Chainlink ecosystem continues to grow

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who is this?

We just keep winning baby.

It doesn’t matter “who” when literally every crypto is utilizing link. Get your “who” shit out of here, you faggot

Nice they roped TeX

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Banking on the hope that enough entities use Link for payments and that transferandcall brings them enough efficiency that competing payment options can't get a foothold. What a time to be alive.


I guess all the smaller partnerships with Chainlink are being announced first all throughtout the rest of this month, then the big guys being last in August/September

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reminder that eth mooned off a bunch of who coins

I'd be pretty concerned about any crypto startup that was looking to make a product that didn't need oracles. I think the "value" of oracle-less smart contracts has been borne out in the last couple of years. They're not much good.

>get shilled on Jow Forums for weeks
>now it's a literal who
I love LINK, it really brings out the retards

As a Chainlink holder, you just keep winning.

Fkcing Sergey (but in a very respectable way), would it kill you to say something like this?
>Chainlink integration to the IoTeX Mainnet will begin in Q3 2019 to make off-chain data (e.g., public APIs, payment gateways, data feeds) available to IoTeX smart contracts and IoT applications. A full integration of Chainlink’s vast oracle network is expected for the IoTeX Mainnet in Q4 2019.

When not measured in fiat.

Im talking about IoTex trust me 1k EOY

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another literally who who's not actually using link

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This is actually a legit project

aaaannnnddd we are dumping

checked. they couldn't have picked a worse time to raise capital by token sales

what the fuck is IOTX? worth buy?

Never heard of it

IoTex is literally a scam

Iotex is one of the most legit projects in the blockchain space. Check out their team and white paper and yellow papers, they're incredible.

Also IOTX is very easy to stake, I'm makint $50 a week passively just by staking my stack

When two heavily shilled scams come together it does not make a legitimate project.

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how big of a stack?

Here 's a link to their white papers and other research papers, the team all academics. Great project.

how many IOTX you stake to earn $50 per week?

He’s a fat scam artist who sells tokens more than any other team in crypto

where to buy this idiot?

Saved. Gonna get some good use out of that pretty soon if you know what I mean, heheh.

Co-Founder of IoTeX is a founding member of Google Cloud Service and was their Lead Security Engineer before going to work for Uber in their Crypto R&D division.


Then why the fuck is it still dumping?

I remember someone saying some whales lost a bit of their coins when it was around the 2$ and they have been trying to get it down around the 2.50$ range for awhile now. Also doesn't help the dev's possibly dumped a bit of their coins into the market


that entire Oracle and Coinbase pump is almost completely wiped out now. Yes, sell your token for capital when the price is literally in freefall. Bunch of geniuses.


>that entire Oracle and Coinbase pump is almost completely wiped out now.
This is fucking retarded. Next pump is going to be up to $3.5 and then dump free fall again. $1000 EOY? We'll be lucky to have $1 at this rate.

dilate madam


>Perhaps the largest source is the Internet of >Things (IoT), which generates roughly half of all >new data today (and growing!). Together, >Chainlink and IoTeX will create a fluid >ecosystem for real world and IoT data.

the thing is, that even tho Link has hundreds of teams none of them are gonna have a finished product. 90% of them will not make it.

To paraphrase Wu-Tang: Pareto principle rules everything around me, 10% get the money, dolla dolla bills y'all.

honestly, i don't think i've heard of iotex