Is this shitcoin gonna move or what?

is this shitcoin gonna move or what?

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Considering it'd holding it's possible when most other things are dropping it's G

Just wait for the Q3 exchange listing, this was always a long term hold.


Holding the line, it would be very unwise to sell

I got a feeling that somethings gonna happen today.


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i hold 100k and im scared

Why, if ya bought 100k you'd surely know about the strong future for the project, just sit back and wait.

You're fine, it might just take until the end of the year until it breaks ATH.

might scoop up some more right now boys, what do you think? my initial buy in was above 30 cents

No you don't LARPer

>might scoop up some more right now boys, what do you think?
Too early. Wait a week.

okay ill trust you user...

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Nah, this is going to pump soon. Enjoy getting left behind, news coming soon about a t1 cex listing. This is still extremely undervalued.

nope, dead. Dump it please

Binance, or another one? Binance vote just started, it won't be listed for a few weeks at least.

Gonna dump a little more. Be patient for a better entry.

Didn't the user who knew about the DEX listing before it happened say something will be announced tomorrow?

2 weeks max

I'm the guy that was fudding VIDT to the ground and arguing with bagholders saying it's overvalued and the price will keep dumping after I sold the top. Predicted it going under 0.00011 in five days and it did. You will be able to buy VIDT in the 0.0007 range soon. Then it will pump back to 0.00015 and people who bought around that will sell and so will those who bought at 7.

You don't know shit. Just a lucky guess.

Good stuff
Proof for selling top?

It'll be another one as in their proposal to Binance DEX they mentioned the other exchange listinbg, but if they get on DEX they'll be a shoe in for the actual binance

he also claimed to have sold the top a week before the top ajjajaaj,

>You don't know shit. Just a lucky guess.
Wrong. Whenever I invest in a coin I bookmark the IDEX page and write the amount I bought it for and when I will get out no matter what. I've been right with seven coins now (CHX, LTO, FXC, VIDT, EVE, FTX, SNTVT). There's a method and so far it has not failed. When I go against my method or get too greedy, I get rekt (FTM and Chainlink).

Not revealing anything of my transactions. Assume I'm larping.

Good method. What multiplier(s) do you usually aim for?

Delusional, eoy we will be at $35 minimum

>Good method. What multiplier(s) do you usually aim for?
Depends when I get aware of the project. If biz never mentioned the coin, 2X - 5X. If I see it mentioned on biz once every two weeks or randomly brought up in a thread, then 0.5X - 2X. Only if the project is decent and has potential.

If it's getting shilled on here heavily, but the graph looks decent, 30% and no more. And I'll always wait for a dip and never market buy. I will buy even if the project is dogshit. But if I see a thread every 10 minutes, I don't touch it at all. Usually means the top is in.

Bought 4.5k at 45c and still holding. How fucking justed am I?

Where does one search for coins with potential outside of Jow Forums

>it's holding
>down 50% in a week

Check out IDEX's twitter account:

Whenever they list a new coin, look at the project's Twitter account. If it looks decent, look into their website. Then favorite it on IDEX and buy it when the volume starts increasing. Just make sure the IDEX coin isn't available on other exchanges already.

Papa bless, user

I'm looking at the Twitter feed right now... Lastest token listing: Uranus. By the name alone I know it's dogshit. "UR ANUS" in the crypto space? Pass. Next one: xCrypt. Shit name and cheap selfies in their feed, cannot even bother to pay $100 for a professional portrait in the mall, not even going to bother. Next: Coti. Promising logo, lots of followers, well-designed website, but most volume is on KuCoin. I would look into this...

That's my thought process essentially.

checked the last 3 listed projects just now and had the same thoughts as you.
btw thanks for this tip.

the chad swingtrader vs virgin holder

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You're welcome.

data verification will be huge.
verified data for real estate, banks, universities, inspection companies like Amspec, cybersecurity like Airbus and so on.
this shit is used more than golem (71m marketcap) and OmiseGo (280m marketcap)

the project is good, but there are 11m locked tokens that will deflate the value and only 10% of revenue goes to token holders


we are already on the popular list of proposals after not even 24 hours!!

In Comparison: LIT has 230 Upvotes after 17 days and VIDT 136 after not even 1 day

the tokenomics are really fucking great. this is deflationary and will be deflated even more when more people use it. the amount of locked tokens is small compared to projects like RSR, Link or Lition. this is a small marketcap with huge potential. on top of that you will be able to change VIDT for VIDS shares in the future.

with binance and normies this shit will blow up.

if it is marketable to normies. not convinced.

Definitely marketable to normies
>Most funds were raised in fiat as our ICO accepted (international) bank transfers. Less than 20% was raised in crypto as we drew in many first timers in crypto.

And now you remember the taxes you have to pay for every crypto to crypto trade.