Bitcoin will crash to $5,000 within 48 hours

I predicted every bitcoin crash this year, right here on Jow Forums, with 100% accuracy. Follow me or forever remain a wage slave.

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I’ve been waiting dude. We still $1 in August ?

Good, I'll buy more when it does. I mean I don't trust you or anything so there is no way in hell I'd short or sell but still, I hope you're right.

ur not predicting shit ur reading the MA...Anyone doing TA can see it going to 10k rn

What would be the reason for such acceleration?

Predictions for other coins?

You glowie piece of shit, who the fuck are you? There’s no fucking way we crash that low

there is, and if it does it will explode.

God I fucking hope so, it would be nice timing to buy more

>I predicted every BTC crash this year

When the fuck did BTC crash this year? It started the year fucking sideways at 3-4k and then rose to where we are now.

I predicted every bitcoin moon this here, right here on Jow Forums, with 101% accuracy. Follow me or forever remain a wage slave.

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Oh look, we are back under 11,500. Looks like your little “golden bull run” has stopped. Big surprise. Bitcoin is going down to 0 in August. I am never wrong.

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Is OP a glownigger banking cartel mouthpiece or is he an edgy dork in his moms basement?

Op is pic related

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I’m in a penthouse lil bitch what’s good

Prove it fag

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if it crashes that low i buy more with fiat and probably open a long position

based and penthousepilled

You larping subhuman mouthbreather, fuckinf KYS. Only penthouse you see is the one you drop your wife off at to get used by Wall Street chads

Remember when this fag said bitcoin was going to drop to 1,500 last year?

All you have to do is listen. You kids will never see success for yourself until you accept the successes of others.

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someone screencap so we can laff or cri in two days. and include in me in the cap so i can b famous

OP is a namefag, but anyone keeping track of renko daily will have discovered that the market has a clear capacity to go to about 5K at any moment.

Making specific market timing predictions like within 48 hours, though? gtfo with that shit unless you're provably an insider at a firm handling the majority of the market cap.

I hold 500k link you autistic dipshit, I don’t need accept anything

You’re a larping cuck fagfot who probably has autism and a micro penis

Seriously pathetic. Gtfo. Come back with fresh material. I’m tired of clowning on the same renkobro pasta.

what will be the why?

I do think it has risen to fast and too soon

Bitcoin took 2 and half years to get back to half its worth after the 2013 bullrun ended

Bitcoin has only taken 1 and half years since the last bullrun to get to were we are now

I predict OP is gay. Haven't been wrong so far.


Pathetic. You believe that we are going to 5k? What's your time frame. You in for a bet? We will do escrow. Name your price.

Lol you faggots say the funniest shit I swear

Then tell me when to buy and hold.

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>I predicted every bitcoin crash this year, right here on Jow Forums, with 100% accuracy
Hahaha you fucking faggot, I remember your threads you were wrong 80% of the time

With all your insight you should be a billionaire by now.

Post your wallet, show us your riches.

He's been waiting just long enough in hopes everyone forgot how shit the predictions are. Incorrect.

9 days ago you said not to enter the market. Fuck you, retard.

>I want to believe
Top 20 coins you think is best to get for 6mos - 2yrs?

lmfao 0 of your predictions came true


I agree this "pump" was all surrounding Libra. We're still going to crab for another year.

I hope this thread stays alive long enough for it to not happen

im in a penthouse eating peanutbutter out of my whore's pussy. who the fuck are you?

What happened to 1500 in August Renkobro?

when everyone wants it to crash just so they can buy more it never crashes. there needs to be a real bear case which there will never be one. none of you will ever taste cheap btc again

Doesn't matter. I'm all in PNK and I am not fucking selling.