How do I become a millionaire? I just want financial freedom. Currently have 5k to my name from wageslaving

How do I become a millionaire? I just want financial freedom. Currently have 5k to my name from wageslaving.
>inb4 link
5k won't do shit and you know it. I missed the boat.

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Rob banks.

Earn more than you spend
Save and invest the difference
Diversify your portfolio and periodically rebalance it
When you have 25x annual spending you's be free

You won't. Ever.

unironically all in on XRP right now. set a buy order for .32 cents.

that's over 1.5k LINK, you'll have a 1mm left after taxes in 2025

LInk will you dumb nigger


ripple has spent the past few years laying the groundwork for an international banking transaction network. they've partnered with over 200 major banks around the world, and hope to revolutionize international remittances. if it works and becomes mainstream, you can expect XRP to skyrocket in value.

there are 100,000,000,000 premined XRP in existence. ~42,000,000,000 in circulation. it takes 20 xrp to create and maintain a wallet (once the xrp wallet is created, 20 of it is unusable). a fraction of xrp is destroyed every transaction.

so put it all together. banks internationally trade ~5 trillion dollars of currency between themselves daily. 5 trillion divided by 100 billion = 50. so XRP could be worth at least $50. but thats not taking into consideration the fact that as it is adopted and more wallets are created, less of it is available for circulation. so it will necessarily rise in value as it is used.

if you can be patient for a few years, XRP will almost certainly make you rich.

(5000 / 0.32) x 50 = 781,250

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ripple is a centralized shitcoin

you wont because you invest in cryptos
all you will be is poor
I mean more poor than now

If you're aiming to become a millionaire, the term is "heist".

Based FI/Boglehead advice

>He doesn't understand that centralised shitcoins are the only coins which will be picked up by the mainstream public and deemed safe because they follow government regulations.
Stfu with this decentralised bullshit unless the human race over throws the government this is our only option for adoption.

buy void token. ez 100x incoming



I used to be the #1 Ripple shill on this board. Everything that Ripple has been promising, Chainlink is delivering. Abandon Ripple and accept Chainlink as your way out of the dungeon of wage, debt and tax slavery.

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The difference? Huh?

The remainder, the leftover available funds. Pay your bills and invest the rest.


Bump for interest
Everyone says “invest” but you have to make a decent amount of money to have enough left over for that to even be feasible. What are some decent careers for people who didn’t go to college, who went but don’t enjoy their major, etc?