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Chainlink racists will still defend him

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says the dollar is both dependable and reliable -- doesn't mention that it's not fair

USD is a shitcoin - he is coping in hard mode. It must be about to die

HAHA fuck that jew faggot

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OK I'm just gonna say it

>tfw right wingers will oppose him from one tweet

I voted for him..
Not again..

>have only one real currency
>real currency

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Already got a thread, dawg


Feels like Libra really pissed off the government.

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DMV Nation

Dubbies and these

Meant to post this one

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they fear bitcoin

>Hello USA, that's a nice petrodolllar
>Would be a shame if someone replaced it

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Seems like it. Feels big actually having the president shit on it openly.

Rolling for his death

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I wonder if Zuck is doing this because he's pissed about all the shit they put him through with the Russia garbage. He's been talking about making Facebook more private too.


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Why would he tweet about this? Regardless, this is completely correct and e-currency is a total meme. It's like a stock with zero intrinsic value.

Just sold my stack, it's over.

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WE going to 9.2k remember trump is a pupet trying 2 hard to make the prophecy happen

They're pissed off at Facebook's Libra plans

His eyes are the color of milk. I imagine he has a cruel sense of vengeance about him It's probably even more petty
>hearing about to start
>take a sip of water
>oh gosh the alkaline content on this water is absurd what the FUCK is this are you trying to KILL ME?

It's because they know the score. FB and a coalition of big business are trying to own the money supply. If Libra launches, it will be successful, and it will become the international base currency if they are allowed to compete against the fed.

I would love to see Big Tech battle it out with the Fed for control of the money supply but I suspect Libra is going to be shut down.

Just bought your stack

Which member of his (((staff))) wrote this, absolutely 0 chance Trump can state eloquently anything about btc or has any understanding of it at all

it's time that this boomer retires to private life
His time has come

Nice try Drumpf but I'm still not selling my fucking LINK, $1000 EOY

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>thin air
yes yes, pure vaporware
nothing to see here

>So is drumpf now backin usd with gold or what


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This guy can suck all the schlongs he wants, crypto is here to stay you fat faggot

Yeah, enjoy Biden faggot.

>>but I suspect Libra is going to be shut down.

call me an idiot but crypto currencies will be how we eventually get the prophecy of no man shall buy or sell. Facebook seems like the perfect vehicle for all of that