Reserve RSR

Where my fucking boys at?

Added a half million to the stack today

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Right here baby. 22 million holder..This coin is going to be the next coin biz talks about after ethereum, ant shares and chainlink. They have the most powerful wallets and brains in silicon valley backing them along side Peter Thiel. Not only have they been compliant to every rule the SEC has established they even hired an advisor from the SEC to the reserve team. This is the most obvious moon shot in all of crypto by far.

>they even hired an advisor from the SEC to the reserve team.

looks promising. going all in

Can someone explain the validity of this token Google is pretty vague also where can I trade for it

Houbi...soon enough every big exchange in the US

burgers can trade it on IDEX
its easy to figure out

they've got some videos/interviews you can watch

has a lot of potential. don't miss the boat

If it stays at current prices i'll be buying 150k next payday. I am excited about this one.

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About to get a 300k STACK, wish me luck fellahs

this is literally free money and all Jow Forums does it shill fucking link.

biggest moon shot in a long time.

Discord PND.

Buy PNK.

3.8% circulating supply worse then Ripple+Steller combined. Would only buy if Devs did an airdrop to all holders what are their plans?

Good one, Nelson.

RSR is the ultimate chad, self-sustaining stablecoin. Or you can spend your Libra for gamergirl bath water from pic related. The choice is yours, anons.

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Holy shit, we got a whale here.

I'm all in but only if we all agree to shill this hard

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got some free money here if anyone wants to help me claim it

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This shit speaks for itself really, no real need to shill just spread awareness

can meme this to the moon

Doesn't even need our shilling, this moon mission launches itself once the RSV start being minted and RSR gets burned.

what does this coin? Is it backed to REN?

Is 65k enough to make it?

Scroll down and check out the team everybodies white this projects going to the moon

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None of these people impress me except the advisors it's just a bunch of ex corporation startup kids most of their credentials are "hey I worked for Google I have to know what I'm doing" meanwhile Google and other big companies will hire literally anyone

reserve millionaire here... i believe

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Ok call it off guys Rajesh here isn't impressed

it's a stable coin, why should the collateral go to the moon, nigger?

some of those mongoloids look like they can code but if this is a stable coin what the fuck?

M8 are you rarded? The collateral gets burned and deflation occurs. When it's not being burned price will be speculative like any other coin

''the price will be speculative''
This speculation should let the coin apprecciate because.. ?

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Jesus if this is how dumb people are then I'm gonna be fucking rich holding RSR

Only way rsr succeeds is if we have chainlink quality memes

it will easily make it to litecoin numbers but the memes will take it to the moon

memetic egregores don't just summon themselves. Get to work reservists.

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Can anyone talk in depth about this project outside of the coordinated telegram shilling going on

Retard here. I got 150k and want to store it in electrum wallet. This is an erc 20 token right?

Hey my name is Nelson. I'm all in link dude, fuck off

Honestly the videos they put out are explanatory enough and the whitepaper is a pretty easy read. One of the most approachable projects desu

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Another Nelson? W a ck, what are the odds

I can watch them if I want, but I want to know if the shills can explain it, or have any knowledge of it whatsoever...

Also, shitty Hannah Barron meme dude. Do better.

I actually agree with this

It's hard being able to hold all these bags

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Better more capable replacement for tether. Buy now or forever hold your peace.

ok I'm sold, you've said it all and more user.

The best part of RSR is that Reddit knows nothing about it. Thank fucking god

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If we're going with analogies, then "facebook libra but actually decentralized" is more accurate.

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Jesus the memes are terrible I would not buy this coin if you even could remotely use photoshop

The major problem with the majority of stable coins at the moment is many of them dont have the capacity to actually scale when the crypto market cap enters into the trillions. This bullrun we're in right now will see massive adoption of stable coins as anons begin selling off into them at the ath. What the Reserve protocol manages to accomplish is the establishment of a regulatory compliant stable coin that has the ability to scale for world wide demand and a crypto market cap exceeding 100 trillion. For these reasons, and a long list of many others, smart money is in on this dark horse early, and make no mistake - marketing for Reserve will kick into high gear in Q3 and many nu-bizlets will miss this boat.

