That’s how I see you all 0xbtc haters

That’s how I see you all 0xbtc haters

>guys 0xbtc is shit
>ok let’s have a discussion why do you think so, maybe you could provide some arguments
>reee pajeets it sucks dude trust me

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i think most biz people see crypto projects like racehorses. betting on them is supposed to win them a fortune that will save them from a life of misery. they're not looking at fundamentals. if they bet on a horse and it wins, it was a good horse. if the horse doesn't win within a few months, then it's a nigger pajeet faggot discord tranny fpga shitcoin scam

300k is in one miners total score early days, with another probably having 200k, the whole market has tons of inflation atm and a total of maybe 1000 people. While the buy side is maybe 50,000 total 0xbitcoin. Should have launched with a GPU miner ready.

When people give you valid arguments you ignore them and explain why BTC has value. You are as bad as those shilling BSV, Bitcoin Gold, and all the rest.

>guys 0xbtc is amazing
>why will your bitcoin clone gain value when hundreds of others have failed?
>reeee you don't understand bitcoin

nice fud, too bad it's not so effective, you must try harder coz i'm accumulating too fren

it's not a clone. it can do things bitcoin can't do like interact with smart contracts, be traded on dexes, etc.

>300k is in one miners total score early days, with another probably having 200k
maybe true, maybe not. that could have been you. do you have a problem with other people hustling to get stuff?
>the whole market has tons of inflation atm
just like bitcoin at that stage. because token emission works exactly like bitcoin.
>Should have launched with a GPU miner ready.
are you saying that the dude who thought of the idea and wrote the contract and deployed it and wrote mining software and pool software for it messed up because he didn't also provide a gpu miner? wow, sorry about that. entitled much?

I just think 300,000 tokens and 200,000 tokens got for nearly 0$ are a threat to the whole coin until they are distributed to buyers. I don't see it getting higher prices until then.

ok, i suppose that could be valid. so what do you think about bitcoin wrt satoshi's stash?

Satoshis stash is 1 million IIRC. So they are half as scary as him. Coinbase pro has 7,500 coin buys before 0 if is correct. So basically would we'd be picking up pieces for years to come.

ok... but did you say you don't see 0xbitcoin rising because of possible unverified ownership of 500k tokens by two entities? didn't bitcoin rise despite verified ownership of a million bitcoins by one entity?

I think bitcoin rose because people bought a ton of drugs with it so it had a use case. Silk road launched feb 2011. Right when btc was nearing 1$.

ok. so bitcoin rose despite having a whale who mined a ton at near zero cost. now, for future silk road type sites, isn't it going to be easier (or even possible) to implement trustless mixers and so forth on ethereum?

I don't think it can't rise, i just think it will rise and get crushed back down.

crushed by what, the whales selling?

Yes price will go down when whales sell. Where are the buyers going to come from? In the last year only 1,400 new addresses have been 0xBitcoin. I mean there are not a lot of buyers showing up.

have the whales been selling?

It's literally just some shitty ERC20 token. All ERC20 tokens are shit and even at best can't be as good as ETH by itself. And yes, ETH is shit as well


hey. we're trying to have a conversation. please use words that have meaning or at least stop making noise. thanks.

A whale crashed the price to 8c Jan 1st+ with 100,000 coins. Also I agree I fucking hate ETH

seems like you don't like it when people hold coins OR sell coins. if you believe in the project wouldn't you be happy about someone giving you an opportunity to get more cheap? isn't that fewer whales and more even distribution?

What's the use of 0xBTC?

what's the use of money that you can send to anyone trustlessly on dexes that can't be hacked, that's programmable via smart contracts, whose value can't be stolen via inflation?

Accumulate all you want, I don't care. You couldn't answer the question though, could you?
Yeah because it's a bitcoin clone implemented as an ERC20. It's true of a thousand shitcoins, and does not make them valuable or useful by itself.

Im a top 100 holder. I just don't like some things

words do have meanings. you say it's a clone, but it can do things bitcoin can't do. so is it a clone?
if you insist it's a clone, you probably also think it was "Jow Forums invented" and an "FPGA miner scam".

Just buy something useful like SNTVT

>A whale crashed the price to 8c Jan 1st+ with 100,000 coins.

>A whale crashed the price to 8c Jan 1st+ with 100,000 coins

so, according to you (i didn't check but doesn't matter), a whale crashed the price to $0.08 in jan. well, so what? soon after, it was back up. it's been $0.20, it's been $0.40, it's been all over the place since then on steadily increasing volume.

but how many times can these secret whales do that to the price, in your estimation? they just keep having unlimited amounts to dump forever? "crash the market and buy it back cheap!!" you say. you just don't understand markets yet. you might be capable of it, but you're not there. i'll help you.

most people don't understand order books. i see that you understand a tiny little bit, because i know you are the same guy who wrote the comment about italian war heroes yesterday, and i'm slowly understanding your particular brain disorder that you call way of thinking. so good for you, but you need to keep thinking it through.

when a whale "crashes the price".. he doesn't actually. he just crashes the price at a certain volume, or put a better way, he just consumes some high-price buy orders at low volumes. and he also creates high uncertainty about what the correct price is, which is fundamentally unknowable (everyone is just sending price signals to each other through the order book to figure it out). if you have ever tried to play a whale in a market, you know that by dumping/buying, all you can do is increase the spread temporarily. some of the time, the spread recovers quickly and other times more slowly, but afterwards the order book quickly resembles everyone's best estimate of the true value and volatility of the instrument. in the interim, the spread is too wide for you to get your position back, except at a loss.

