$1000 waiting room

Just had a vivid dream. If this thread doesn't reach 200 replies LINK will never reach $1000.

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callin 999 top

Gay ass dreamer with you bugaloo dream magic

LINK is the most valuable crypto on the market. It is more valuable than BTC. Bitcoin is a shitcoin compared to this thing. If Chainlink was the first crypto to come out then people wouldn't have ever viewed crypto as a joke that is backed up by nothing. The ability to call a decentralized oracle inherently has value and chainlink can never go to 0.

Maybe Trump wouldn't FUD crypto if BTC wasn't such a shit coin.

staking will not be profitable unless the nodes can verify real throughput from the metachain oracle service provider.
exhuberently the metachain data provider offchain regulatory system of the erc20 smart contract approval mechanism needs to be superior to the hashrate transaction speed.
if this can not happen LINK can't become the standardized oracle solution to the off chain integer market occuring decentralised specs

you brainlets will never understand this fatal technical flaw.

+1 reply, for good luck

where's that nigger 42 he can pull this off with his own schizo rambling

5k EOY

Mostly trash threads today.


20$ EOM check them

Here is your (you)

One more (You)

1000 sats EOY

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$100 EOS (summer)

Check em

i pray link can be $200 july 2020

BTC's solid as shit you permanigger. Trump's FUD is toilet paper at this point.

Dubs check em guy


Is this you?

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did you even factor in the big mac git absorption protocol brainlet?

How the fuck do I buy this shit? I have a crypto wallet and $200 in my bank account dedicated to buying fake money. Where do I go from here?

How the fuck is BTC solid if it still can't scale for shit after all these years? And don't tell me your store of value meme argument. Everything is a shitcoin except for LINK and ETH(only because there is no better public smartcontract platform).

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Coinbase idiot

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we're going below 2 sats today

I guess I’ll check in for this one


your ID is literally favela

Pee pee poo poo

fuck your stupid ass dream

a thought occurred to me while reading this... are funds from the dev wallets being moved for enterprise? 35% for ICO 35% for big business?

What was your dream?

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Fuck you faggot, LINK is going to $1000.00 per LINK whether you and a bunch of glowing niggers like it or not.

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Check the wallets on ethscan
I'd be curious too but cant access eth scan here

Check em

Fuck you faggot, $1000 EOY

This is blackmail! It's worse than mom dieing in her sleep!

I'm still holding.

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Suck my ass

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I seriously hope you guys bought that dip. That was the bottom. Only one way to go from here.

Must reach 200

Only reason to live

Y o u


Im ready

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Bad LARP LINK threads get 300+ replies, so shouldn't be hard. Besides, i'm fine with $100.

take my you

Link $777 EOY

Didn’t read not selling

based shitposter


it will be 1000$ in 7 years

It’ll hit 100k regardless of this stupid thread

Rolling to kms to kys

$1000 eoy is fud, more like $1000000 eoy!

Sergey take my energy!


I had a dream that I woke up, link price skyrocket, i didn't know how much it was but i had made it.
I went to work just to show my boss the link chart price and went home.

Contributing. I just hope for a decent uptrend over the weekend, the slow bleed gets tiresome.

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Don't let it not happen

If dubs it'll exit scam EOY.


delusional linkies. hope you sold the 20x and got into the SNTVT floor.

None of that fancy shit matters, bitcoin is tough and tested, not only on a technical basis but also on the level of awareness of the public. The name rolls off the tongue so easily and is so mem(e)orable that it has become synonymous with anything crypto, and no amount of technical features can compete with that.

Well, here goes nothing

September will make me a rich man.

based shitposter

You’ll need better digits for that affirmation

Protect my stinkies


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Pump it

Begging for (you)s should be a bannable offense


I'm doing my part!
> It's all so tiresome


>Fuckshit ID

Based schizoposter

Only ADA and BTC will be real.

Your dream means nothing only the great kek does

Guess it's ogre.


Nigger faggot

Jesus Christ !!!

>red id
Well, it's ogre.

Bored of the slow bleed. Bought a shitload more around $2.70. Stack is now sitting at 19k.

1000 $ eoy

1000 EOY!

$1000 EOY

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Reminder that the ATH of LINK is $9999 and in eight years this will easily be broken

My linkies stay super stinky $1000 EOY

Take my energy

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I unironically had a dream that LINK was $65 and I was promoted to an officer. Life was good. Then I woke up.

Still stinkin'.

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1000$ EOY


$1000 EOY

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1000 EOFY

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