Brapper is a scam

>Homeless main dev (if you can even call him that)
>scraping numbers online to cold call thots, devs hold 40% of the supply, ready to dump on you at any moment (they keep putting up sell walls btw),
>Joke amount of burns when they announce they will burn a significant number.
>Seems like main dev already exit scammed, lots of drama between team members.

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Main dev trying to make it seem like he is poor while he is dumping.

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Main dev making up story about giving BRAP to a homeless man.

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He claims he only has 22 million remaining (less than 1 eth) to play a poor man's angle.

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This guy is apparently "no longer part of the team", the telegram people are raging and messages are being constantly deleted.

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I got some insider info and the main dev apparently sold the project, it's over.

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You had a point until you started posting this bullshit. All I can say is, the admin @TheSoleMan, aka Bruce Wayne, is a weak as piss cunt.


The last post was for comedic effect, but if you don't believe me just lurk around the telegram and question what the main dev says, you will catch him in one of his lies.

Holy shit you little brappies are so immature and stupid. whores arnt going to want to use a coin that is the equivalent of "farters" . It's not sexy. Farty coins don't buld on the sexy image for adult professionals. Why would they want to use "fart butt" coin. Think about it you pathetic brappies...

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I'm in the telegram. One of the most trusted admins left after finding out the main dev apparently sold his wallet to someone who named themself "Penny Stock King"

I'm glad I didn't invest in this, shit went south so quick.

I'm not trying to FUD, I'm genuinely concerned about people who out money into this

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i can't believe it took you 6 posts to invalidate a fucking token whose name is literally derived from the act of farting.

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We all know it was a meme coin/pump and dump. The thing is the retard in charge is so incompetent he can't even get it off the ground with the shit he says.

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Holy fuck. This was short-lived

Nice, just bought 100k

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I cant believe these pajeets were actually trying to make this a legit thing

This is cherry picked to hell. You really want to see a month old project fail and are working hard to avoid it mooning without you.

>muh old month project
Do you see me attacking the roadmap or things achieved?
I'm attacking the main dev mostly for lying.
You are obviously a shill:
Here are some of your favorite buzzwords:
>month old project
>big things coming
>trust me
>your investment is in safe hands

This. This all reads like some schizophrenic talking about 9 11. Private message conversations between who and who? Who is he even pretending is talking? It’s all a secret conspiracy but everyone involved openly talked about it in public tg chat? None of it makes any sense and I’m not even sure what he’s insinuating happened.

This shit is absolutely sad and pathetic. Some pajeet sold and wants to make sure it fails so he can feel good about his decision. What a waste of time

>trusting someone with a pepe avatar

The problem with this project is the main dev is a literal retard who says a bunch of dumb, self grandiose, shit in the main chat. Almost to the same self-sabotaging effect as the nuke dev.

MCx = Main dev
CommaClub = previous admin/kicked
Casey = Current big shot from the team posting on telegram.

Do I need to go further?
Anyone can join telegram and see how you brigade biz.

You didn't post proof of dumping though but agree shits getting.

And Penny stock king bought it? Sweet. All the fuck in!!

I'm gonna be real with everyone here for a second

The messages have since been deleted, but every time someone would say something negative on Jow Forums about Brapper everyone was told to attack said person and delegitamize him.

The telegrams quiet, so I suspect you have a telegram for inner circle that is coordinating this

The fact of the matter is something was going on and you guys got caught

>inb4 you're a pajeet shill who is sad he sold

I guarantee I'm holding enough to make your life hell

>I guarantee I'm holding enough to make your life hell
thug lyfe

The conspiracy deepens, now you’re making up secret meeting rooms.

Even according to your own wacky conspiracy here, the dev sold $2500 worth of BRAP to a private holder from his liquid account. Dev funds are still in place and they are still working.

None of this has any reason for concern. It literally doesn’t even make sense that you’re trying to spin this as a problem. Pathetic sad weak fud

olny coin that is nota scam

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Nothing was dumped, $2500 worth was sold to a private holder and he’s pretending to have a meltdown about it

You believe the founder of a shitcoin was only left with less than 1% of it for personal use like he said? Main dev is a complete retard and shooting himself in the foot with the lies he makes up.

