Who else here absolutely fucked for life if this doesn't pan out...

Who else here absolutely fucked for life if this doesn't pan out? I don't have any skills other than my 15k LINK and my handshake isn't firm either.

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30 yr old boomer here. Not fucked for life if nothingburger but kinda hoping this will make up for a decade of decadence.

Are you me user? At least I'm Asian and no matter what happens my family will never abandon me, but I feel like such a wuss having such a fall back plan.

Oh it'll pan out.

>tfw only 50 LINK so I can't make it on this alone
At least I have other options.

Probably not fucked for life but due to illness it's likely I'll have to take a year out of my medicine degree. I went to do it later in life and am 27 so my girlfriend is waiting on my graduation in a year to get married and start earning, her parents expectant of it, my family waiting on me to be productive and im desperate to have something to show for when they hear im having to take another year.

They don't even know i haven't gone in to work for about a month. Im almost deletions with stress over it all.


I have a nice job, a gf etc. but if LINK fails imma kms

>at least I’m the most unattractive demographic to women
>at least my dick is tiny

I am, but I don't care. if it wasn't for link I would've an hero a long time ago.

I'll tell you one thing, I'm not going down alone. If this shit fails then I hope Sergz and team have good security or they high tail it to another planet for their own sake. I've been fucked over all my life. I won't just lay there and let it happen again. I will personally hold them accountable if this don't pan out for us.

> kills self alone in apartment and is found 5 weeks later

This. Sergey has no choice but to deliver

That part does not matter, and it will more likely be at my house in the woods as I can't afford to live in or near the city/burbs. The important part is making the team pay. I don't want any praise or sorrows for the loss of me, I'm a nobody. What I want is just for other anons to an hero in peace knowing we will see those scamming fucks in hell with us.

> is caught on camera banging on the door of chainlink's ex-office with wet pants
> found 342 days later dead in his flat

limp wrist beta faggot autist

Is 15k LINK enough to make it?

It's just one year user, big fucking deal. You can go tell them to fuck right off At least you didn't quit medical school like I did.


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You... You don't work for them do you? Where do you live? It's odd how you are so concerned, you must understand that is suspicious.

Why did you quit? Its not the one year in of itself. I did a different degree first, then had to do a conversion year. Another year will make it a 7 year degree when everyone has been talking about life plans for when I'm out.

I'm just so ill, i got diagnosed with crohns in the 1st year and scraped through each time but this time I've just been so tired all year to the point that i just can't get out of bed. My bladder is affected for some reason so now when i manage to go in i panic and have to leave patient consultations halfway through to go piss. I just need another year but everyone is watching me.

If it makes you feel any better, I spent 7 years doing an Arts Degree, becoming an alcoholic and fucking the shit outta molls

>blaming someone else for putting money you can't afford to lose in a startup

Stfu faggot.

U should sell at one point if you have a decent amount of value and get in early into the next thing. However if link takes off as we hope it will take a few years for the next shitcoin to be succesfull.

Not fucked but maybe disappointed, I'm a crypto noob and invested in some BTC and saw LINK memes on Jow Forums, read the articles, watched the presentations and send 1000$ from my bank account to buy some LINK end of June but was unlucky that it mooned at that time, basically FOMO. I'm hodling for a year anyway, hope it works out, if not, I never FOMO again.

They already delivered x30 on their initial ico price. They've done enough already anything more is just icing. Not their fault you bought so late.

I just quit because I was very antisocial. Hated doing patient interviews and moving around the hospital, greeting nurses and my classmates and shit

You sound like you have a real problem though. If you're not seeing anyone about this maybe you should.

It's probably relative though. Without doxing beyond what i have, my brother is hugely successful career wise. My sister is doing well too. My gf is shooting up her company being invited to all sorts of special events. My parents were very wealthy and hard working.

So i know despite saying they understand there will be a huge thought of 'what a disappointment' if i have to drop back a year. Especially as the disease doesn't give symptoms like a broken leg does, im just so fucking tired all the time. Im thankful when it sends me to hospital every so often just so it's more real to them.

Couldn't you veer into research or pathology?

Not gonna make it

I guess I could, still had 4 more years to go and the residency though, but I'm well off for the rest of my life so it's not really a problem, father left me a small fortune when he passed away, god bless him.

You sure it's not OCD, or is it a physical issue? I suffered with bad ibs but most of it was head / stress based.

Not fucked at all. I am preparing to dump another 2 grand in over next 3 months and am starting a tech stock portfolio (AMD mostly) and maybe start buying a few gold once coins ever year. I already have 2 other low investments going ohh and I buy a weekly lotto.

Indians are the least attractvie I'd say.

Fair enough then. No point doing work you hate for no reason.

