Hello biz :)

femanon here. In my daily reddit lurking (haha :)) someone mentioned that biz has the best financial advice and knows the best cryptos haha. :) I bought LINK at 5 USD I will be so rich when it hits 1000 $$__$$*. It was hard to find this site because google blocked it because of all the people of colour, so I used TOR browser. I'm basically in the dark web now can you believe it?. haha :) anyawys what is good crypto now.

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Do we even try anymore on this board?

When did they let you out of the gulag anton?

I researched TRY on ccoinmarketcape, do you think trias is good? haha :)

I miss the old biz days when people actually put work in their LARPs

Buy Reddcoin, the official coin of Reddit :^)

how did u get the ball out of your mouth?

bean cash has been doing well

what is LARP? sounds like a fish

Terrible bait.
You can't even use TOR to post on this mongolian basket-weaving forum because all nodes are blocked.

Not funny stupid low iq nigger pajeet. Unironically fuck back off to plebbit.

bad and unfunny larp

thanks, why reddit never promoted this gem? anyways haha :) do you think $10 is enough to make it?

Poor thing. Go home and give up investing. How long does it take LINKers to give up when they don’t moon like other cryptos.

my black high IQ boyfriend set me up with my own node, isn't that cute :) couple goals!

is that a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin? haha :)

what crypto are you suggestion I should buy. isn't everything red right know? :)

>I posted it again

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back in my day trolling was a art

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This bait is so bad you actually might be from reddit and find this funny

Hi new fren! I recommend moving at least $69 into Quant because it’s at its ATH (A Time to Hodl!) right now do get in while the price is low! Also, check ‘em.

Try stocks.