You're not listening to me

He didn't sell the funds in the wallet and transfer you absolute brainlet

He sold the WALLET, passpjrase and all. This isn't some theory, I understand you've been told to damage control but you guys were to sloppy. 7x57 left because he found out that Xander sold the project to Penny Stock King. Whether he plans to continue the project or one, it doesn't matter to me.

He was talking about transparency and never said the thing you are claiming, he literally said he spent his braps on food and shelter (paying in braps), shill force just has to cover up or find a reason for the main dev's fuckups.

Give me a break

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seriously if you buy this shit you are fucking retarded. look at that twat. he can't code himself out of a gay gangrape.

That's one admin saying he thinks it got sold. Kek. Keep an eye on this link and seethe

Are you legit schizo? One second you’re talking about $2500 worth to pay bills and now you’re saying the entire project is sold even though the guy who now allegedly owns everything isn’t even an admin? And he bought the entire project so he could just tank it? It’s not like there’s liquidity to dump it. Again none of what you’re alleging makes much sense. Admins are still posting, everything is normal

What is true is that the main dev is a verified liar and loser shooting himself in the foot, if you guys don't believe me just join the telegram and read for a day or two!

First it's
>"you have no proof he said that"

Now it's
>"who cares that's just one admin"

Kek you can't write shit this funny

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Allegedly one admin who just thinks it was sold. Or just some alt account with a former admins name, why is anyone allegedly sharing inside information with this guy leaking it all over biz? Literally none of this makes any sense


watching it live was even more confusing

I've spoken to the creator, it's a 100% scam, there was never a function, it's all a joke. If you paid money for it, it was too late for you anyway. It was meant for PnD on airdrops.

Oh wow he set his name on biz that’s very conclusive

You guys are focusing on the wrong things.

Do you really trust the guy in the op picture not to dump it all?

He left the telegram, try to look him up or ask him.

verified how?

The absolute state

Cope harder

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So you're holding now!? You heard about coingecko didn't you. Kek


Do you think either one of these is true?
a)Claiming he is left with less than 1% of tokens
b) Story out of reddit about giving a homeless man with no smartphone brap tokens.
c) lying about token burn
other shit I'm too lazy to list, it just adds up.

Do I need to go on?

That story about giving a homeless man fart fetish meme money makes me cringe so fucking hard kek

a) cold wallet doesn't have to mean personal (although he has full control)
b) could be joke
c) shit move to be fair

anyway im locked in at this point because i will kill myself if i don't make something soon, even on a pnd

Totally happened by the way.

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I picked up some free.
Buy a little for cheap on the ground floor.

Scams can still turn a profit in the short term.

He said clearly and directly that he’s referring to his liquid wallet and not the main dev wallet with most of the funds.

I don’t care about the stupid homeless story

The token burn meme doesn’t particularly matter. They’re burning tokens from the dev wallet that aren’t in circulation anyway.

None of this matters, pretend the list is way longer like you wouldn’t even bother to write it down. What a bunch of desperate weak pathetic fud tonight dude. Just buy back, or get a life, this is schizophrenic nonsense

So the dev of a shit coin is out of personal tokens in a month? Give me a break dude.
I guess that means he will have to start taking from that 40% :)

Jesus I can't believe people trusted this guy to run a project lmao

This is exactly why I was so adamant in this thread, people lose enough money on shitcoins already. I'd liquidate to a more stable coin user, I didn't spend a dime on my stack so idc what happens to it.

soz but mcx is a fucking 12 year old, this project would've been great otherwise

If he very slowly sells off the dev wallet in private transactions then that’s ok. Better than dumping on the market with it. It’s going to end up somewhere.

Seriously are you completely new to crypto? It’s like you’ve never heard of a dev team having control of their funds and having the potential to sell.

Selling is not the issue, constantly preaching transparency and making up stories is the issue.

I mean the fact that the main dev himself says he works a mcjob and can barely feed himself should be enough to abandon this shitcoin.

>he's trustworthy
>ok so maybe he lied but every crypto guy does that so who cares

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nodejs should be illegal, like crack

Lied about what? $2500? Did he even lie? Who cares? $2500 is absolutely meaningless. He’s as trustworthy as any other project leader in crypto.

