Where does the Bitcoin value come from? Who holds the value?

Where does the Bitcoin value come from? Who holds the value?

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Your mom holds the value

Your mom holds the value


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The only value is supply and demand. There is X amount of bitcoin and Y people want it, therefore the price increases.
Other than that there is electricity cost, miner's fees and bitcoin getting lost due to fraud, theft and failure.
In fact all cryptos are fucking garbage but they increase in price so why not make money?

Value does not exist, nobody holds the value as it is dictated by the market demands. Take a look at VID, its value is increased by almost 6000% in less than a month, this is due to value

Diamond is another prime example. It is basically just carbon..

everyone in here wants to be a mr.bean-like millionaire. I used to think it was just people being mean trying to deceive others into selling hard and investing themselves into crypot until they ruined themselves, but in actuallity everyone in here is really obsessed with their bags and muh gains as a result to (I believe) an extreme cope to compensate for everything that they lack plus the feeling that it's too late for them to succeed at some things anymore (thus the logic "surely if I become a baggy millionaire I'll be superior to everyone!!! this is literally it! it all boils down to who has bigger bags.")

Thrparts to that question.
Firstly, It gets its value from mining, It takes electricity to mine and energy from the sun or water=electricity=money tying it to fiat which gives it its relationship to the dollar.
Secondly, The technology. It's simple to send 1 billion or 1 million to someone across the world without exchanging and sending fiat. They take the BTC from your side of the world and exchange the money.
Thirdly, It is un-hackable if you take the right precautions and counterfeit proof as most cryptos are, Making it very secure.

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Supply and demand baby

if you have 20 friends that like to play marbles and there are 2 red marbles that almost everyone wants the value is going to be hold by the people who hold the marbles and the people who want the marbles.
1 and 2 have a red marble and and 3-19 want it and 20 thinks its gay
so the value is going to be what the people who want it are willing to pay for it and the people who have it are willing to sell for
1 wants 100 bucks for the marble but 3, the highest bidder, only wants to pay 50. 2 is willing to sell for 50 and they exchange marble for money. at this exact point the value becomes 50.

Nigger, here’s the real answer for all you fsggots on this board. The reason gold and silver have value is it takes human ENERGY (capital, labor, time) to pull it out of the ground. (It also has industrial uses but here we’re talking about value as a currency).

Bitcoin has value because miners spend ENERGY (electricity, coding labor, maintenance time, etc) to complete transactions on the network and contribute to its decentralization.

This gives it fucking value. (((Fiat Monopoly paper USD money))) IS WORTHLESS that any kike can print and trick boomers to whore out their country and women for. (((Keynesian economics))) is a trick propped up by the zog and boomers. Buy bitcoin.

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Where does the value of green ink on special paper come from? Gold isn't consumable and had almost no practical applications until the invention of electronics. Value comes from how much people believe it has value, just like everything else.

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from mining unique lines of code from blockchains encrypted so that only powerfull computers can decode them, and that end result proof of having unlocked it being so secure it's essentially yours even in digital space, and of course being a tradeable asset it's value bloats from people investing in it like any other kind of stock

This is the wrong way around, and leads to the idea that if the cost of mining rose right now to $100m per BTC, then BTC would rise to around that price

Bitcoin has value because people believe it to be a good store of value and like its technology. It holds its value because it can't be produced cheaply.

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Millions of eyes on BTC.

Value comes from PoW and P2P agreement.

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Our hopes and dreams user...thats what keeps bitcoin up

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Supply and demand. I thought his was a business board

How much money does a bank cost to run?
It worths dis much plus your mom.

Things only have value because people believe they have value.

>things are only valued because they are valued
really taught us a lesson bro

Energy use + value of labor extracting minerals for computers + computer hardware + mining difficulty + etc = production cost = value of BTC.

Austrian economics is pseudoscience