Dec 2018. Trump ALWAYS caves to Jewish pressure aka jewjew cum.

wtf I love biden now

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feels like all the original 2015/2016 Jow Forums supporters abandoned him within a short time after his election and his whole fanbase got replaced by redditors
there should be no one left on this site who still supports him

I miss the pajeet memes, haven't seen a "sir" for months until

>he hasn't read "The Israel Lobby"
>he thinks giving billions of dollars to pic related each fiscal year is normal

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>implying any real Jow Forumstards have supported Trump since the first Syrian strike and omnibus bill

and its only gotten worse since then.

Orange man truly is bad, bad orange man bad orange man bad orange man

It's his job to shill for USD and give jews bjs.

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>he used missiles on an empty airfield
>oy vey think of the 6 million dead concrete pieces
>omg drumpf

a lot of them migrated into Jow Forums as /ptg/. we don't like to talk about them

list of accomplishments
>tax cuts
>bombed syria
>moved jewish embassy


>Zion Don does Israeli bidding
Being in the center of the kike empire is worse than being on the outskirts because the kikes feel more need to run you down into the ground when you're a citizen than when you're simply a colonist.

I'm getting really sick of this but it does look like I'll be emigrating to Italy just to cash out.

Fuck pol and all that now, ut that being said, Trump is definitely getting my vote again if its like Biden or that Harris pos. Or really any democrat sadly

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>refuses to end the unending invasion of shitskins into my country
>omg drumpf

You’re a fucking moron end of story. Everyone who voted for Trump should kill themselves on principle alone. I’d bet all my money he has skin in the game and was hoping to dump the crypto markets with this shit. Corrupt scumbag.

>funded wall, wall size increased from 6 to 30 feet in many places, unguarded areas now have 30 ft walls
>uncucked ICE, about 1 million deportations about to begin
>gdp 3% increases when dems were
>jobs coming back because of tarriffs, 3% gdp growth when dems said 2% was impossible
>threat of mexican tariffs causes them to stop migrant caravans
you really are blind
read the news dumbfuck

>read the news dumbfuck
>nothing has happened
>only talk of how things could possibly happen

Just like he ended Birth Right Citizenship, right?

how are those mass deportations going that he said he'd postpone for two weeks, three weeks ago?

You’re disconnected from reality

I did it actually just to make people like you mad. It worked well! Imagine having any faith in the U.S. government lmfao

>>uncucked ICE, about 1 million deportations about to begin
>signs spending bill requiring local area governments to approve border wall construction which are all democrat
>also can't deport illegals anymore so long as they are the "sponsor" of a child
>can't even stop a fucking caravan of migrants with advanced notice and international news coverage
About this MAGA thing, user...

gooooood goy goooooooooooooooooooooood

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everyone is laughing at you /biz

sort of this

Pretty much you're fucked if your portfolio has any of the following:

"whose value is... based on thin air"

"unregulated crypto"

"can facilitate unlawful behavior"

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>better vote for the democrats who are the ones doing this
the only reason any of this is stalling is because of democrats, and we don't live in a dictatorship. your arguments don't make any logical sense

>Jow Forums spends four years larping as neo-con boomer hicks to be contrarian
>those people get into power
>turns out 60 year old Facebook dads, trailer trash, evangelical Christians, and their king, a rich dementia patient, don't stand for the interests of young societal misfits who jerk it to anime girls with dicks, hate "normies", and live outside of the traditional working world
loving every last laugh
time to sell all your Buttcoins, Israel needs your help

just took the yang pill, fuck blumpf

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fucking finally maybe /bizpol/ will fuck off forever

>m-muh Trump says bitcone bad so bitcorn must be bad!

Yeah, exactly, now fuck off you retards


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Have sex, incel

Best thing about memeing trump into presidency is we entered clown world. Not that Trump is a good presidency, he is a turbo goy. I've come to accept politics is a fools game for the common man, we have no power. I just want money now and to wait for economic collapse.

yeah but that's pretty normal

This. 100% this.

Trump is a tard but it goes to show that the establishment will never let the people vote someone into power and carry out their governance in good faith. If the president isn't hand-picked by the Illuminati, they are railroaded at every corner. Normies believe whatever the teevee says so all they had to do this time was pretend he was Hitler 2.0 and that's all she wrote

Unironically. Fuck him lol.

Fuck every dem too. Time to eviscerate these fucking boomers.

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Ultimate redpill.

Jow Forums went to shit when they started supporting women like Lauren Southern and other """traditional"""" women. The truth is when it comes to money and politics, women should get back in the kitchen.

I don't care about btc anymore honestly. I am more concerned with fighting socialists in Iran and elsewhere. Crypto makes it too easy for them to send money to each other.

You know there is only one scenario in which Trump loses to the democrats. And that's saying something even more retarded than them.

this. We should invade those terrorist Iranians before its too late

This 100% this. Only this.

fuck you boomer lover

Have sex incels.

Your astroturfing doesn't work here.


Honestly this. I too, have accepted that I won't be rich or fight against the power in any way. I'll just work for 50 years, pay my taxes, grow my 401k, live in the suburbs and send my sons to wars. 100% this user, serve me up a nice hot steaming boot to lick.

>he hasn't read "The Boomer Lobby"
>he thinks giving billions of dollars to northup grumman and social security each fiscal year is normal

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kys miga shill rat

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It's a good thing to accept your limitations. There's nothing wrong with being a peasant

It doesn't matter what fud you paid shills post, you're getting 4 more excruciatingly long years. Savor that orange flavor, faggots

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Cope harder incel.

Have sex.

seething kike now stealing memes lmao
you miga shills are so low effort its painful

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I'm so tired of being a wagecuck

lol absolutely nothing he has done has been even remotely a surprise. if you tied your reputation to him, you deserve to get rekt

...said the incel astroturfs

Lmao seething pissbaby, just have sex.

t. Teenager

was gonna tell you to have sex too, but nobody would want to have sex with an ugly virgin kike shill getting paid 1 shekel a day for shilling lmao

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ur gay tho

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>leftypol incel keeps posting *memes*
Priceless, I hope you aren't paid per post here. I know election season started early.

Just have sex incel. That's all you have to do. Maybe work out too.

I used to be a lefty, but now I'm right-wing after seeing that Trump is going to ban bitcoin. HAAAAAA HAHAHAHAHAHA

This as well

everyone knows you are a paid kike shill, why you keep trying? you are just embarassing yourself even more dumb virgin kike

>using a literal jidf "have sex meme"
>calling someone else a jew.

>leftypol incel keeps posting
Your tears are good virgin. How much you make per post? Does shareblue/correct the record still employ you incels?

he was the one who said it dumbass. learn to read

This. I was a gay black man and antifa member but I just registered Republican because of this. Fuck Bitcoin and fuck liberals.

>I was a gay black man and antifa member but I just registered Republican because of this.
Based and afroeroticpilled

lmao look those replies. its almost as if you are copy pasting scripted lines. tell your handler to pay you ugly kike shills more, this is just embarrasing

Hahaha seething.

Keep trying to cope pissbaby

cry harder incel kike. I bet you wont even get paid for this low tier shilling lmao