Give it to me straight, will I make it by the end of 2020?

Give it to me straight, will I make it by the end of 2020?

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you will make it by shorting chainlink

Yes, I have 1700 LINK and 32 ETH and even I will make it by 2021. 1K will be a chainlink whale in 2025 and 1K+ will be god tier status. Literal billionaires are going to be made off chainlink for the couple of hundred neets that have 100k+ stacks.

>shoting chainlink
No exchange with any volume to speak of supports this.


Hook it up bro.
Email me at oc[email protected] and I'll send you you little gift for your troubles

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No ZBUX, no making it

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I have BRAP

Forgot to add, Those under 50k stacks will be multi mega millionaires. The rest of the link supply will be held by large corporations and banks.

You'll make it by the end of 2019.

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NEO and Stellar is a bit of a gamble but the amount is negligible anyways.

The holy trinity of crypto (LINK, ETH, and 1-2 BTC) is approved.

BAT is not a bad project and you can actually use it for somethings already.

i'm really torn between buying more link
i've got 5k in the bank and 2.5k link, so i'm already majority LINK
i am thinking about putting in an extra 1k and picking up 350 or so link in this dip, but i'm worried that this will come back to bite me and that the increase from 2.5k to 2.8k is not worth bringing my savings account closer to zero

i believe that LINK has the potential to go pull a long-term 300x from here, but also know that there's chances that the foundations of the coin's fundamentals get pulled out from underneath it (sergey just dies; autistic state regulation; turns out big tech has had a secret solution all along [perhaps even stolen from CL]), etc.

wat do

Guys I only have 20 ChainLink

Help a nigger out, we are all going to make it.


This shit never pumps, you might as well hold USD
Chink scamcoin
Already pumped beyond it's worth

I put all my savings in crypto but holy shit you guys are delusional. At this point I expect x10 at best and then corporate made Bitcoin killer will take over. Business as usual. The poor stay poor, the rich get rich. That's how it goes. Everybody knows

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Jesus you pajeets are desperate

Stop with this bullshit. Learn to code or promote actual use cases to actual people if you're meet. I have to go back to the cage, but I'm considering switching job to use a couple months of neeting to recover some sanity and self learn smart contracts to be more aware of what's going on. I haven't been out in the sun enjoying life and nature in weeks and I lately started punching walls at home to vent my frustration. You lucky bastards.

> corporate made Bitcoin killer will take over
Not possible. The Fed won't allow it. They already shoahed Libra, because a corporate coin is a threat to the banks.

Yes, if industry DLT take off in 2020
not as long as not the last illegal ico nigger has been jailed
Kek, hell no
2017 called they want their muah passive income meme back
holy shit, you fell for every meme

You should put in some more money to get an entire bitcoin. Owning 1 bitcoin is the new Rolex and will improve your life.. probably.

>Bitcoin is the new rolex
Double boomered. BTC had 10 years, it failed, it relied 100% on ideology, never adopted a professional attitude, same as the community, which is composed by ideologues and get quick rich retard scammers. BTC has no future, beside being the playball of some Boomers on CME, Bakkt will never be approved

literally just bought 1k link for the fuck of it. stay poor lol

If you want honest advice, you'll be fine once you sell link for profits. Wait fora little pump after this drop, and sell. Move that money into btc, ltc, nkn, zil, dock, and a few other shitters. You should have at least $1000 worth in NKN - it'll 100x but it'll be slow. We're talking 3-5 years. Not 2020. People here will shill link and dump on you as soon as they can. Plenty of other projects are slow and currently less profitable, but actually have a future.

You will make it OP

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>discord filename
nope, not untill every single delphi fag has sold his entire LINK stack. This or jail

Biz coins are a fucking scam

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Ok, government made Bitcoin killer

Bottom line is, we're too late for huge profits. 2017 was the last chance

i look forward to the day when whale_alerts tweets about me moving my LINK stack around and pajeets get scared thinking that i’m going to dump it

>it'll 100x
Nothing will 100x

Altcoins are dead


Do you still only use AOL?
Alts is a stupid term, is the iphone and alt phone? Shit progresses, some coins will be the future and the term alt is just so bitcoin maximalists can feel superior.
Cringe and bone head pilled


Why would the government do it? Decentralization is the opposite of what the government wants.

>some coins will be the future

Same thing they did with interwebs. It's useless to fight progress to they will adapt and control crypto to gain ever more power over individual

We are the internet in the early 90s - sometimes the government turns attention to it, but has no clue what it really is.

Follow for >3 months, then consider buying. Don't buy then complain you bought the top.

I heard all these arguments already. Bunch of crypto lunatics reassuring each other 24/7.

Post hand with time stamp and I’ll send you 1

I've never seen so much bad advice in one thread.

It is tough to give advice on an anonymous image board, but (assuming that we are both white) if you have a regular job, and a place to stay etc. Make sure you leave enough in cash so that you'll never have to sell (even if you lose your job) until the singularity - then put the rest in LINK. Don't put yourself under stress to buy it. It gets hard to hold big stacks when things moon. Take care user and good luck with your LINKing

Sell bat xlm and neo for link. Trash. 4 eth isnt enough to make it so you can probably take that out too for link.