missed fuze and nuke

> missed fuze and nuke
> missed btc and link
> doesn't know about SHOCK with upcoming airdrops
> deflationary + staking rewards

user, get the fuck in here

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where the fuck is the airdrop and how many million will i make?


so this is like the 50th cut and paste of the bomb contract. fuck u ninjas dum

This actually has high potential

Good token deflationary


I don't see bomb having instant staking rewards. Or any token for that matter. Try reading before assuming poor biz fag.

shock No1

a good name and a good logo, thats most of the way there.

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One of the best airdrops happening right now imo. Missing out if you're not in!

I wish this was kept under the radar longer. It won’t stay cheap when it hits exchanges. Deflationary, scarcity, staking, this is the next generation of smart contracts.

The Aftershock project looks promising by combining a deflationary token and allowing staking in the Eth network.

This is one of the best deflationary tokens right now ,you need to grab your SHOCK fast!

Go to the telegram and sign up for the next airdrop round

Tons of replies almost instantly, most obvious telegram tranny thread in the history of tranny threads. But fuck it, I like free stuff.

the absolute state of this post, jesus user, how did you manage negative effort?

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>missed FUZE.
FUZE has a lower market cap than SHOCK still seeing as SHOCK started at 1 million and FUZE at 1000. The thing is the dev for FUZE wasnt stingy. He gave away most of the tokens to create a shill army. Same with eBTC did way back when. FUZE airdropped Jow Forumsraelis 5 tokens or 0.5% of the project each. If SHOCK isnt going to give me 5000 tokens I dont give a shit. Take note other airdroppers if you want a shill army you can't give away 0.001% of the tokens in the airdrop. AfterShock is too expensive to buy already and will dump immediately when they start air dropping for real. I'm not interested. Seriously 0.1% or more. That's what BRAPP gave out and that's the minimum.

honestly this seems like some promising shit. it's worth checking out just to collect a view tokens in case it turns out to be the next FUZE

Added staking is a really interesting concept and should lead to people holding instead of dumping the price after airdrops deliver. Definitely a worthwhile project and it's free. Literally nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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why do they say this shit is on forkdelta when I can't see it
am I retarded ?

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It's on Forkdelta but be warned theres only a little over 6000 tokens there out of 1 million. etherscan.io/token/0x11ded8addda881f700fbda2fe2030656289322a3#balances
At the price its trading at it would value SHOCK higher than FUZE despite SHOCK having no value and nobody knowing about it. Most of the airdropped tokens have been locked. This whole project reminds me of OHNI

Meh, dumped all my airdrop tokens - free 1.4 Eth

I don't see this fairing any better than all the other deflationary turdcoins (people are bored of the concept now)

I can see it con CMC
> 81 SHOCK/ETH 4924.36486552 0.00102 Recently

but there's no way to access this pair on forkelta

Forgot to add - this guy speaks the truth.

Also, there is no proof of "locked" tokens - they are in the dev's wallet completely accessible to him:


It's just a "I promise I won't dump" kind of "lock".

You can guarantee 100% without a shadow of a doubt the dev will start dumping when he realises how shallow the liquidity is.

See - Nuke, same shit happened.

Dear Plebbitor: if you don't know how to access it on Forkdelta, you probably shouldn't be using Forkdelta

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I ain't no reddit fag but I've never used that piece of crap exchange
meh I'll pass on this scam I guess

Then don't make stupid claims such as:

>but there's no way to access this pair on forkdelta

I said that I could not see it, i'm well aware that it's there

You literally said

>but there's no way to access this pair on forkelta

That statement is inherently untrue

If you know a little dig on its code you will know that this is not a bomb copycat. This is a legit project build from scratch.

SHOCK is still very early in its life and is unique in its field. Get the fuck in.