Crashing this market... WITH NO SURVIVORS!

Crashing this market... WITH NO SURVIVORS!

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kek he's talking about the dollar like he talks about his penis. "no problem here!". kek, yeah...let's see what happens with that inverted yield curve double digit trillions in negative yielding debt and the entire eastern world abandoning the dollar. I'd be scared too

How many of these fucking threads do we need?

>muh good goy bucks
>strongest dollar
fuck off donald

To be fair, he did say "dominant" not strongest.

>'Based on thin air'
>Muh US Dollar

Cryptogays BTFO'D

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It is backed by the US government. They are going to find and kill you if you threaten the USD with your cryptocurrencies.
That is not thin air.

Fractional reserve banking would like to have a word with this jewloving clown

Can we finally have a board about stock trading?

Fuck of boomer

>Boomer shills USD and calls Fiat 'real money' in same sentence

His Jewish masters must be feeling the Zuck pressure

I am but I really wish you guys were more informative about stock trading. Crypto is pure gambling and I don't have time for it.

You can't fight the POTUS.
Crypto is absolutely DOOMED

>Wow 5% in three years

>aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah for 2 years
>rises 50% after being near the bottom for months, w-wew guys were gonna make it
I just hope you have enough for the pacemaker you will have to buy for your heart for being in this roalcoaster.

>+215% in exactly 3 months
>”wow ur bitcoin only went up 50% wow golly”
typical boomers can’t do math

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Stocks can hardly keep up with inflation unless you are doing risky things, and in that case you may as well be doing crypto as the risk-to-reward is better

Next month it can drop by the exact %. I'm not trusting this shit.

You apparently don't have a clue about stock trading. Without any risky moves, you can easily make 10+% per year. And you can spread it out to minimize risk.

Shit like this makes my cock super fucking bullish, normies thinking bitcorn will never be above 20k again.

>Stocks can hardly keep up with inflation
Stocks are almost guaranteed to beat inflation.

>United States Dollar
>money that are not backed by anything
>printed by private corporation
>forcing people to get rid of money asap because of inflation

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>fiat isn't backed by anythi-

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I hope Trump gets the CIA to kill Craig Wright.

The goyim boomer strikes again, someone please JFK this cunt

Same. His pajeet slaves on this board cry out for liberation

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>+10% per year
What the fuck? I make +10% a week

He wants to buy in cheaper. Trumpo is the master of 4d chess.

Tramp proved one thing, you only have to be marginally smarter than the rest of the fuckwits known as Americans. You can hoodwink them as much as you want if you flash around a bit of money.
Trump doesn't even know 1D chess let alone 4D.

>but the unregulated derivitive market is totally ok

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Trump wants BTC and crypto in general to surge. This is an attempt to spur investment in a seemingly “renegade effort,” to spur adoption, not hinder it. Once everyone walks into the trap, then blockchain will hold permanent record of your every move, while every transaction will become instantly visible, instantly recorded, instantly taxable, instantly seized if desired, and instantly inflated.

On average 7% a year in low risk investing minus 4% inflation lives me with 3% (before taxes).
So yea, no.

Wow, he's right. I can't believe how times have shifted, I agree with the need of regulation now.

Trump knows the US dollar is on the brink of failure and wants to stop any competition he can.

>Trump doesn't even know 1D chess let alone 4D.

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As an europoor I never worried about Trump, at all, but if that's the case he can suck a kike dick and fucking die already. What a fat jew lover fuck

>Load ze POTUS fud
Well it wasn't that effective after all

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Does not count if you make 10% a week on your $100 shitcoin portfolio.

Sunny, you just don't know the value of real hard work.

The most dominant currency in the world? LOL

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This makes me feel bullish as fuck for bitcoin. Like literally the president of the US is ranting about bitcoin and "muh drug trade" and about how the dollar is the greatest and always will be. He is scared as fuck of bitcoin. The president of the United States is worried about bitcoin. What the fuck does he know??

boomers are cancer and need to be stopped before society implodes

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The situation is, unironically, pretty bad this time. Just this month, stocks went DOWN when there was good news about the economy, in fear of central bank raising interest rates.
The system is fucked

Fucking burn this bitch down! I want to get to the bottom so we can finally go full fucking bull again!

Why, yes. Wall street people are *entitled*.

And an average Joe is only entitled to suck dicks and sell his asshole.

This is bait right? Buy virtual shiny rocks too, boomer. And save into 401k to get 1mil from skekelberg after 40 years of wagecucking Top kek.

you make nothing unless it comes right into your FDIC ensured bank account

fucking retard.

bottom will be at sub $3k and it is still far ahead