Have any of the LINK FUDsters that have emerged the last 2 weeks sold?

Or are they just FUDing solely in an attempt to drive down the price to accumulate more? I refuse to believe any biz LINK user has sold and this site went from 100% shill to 100% FUD pretty much overnight? Why?

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yes user we all sold, it was a scam and it's over. better sell before the normies find out

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Thank you benevolent fren. Market selling my LINK right now

But really, why the radical 180 degree flip from a pro-LINK board to all of a sudden nearly every thread in the catalog is FUD? Are the whales trying to kill the price so they can get more or what?

Well ya know, we never sold (mever selling tee hee), we just keep buying :^) so we might as well crash it to acquire more don’t we? And during pumps we shill so that nufags pay the highest price, evil I know

I don't FUD, never sold, and have been buying.

Thread title: NFG

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Couldn't sustain the losses. Sold my stack because "money talks, bullshit walks"

Bought in sub $1. I'm comfy af. Waiting for be sub $2 to buy more.

Of course, you sell most before you fud, then by back right before you stop fudding,

Fudding is more fun than shilling and it’s literally that simple

Anyone who didn't sell the euphoria 6 months 20x and wait 4-5 months is brain-dead.

Buy PNK.

I sold 15000 the day after Coinbase Pump when I realized exactly what was going on.

Feels good too, real good.

I sold so I'm not shilling anymore.

Im a linklet fudster.

I will be buying more soon but I dont do it to drive down price. I just wanna make people's lives worse and make their future livelihoods worse so they dont get rich off of the luck of link.

The Jow Forums link discord told everyone to bail as soon as it hit 4.50

All true link marines are in that discord...wtf

>Have any of the LINK FUDsters that have emerged the last 2 weeks sold?
nope, I checked them one by one, and so far not a single one of them has sold. Shameful pajeet like tactics really.

So your only goal is to get people to panic sell so they commit suicide later when it moons?


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Whats the discord channel for link with you assholes

it's not fud, it's fact. LINK is a scam

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People FUD when the price drops to get people to sell, market makers buy then the price pumps and the panic sellers fomo back in, rinse and repeat