This is some really weird senseless fud. Good luck trying to convince people to sell by spending all night spamming that someone on tg lied to you about a $2500 sale

>why is anyone allegedly sharing inside information with this guy leaking it all over biz?

I passed along some of this information to OP in confidence. Was planning to break the news myself, but not until tomorrow so Xander and the team had a chance to privately clear things up with me. There is more to this story but for the time being I am choosing to remain silent.

Traitorous dog! I thought we agreed it wasn't time yet!

I sold my free drop for 3 ETH as soon as I got the chance and never looked back
imagine unironically investing in this

Which admin is this? Bruce? Greg?

>Jesus I can't believe people trusted this guy to run a project lmao

It's a really complicated situation. He only "runs" it because he funded it. Almost everyone else on the team is extremely competent and professional. I have no idea how they haven't worked out some kind of agreement to just buy Xander out. He's clearly at the end of his rope.

Sorry you didn't answer on tg and I got bored :(

No matter how much they FUD, the prophecy will still be fulfilled. 35 GWEI EOM these digits confirm it. Check'em, buy BRAP and praise McAss.

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i was mistaken

Penny Stock King

I forgive you

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and just like that the FUD is removed from my mind


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kek prevails

if the devs are watching
you need to minimise xander's input as much as possible, at least

the 40% needs to be taken out of his hands, too


>project with the best memtic energy in recent memory starts to fall apart

along with it my dreams

The project is great.Xander is a complete retard though so I agree with above, admins,get together and minimise his input please.

What is this supposed to prove? Admin says it "appears funds were sold over the counter". McX admitted he sold funds. Penny Stock King says he bought funds. Everyone was honest about the situation. Why are you trying to FUD something positive.

You're that impressed by a script? Hold up half an hr and I'll get a sextuple get newfag.

Xander seemed like a nice guy from my conversation with him when we had less than 40 members in the telegram, but he also came across as someone who had absolutely no idea what he was doing and no business in crypto. That was fine for a memecoin, but now that this project is trying to pass itself off as something legitimate, it's pathetic and laughable. I still have my 69m airdrop, but wish I sold last week. This coin is trash from the start and even more trash now.

Also xander, protip, stop abusing etizolam and meth and maybe you'll have enough to feed yourself.

great is penny stock king a retarded zoomer too or is he compentent?

I’m just a pleb user

He was literally attacking the coin a few hours ago on telegram kek, before the supposed "sale".

Because the 40% wallet can't be left in the hands of a founder who's so broke he already sold his entire stack for cheeseburgers and rent. They can turn this thing around but they need to turn him around too. Every single time he appears on the telegram, the price goes down. Every single time.

I was one of the first 20 to join their telegram. Here, you brainlet shills, I'll post some dirt from the early days.

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He sent this on telegram, on discord and to both of my personal accounts, literally a copy paste that he sent after some small talk. (Yes this is the main dev)

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based and redpilled, or no?

What a fuckin druggo

Buy this faggot out and Make Brapper Great Again.

He needs money now more than he needs it later. Make him a deal, team. You guys are talented. This could actually go places. Your exchanges manager should be running the show.

Why would you even consider putting a non-joke amount of money in a coin called Brapper; are you literally retarded?

can't emphasise this enough

Literally what have they accomplished in this entire >muh 1 month?
No one there is talented.
The project is Xander's creation, and it has been establish to be shit since then.
It was never "great".

It's hard to take you seriously when you are screencapping private messages and leading people on. It means you have an agenda.

You sound petty, like you got kicked out of telegram and now your feelings are hurt. Take a time out and move on.

This.really guys get together and buy him out.

for real.. you can't do drugs and seriously code a project. it's impossible and I know this from experience. If doesn't have his shit together dump it. don't support some cunt dopefiend that can barely code

Hahahahahahha that's amazing

Holy. Fucking. Shit.

I was new it this project, I had no idea Xander was a fucking tweaker.

Someone said the devs are talented. Either buy xander out so he's not involved with the project anymore or move to Milker or some shit.

I had no idea it was thing bad man fucking kek

Ha. Another good one. Sending it while he doesn't delete the rest.
I'm sure he will, if he still has the brain capacity to figure out how.

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