I bought at $4.25 and sold at $2.60

I bought at $4.25 and sold at $2.60

Do I kill myself? I lost $4,000 that it taked a year of manual labor and literal physical abuse from my superiors to earn

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I wish i had only lost that much

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Buy high, sell low. The Jow Forums way.

>buy high, sell low

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thanks for playing, don't forget to fomo back in at $5

>on the dip

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i "lost" 30k from this bleed and didnt even wince, stop being such a newfag and go stick a TV remote up your ass

These threads have got to be larps

I bought at $0.80 and sold at $4.70

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I wonder how it tasted

well, you lived the Jow Forums dream for about two days or so...
srys ppl, don't buy pumps, don't buy near resistance level. learn the game, DYOR on SL, position size TP and risk management (4.25 to 2.6 is an idiot move no matter how you put it)

Haha. it was obvious it was going to dip, No new news is coming until august and september as predicted in the drink beer threads. Sibos in 2019 and libra and partnerships coming EOY. Though the real linkers bought under .60 AND WE ARE COMFY :).

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Well its 2.75 already so yeah

dont kill yourself, the world needs mindless sheep like you

>He actually believed the LARPers

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>does manual labour
>says taked instead of took

I'm sorry you're barely smart enough to suffer, user.

I bought at 2.63 and sold at 2.61 cause I accidnetly hit the sell button instead of buy, I guess it could be worse, loosing $10 bucks on a fee is the biggest loss of today

Did you just panic buy back in at 2.80? Kek

first lesson of betting is to never do it with your own money

we were all noobs at one point

you were just playing with way too much money you noobie .

im glad i started trading and doing stupid mistakes with maybe 50-100 dollars.

Nice, we're pumping because you sold!

>Sold at 2.70
>Bought back in at 4.20

Lost 30k link.