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OP here. I dont do Photoshop so yeah we need some help with the memes

>marketing for Reserve will kick into high gear in Q3 and many nu-bizlets will miss this boat.
ontop of this the price is hitting big lows on Idex right now so ideal time to buy I'm watching the charts and about to dive in

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This explanation is turning my ear. I disregard a lot of these kinds of threads because of the FOMO marketing hype when post after post is praising a coin. Can't ever tell who the pajeets truly are nowadays. What made you sold on this company's idea? What makes you think they will actually be implemented and used?

and what memes have you produced?

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I wouldn't waste my time making shitty memes for a coin that would likely drive people away from it.

The only dominant stable coin is tether, and its one of the least trusted entities in crypto. It's also completely unknown to no crypto users. Tether also has no speculative asset tied to it. Tether also only represents the US dollar.

Reserve solves all of these problems

1) technical viability and soundness - whitepaper checks out
2) backers - speaks for itself
3) team - highly technical autists (EA community too, they're actually quite good at getting stuff done and are a bit of a global cult)
4) external validation - facebook libra is using the same system but centralized, it is similar to maker dao but solves some of the problems
5) Hannah Barron supports it

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Can we get someone to make all the future reserve tokens? We have RSV and RSR. But what about RSD, RSYuan, RSYen, RSE etc

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you're stoopid. tether is a scam that is imploding as we speak. a non-usd stable coin like RSR might actually be useful but some shitcoin anchored to another dying shitcoin is not going to be helpful in the near future.

no photoshop yet. but ill contribute a moon meme

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>former SEC chairman as an advisor to Reserve
>Coinbase Ventures is backing it and Reserve will likely be listed on Coinbase in 2020
>approved of by the United Nations
>Peter Thiel holds 15% of the total supply of RSR

What are the alternatives right now in terms of stables that ppl actually feel comfortable using?
>Tether - caught red handed in actual fraud, confirmed for not 1:1 backed by USD, in a legal battle they will ultimately lose, literally counterfeit fake money - centralized and totally worthless - used to fuel pnd ponzis

>DAI - devs cant actually keep it stable, incompetent team, can never scale, 100,000,000 debt ceiling, very very small supply, used mostly for margin CDP based loans

>USDC - made by a company that failed at their crypto business so they decided to just focus on USDC, redflags, entirely backed by the USD so when the USD hyperinflates all USDC will literally be worthless - good luck holding those depreciating bags

>TUSD - same problem as USDC in that its backed entirely by USD

etc etc etc

Reserve is the most advanced stable coin concept to date. It's a reinvented MakerDAO that actually succeeds where Maker failed.

so this is the pnd of july?
nice, still practically bottom, i can put my 5x from vidt in here

yeah I'll have to read the whitepaper. I'll stay up to date with it. The team looked sound, the advisors too. That doesn't always mean anything though, as you can see from some other projects that are floating in piss right now. I do appreciate your hannah barron memes though, even if they're made in MS paint

or what this dude said

imaging not being all in a 12m mcap decentralized version of facebook libra backed by coinbase, peter thiel and silicon valley with it's app & rsv launching this quarter

if this shit works biz will be the next ruling class

not only are we going to get rich... we will be helping so many people.. they can use rsv as a store of value.. bitcoin is too volitile

Meant to point out that Reserve is backed by a basket of stables, other assets, and RSR as collateral. So, when the USD does hyperinflate (and it will because its the biggest shitcoin on the market right now, dyor) Reserve wont be effected and will retain its value. It's the safest currency concept you can possibly store value in and its going to be so fucking huge that everyone around the world will be using it since everyone is having the same problem with fiat currency, its depreciating because its all backed by debt.

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Will there be an incentive in holding RSV?
(other than the fact it will be stable)
Also do we know on what they will base the value? An average of a few selected currencies or something else?

preciate it user, the memes will improve. Personally I'm not too concerned since there is always limited accumulation time.

Where do you get the idea that it'll be listed on coinbase by 2020? And plenty of billionaires hold a fuckload of many coins. They have the ability to do that, especially because the returns are retarded for their investment. I'm not interested in stupid shit like that. I wanna know if the product is solid.

>Will there be an incentive in holding RSV?
The high IQ answer to elite minded Jow Forumsraelites is yes.
Huobi is currently developing a DeFi that will utilize RSV.
This information was not released to the public but the partnership with Huobi was big for Reserve.
Huobi is all in on it, and there is a 100% chance that RSV is being integrated into their DeFi solution.

