If he doesn't return after this Trump tweet, he will never return

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the absolute state

Wait but it was unironically bullish

give him your energy lads

He’s on discord if you know how to find him

Well then tell him to post man, cryptos are no fun without hes 10/10 videos

There ya go

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Yeah my original message says biz wants back

Love bizonacci, show some mfin support for this man ITT brothers

We miss you, Bizonacci. Thanks for everything.

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God the videos were the best content on youtube at the time

Please come back, you're the hero we need.

he already posted a meme gif about Harmony One yesterday. people just weren’t paying attention

Which gif?

Wait what I thought he overdosed

He's dead he held AMB.


it’s obviously his work. too many references in there. ppl called bizonacci out and i still haven’t seem any denials from the creator about it.


Based. Harmony to the moon.

Bump for bizzo

bump for bizonacci, our ONE leader