Dubs and Link will be $5 End of Week

Dubs and Link will be $5 End of Week

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Trips and you go fuck yourself

dubs and it hits $1 and you kill yourself

dubs and im a retard


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Dubs and Link is $12 EOW

green id and august 13th is the day

el doble por $1K EOY


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Dubs and Link will be 10 cents

Dubs and link will be 5 cents EOW so I can build the HODL

Dubs and link $2.20 eow

quads for brapper 0.69 eoy

He was talking about these dubs.

Damnit, LINK threads aren't even getting doubles anymore, the singularity has been canceled, it's over.

Dubs for 20k sats

$10 eow

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12$ tommorow

Dubs and link will be 7.77 eow
Trips and it will be 25 buckaroonies
Quads and it will be under 1 dollar.
Either way this is the best timeline. Checkem nulink faggots

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Dubs and kek has forsaken us

20 july 15

screencap this

Dubs and link goes sub $1.

Dubs and 10 EOW

Chainlink is dead

yall all wrong,

slow bleed for the next few months .

still not selling

Dubs and 0.30 stable coin for 60 years


trips and ill be fucking you with a sharpie eom

Sounds about right


Big Mac

Holy check'd

just market sold 100k
its ogre lads we had a good run

I felt like kek had forsaken us until this 5 post later this must be a true linkie, saved by the holy 7’s



I'm rolling that it drops below 5 cents

I'm worth over $100 million in less than 5 years.

Average big mac price in U.S. = $5.58.

$5.58 EOW confirmed.