So yeah, holding RSV in the Huobi DeFi will earn you passive interest.
Higher interest than any normie bank in the US or Europe.

And it's rumored that Hannah Barron holds a 100 million bag of RSR.

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>Where do you get the idea that it'll be listed on coinbase by 2020?
Because RSV will literally be the only stable coin that isnt actually a shitcoin. Thats one of the main reasons that Coinbase is backing it, do some research on stables and see for yourself.

i know, i just wish i had extra shekels to invest.

still need 4 frens to help. free money on the table. every little bit helps. lets get rich boys

Comeon /biz even us poorfags can get a heavybag of this I've only been waging again for 6 months and I'm putting my savings into 1 million

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i will send you 4 FrenChain (FREN) if you post an ERC20.
its the most priceless crypto you can even hold.

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Definitely not finding any source on this. Also I hope this stupid bitch will get murdered.

What about the "basket of assets" that RSV will be pegged to, any info on what that will be?

Don't worry user, I'll help you out.

Just try to read between the lines if you can.

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Ok I'll do some research. Thanks for leading me in that direction so far. 'preciate your good will and info

tokenized assets with value provided by chainlink. So for now ERC-20s, BTC, and stablecoins, then as more traditional assets get tokenized (think securities, real estate, currencies etc...) those will be thrown into the mix.

Holy fuck you Reserve shills are so fucking bad. Does it ever get boring talking to yourselves?

>only stable coin that isnt actually a shitcoin

Join the conversation user, stay awhile.
Have a cup of sweet tea and some fried catfish with us as we make newfrens rich, and oldfrens even richer.


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You're a wormy cocksucker

join the RSR discord for the meme workshop
and up to date research and news on RSR happenings


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Put forward your counterarguments, until then you're a huge faggot

>All these incredible catfish memes
Cornbread? Anyone?

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I think this is going to move within the next 6 hours, descending wedge is in play.

Just picked up 300k will watch if it goes cheaper I'll get a mill

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Comfy on 8.5MM. I kinda want to get to 10MM though.

- Peter Thiel: 42,000,000,000+ RSR
- Commander: 500,000,000+ RSR
- Hannah Barron: 100,000,000 RSR
- General: 50,000,001+ RSR
- Lieutenant General: 25,000,001-50,000,000 RSR
- Major General: 17,500,001-25,000,000 RSR
- Brigadier General: 12,500,001-17,500,000 RSR
- Colonel: 7,500,001-12,500,000 RSR
- Lieutenant Colonel: 5,000,001-7,500,000 RSR
- Major: 3,500,001-5,000,000 RSR
- Captain: 2,500,001-3,500,000 RSR
- First Lieutenant: 2,000,001-2,500,000 RSR
- Second Lieutenant: 1,500,001-2,000,000 RSR
- Sergeant Major: 1,000,001-1,500,000 RSR
- Master Sergeant: 900,001-1,000,000 RSR
- Sergeant First Class: 700,501-900,000 RSR
- Staff Sergeant: 500,001-700,500 RSR
- Sergeant: 300,501-500,000 RSR
- Corporal: 100,501-300,500 RSR
- Specialist: 50,001-100,500 RSR
- Private: 1-50,000 RSR
- Subhuman RSRlet: 0 RSR

It's always a pleasure posting with a Colonel in the RSR Space Marines!


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Extremely bullish thread

redpill me on this right the fuck now

Are you guys LARPing? I do hold half a million, but are there really anons who go into an unproven coin with $75K? I know there are anons flashing 100K LINK stacks, or claim to hold 7 REN nodes, but I always wonder if that is just lazy LARPing to attention-whore.

U said thus sane exact thing last thread. This is starting to feel like a biz pnd.

except it wasn't me

95% of all posts in this thread are the same paid shills. Says it all.


Haven't you noticed how they all say the same things day in day out? "GEE WHIZ GOLLY GOSH user JUST BOUGHT ANOTHER MILLION SO GLAD TO BE IN AT THE BOTTOM"




Just fuck off will you?

>meanwhile Google and other big companies will hire literally anyone
Yeah doc, he's retarded.

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