Got my ranch and tendies. Now all I need in my life is for webchain to moon

Got my ranch and tendies. Now all I need in my life is for webchain to moon.

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What's the thing with Americans and tendies? To us from the rest of the world, it's just another food.

Seems tasty anyways.

you need to go back

por favor no señor
mi familia me necesita ahí en america

>not grabbing 20+ chick-fil-a sauce packets from the leftovers bin after your weekly obligatory visit to God's Chosen Fast Food Chain

>no honey mustard
fucking pleb

What part of breaded, deep fried Chicken breast (with an assortment of dipping sauces) don't you understand?

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I mean it's good food but.. Really? What is the hype here?

Tender. Chicken. Which part are you failing to understand?


I think the hype started from Dorito eating mountain dew enthusiasts yelling for TENDIES at their mum. (It's a joke that's extended beyond time itself and is now more truth than irony)

>no ketchup sauce
fucking pleb

Those need at least another 5mins in the oven bro.


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Do americans really appreciate this kind of food on a regular basis? That'll mean americans only shit once ever 2 weeks , amirite??

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We love it and we shit daily
Today was boneless thursday at buffalo wild wings
60 cent boneless wings on thursdays
So many delicious flavors many to choose from
Pic related

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>not mixing mayonnaise and red-hot for the god tier sauce
sorry bud, not going to make it.

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Holy shit! I'll be going to b-dubs on Thursdays now!

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No, trendies are a Jow Forums autist meme.
We eat fucking steaks......and burgers.

Don't forget wing tuesdays if you like bone in wings
I think theyre 40 cents

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Fuck! That's even better!

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