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>A whale crashed the price to 8c Jan 1st+ with 100,000 coins!!!

you incorrectly fear whales more than you fear panic selling or fomo buying by the smaller actors en masse, who buy/sell in a tight panic/fomo feedback loop. whales can have a sharper effect, but much smaller in total volume. and that is a fundamental misunderstanding of risks on your part.

if you want to disabuse yourself of this "omg but the whales!!" thinking, just think it through a bit harder. according to you, whales have the power to do whatever they want and they don't care if they hurt the price, right?? okay, then the first whale in a market would just keep "manipulating the price" and "crashing the price and buying it back cheap" until he had all the 0xBitcoin (or Bitcoin or Ether or whatever) in the market. but that doesn't happen. there are no winner-take-all markets out there of the type we are talking about. (the only way people get that position is by doing ICOs, by premining, by being a monarch.. by operating outside the market.)

again, think about it. the contradiction in your logic should pop out at you: whales are simultaneously these immensely powerful entities that can do whatever they want with the price..yet somehow they exercise control and decide to only ever control 5% or 10% of the market. "yeah, but that's just because past that point of dumping/pumping 10% of the market, they would scare everyone off!!" see comment above about volatility and order books. whales are not outside the system. they can't "crash the price and buy back cheap". they have to play by the same rules of information and uncertainty as everyone else in the market.

> i do not understand markets and whales are wizards !!!!!!!

(i know that you in particular do understand the following, but most people don't, so i'm going to say it anyway, to help them combat your type of bad thinking and lousy arguments): "PRICE" IS NOT A SINGLE NUMBER. the quoted price is just a midpoint between all the buy orders and sell orders which form two opposing slopes of many prices at different volumes. (and not every market calculates the "price" aka midpoint the same way.) whales "crashing the price" is just them consuming all the little bids where buyers are confident to buy tiny amounts at high prices. therefore whales can only reveal the lower price tiers at the larger volumes that are already there on the order book. that's all they can do. again, whales just reveal information about confidence in the market, which inherently signals uncertainty and volatility.

one more time. if a whale "crashes the price" to "buy back it back cheap!!!!".. it just doesn't work that way, brainlet. he just increases the uncertainty in the many prices at the many volumes, which is then reflected in the books as a wider spread and possibly at lower volumes, and he then has to buy it back across an even wider spread at a higher price. how does that make sense to you? sentiment might go up or down following his supposed manipulation. the wider spread in the meantime prevents him from doing what you are thinking he can do.

whales cannot beat the market. otherwise the first whale would win everything, forever.

Based and liquiditypilled.

>know you are the same guy who wrote the comment about italian war heroes yesterday

actually, i apologize. i confused myself reading between an old thread and this one.

i'd take 90% of my acerbic tone back. sorry about that.

(the stuff i said about whales is still true, just would have said it politely. thought you were another guy who is super annoying.)

If you tell me you don't own any ICO project which generated the whole supply with a click on a button and put 40% of it into the developer's wallet in an instant I may respect your point a little bit. Otherwise it's pure hypocrisy.
Also it's natural that early miners have an advantage, just as for bitcoin, but they still had to put in effort and energy which they wouldn't have to if it were a conventional ico token.

And what about WBTC? This thing is faster and have more security. Also using absolutely new REN protocol. 0xBTC is useless token, no one care about it

>A whale crashed the price to 8c Jan 1st+ with 100,000 coins. Also I agree I fucking hate ETH

if you read my replies to you (re: whales), pls pretend i wasn't so rude lol! i thought you were somebody else for a minute, a dude that is really irritating. but you are just talking about your whale concerns, not purposely spreading FUD. so i would have replied to you with the same information but a normal tone.

>And what about WBTC? This thing is faster and have more security.

hahahaha. WBTC, that centralized piece of shit? you have to be kidding.

WBTC is you giving your BTC to a custodian who then has the actual ownership of it. it is the exact wrong direction to go in, if you understand anything about crypto which has decentralization as one of its core criteria.

>0xBTC is useless token, no one care about it

people who say this have no arguments left against 0xBTC except "but where adoption??". 0xBTC has everything Bitcoin has going for it as far is its core value proposition (proof-of-value via mining). it is PoW mined just like Bitcoin, starting on the same schedule. it is not burdened with securing its own network since Ethereum takes care of that (so it is 51%-attack proof right out of the gate). fees to transfer 0xBitcoin are paid in ETH, unlike Bitcoin which has fees in Bitcoin so transaction costs only rise and rise as more people ascribe it value and want to transfer it. (this is why Bitcoin is a great store of value but generally lousy for anything but huge+slow payments.) 0xBitcoin is native to Ethereum so it can interact with smart contracts while remaining entirely decentralized, unlike Bitcoin. it is completely decentralized and unowned by anyone, unlike completely backwards centralized hacks like WBTC.

lastly, 0xBitcoin is not trying to replace the real Bitcoin. how can it? they are on chains that cannot communicate. it just succeeds at implementing the Bitcoin value mechanism on Ethereum.

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but nobody use it, very small amount of hodlers and transfers...

>but nobody use it, very small amount of hodlers and transfers...

in the post right above yours, you will see an image. if you click on it, you will see a picture that is mocking you based on your position. the joke is that you are saying the exact things that people said about Bitcoin long ago, but now look at Bitcoin. now you are saying those same things about a different formulation of Bitcoin called 0xBitcoin. please think about what this might mean.

>but nobody use it, very small amount of hodlers and transfers...

hi, are you capable of writing a better response than this? if you tell me your objections to 0xBitcoin, i will help you work through them. but you have to try.