The New Face of Bitcoin

The New Face of Bitcoin

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I've been telling my wife about Bitcoin for years and she doesn't give a shit... then this girl talks about it in one Podcast and all of a sudden my wife thinks Bitcoin is cool and totally makes sense and is asking why I haven't bought more.

But now that she's outed herself as a longtime BTC holder, she probably gets hacked or audited by the IRS within weeks. At least she's smart enough to know "not your keys, not your coins" and apparently uses a paper wallet. Plus she's kinda sexy

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bear flag if i ever seen one

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Btc is over retard, flippening next year

Who the fuck is this ugly bitch and why is she the new face of king shitcoin?

heres the face of VID.

next 100x

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Who cares? I wanna see the ass of BRAPPER! Is this it?

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Lol she's only the most popular OG youtuber ever that turned her channel into a Literal BILLION dollar company

this is so demoralizing i need to quit sexism

Never heard of her and I still don't know her name. Probably not a person with anything of significance, I should have heard by now if she was.


I thot that if I kept fast forwarding she would take her pants off WTF?

>if I’ve never heard of them, they’re not important

jesus are you retarded

does she have a benis

Beauty gurus dont always translate to good businesswomen. Her cosmetic line flopped. Weird circles that were mismatched. Quality was meh. But she is og beauty youtuber. She really became a shill towards the end of her youtube career when she advocated for cat litter as a clay mask. Along with her questionable skincare advice.

lmao how do u know all this stuff are you gay

>faggots on Jow Forums
Oh, sweet summer child. If you only knew user.


you must be a flaming cocksucking faggot

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that's the katy perry fingernail sell flag of this run, get out while you can

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