Can I short BTC with a stablecoin? Will the stablecoin's price dump even though it is stable...

Can I short BTC with a stablecoin? Will the stablecoin's price dump even though it is stable? Which stablecoin should I use to short the market?

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Yes. I long and short with USDT.

I see. Isn't that the one that is actually backed?
Also, thanks for replying.

Also, just took the plunge and started a short on BTC. Thanks for the USDT recommendation

On what exchange? I though everyone uses Bitmex where it's all with BTC, short or long


I personally use Huobi, but there are several others too. I don't use Bitmex.

Based, is it better than Binance?

I think TUSD (TrueUSD) is the one that is fully backed, Tether/USDT is kind of sketchy but hasn't failed yet


It's a top 3 exchange but it could lack something from Binance. Perhaps you'd better stick to Binance if it has margin trading too now

Yeah I guess, I bought then sold most of my stacks in '17 and exchanges like Huobi got popular while I was away. But Binance seems to still be popular. I'm trying to get into active trading now.

So you only track your portfolio in terms of Tether? I thought of maybe dividing my stack in equal parts BTC and Tether then trying to grow both so I don't end up in a situation where I gained in terms of Tether but underperformed holding Bitcoin or conversely gained in BTC but BTC tanked relative to fiat. What do you think? Suppose I double my BTC and Tether stacks then I'm winning either way the market goes, right? How are your returns btw?

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Is there any reason not to take out a huge leveraged short on USDT? Your margin will never get called because it won't go much above $1.00 and it has proven to be unbacked, when it goes to $0 there is a lot to be made. It is a flawless plan.

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