Anyway im hoping LINK pays off, i can take a year's break but impress with my money and move ahead with marriage and kids.

The alternative? Tell everyone im a fuck up and need 'another year in uni lol so pay up' and im also bad at investing at lost money on the modern equivalent of a ponzi scheme. I'd never admit that though, just like im not telling anyone i haven't been working. I live with my girlfriend and I've just been telling her my placements have 'late starts'.

lol...15,000 ERC 20 tokens in the top 20. good luck.

buy a low cap like SNTVT, or you're not gonna make it.

Haha crohns? No it's very real, my gut is a scarred up warzone. Food often gets caught in all the scars and sends me to hospital with obstructions, which you can search up, they're horrible. When i first got diagnosed i had dropped from 92kg lean (big into fitness) to 63kg.

We are over 3 again!

No disrespect meant user, I know Chrons is very real. I meant the pissing thing, I had it but turns out it was stress related OCD.

This, plus they are the autists of the human races

I think its 90% mental. However from the start part of my inflamed bowel has irritated my bladder. Just to add to the depressing story of my life a few years i was in a practical exam with a patient, i began to need the toilet but thought 'whatever ill get this done first', then it came on very quickly and i asked the examiner if i could go mid test. He said no and once again i just tried to continue. Then literally just pissed myself. The examiner in absolute disbelief just said go and i failed that exam and had to redo it a month later.

Since then I've just gotten more and more nervous about my bladder. When i know i can go the toilet whenever i want it's normal, but put me in a queue, a bus or with a patient etc and i start to panic within minutes.

So it's definitely mostly mental but with some physical basis.

As you can tell my life is is disarray at the moment.

I am in the same boat user. 100 per link seems like such a long shot. Google, oracle, swift and coinbase and it couldn't even stay at 4 dollars.

I hate typing this shit out. To the outside i used to be an intelligent, attractive and i shape guy. Now im literally a pant pissing skeleton who can't get out of bed...

I won't be fucked, but it'll be the difference between living a comfy and having to work a second job so I don't have to waste 1,500+ in (((rent))) or a (((mortgage))). Tbf I shot myself in the foot in college and didn't start trying until I was about 25. I've been lucky to find a job I like with good benies, but it forces me to stay on the area and moving into a different field difficult and there's nothing more I'd love than to pack up shop and never come back to the DC area.

I never understood this responsibility/stress meme. Like, why are you even concerned about marrying some roastie when you're knee deep in studies and some really shitty illness? And why the fuck do you care what your family thinks of you?
>user why u no go to skool?
I'm sick, got [insert illness], can't study
End of story

It's your life user. Why not act like it?

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Yep, was similar but not as extreme. It's weird that thoughts can manifest things. Think about pissing, then you'll need a piss. Docs no use? Valium helped me and once I understood it was my head and not my body, it got a whole lot better. Just give less of a fuck now, about a lot of things. Life is too short. I seriously think you may have an OCD issue re. the pissing. Anyway, good luck user.

Because its not just my life. Sometimes i wish i didn't have a girlfriend or family present so i could just fail on my own but i have a lot of good people who care about me and have invested in me.

My family pay for my existence, so every year I delay is another burden to them. My girlfriend is succeeding in life, as are all her friends, who are getting married and having kids. She wants that life as do I, i probably want it more so.

Sure if i had my own pool of money and no-one wanting things for me I'd take a break care free. However that's just not life, I'm a weight on good people's backs right now.

That's the plan, fren. I'm putting small amounts of cash into other promising coins with a similar objective, though goodness knows what'll be available for big gains after that, if I do succeed at gaining any capital to play with.
RSR seems promising.

Well the docs gave me oxybutinin, which is a bladder relaxant. However it also relaxes bowel and is meant to be used if you have obstructions. I tried valium ordered online and it maybe helped a little. I probably would need a lot though, i really stress about it to the point im embarrassing to bring out, i always have to sprint away. Im hoping it eases with time, im just under a lot of pressure at the moment.

*Isn't meant to be used

If they didn't care about you, they'd fuck off wouldn't they. You'd do the same for them. Life throws this crap at people.

Asian guy over here too
Invested my mom's 40k savings at 33cents as well as my entire net worth.
It feels so good knowing that my mom trusts me and believes in my vision 100% without knowing ANYTHING about chainlink. My mom is disabled and lost her left leg in an accident at a young age. She worked all her life despite this in a foreign country too. I'm so proud of her In gkn a get her one of those future Deus ex cybernetic/prosthetic legs when I make it.

based, good son
hope you make it

Hey fren, my mom has Chrons, and one day we’ll make enough money to cure it

Everyone needs to piss, don't ask or make excuses, just go. Stress makes my OCD much worse. Got to look after your mind as well as your body.

What do you mean your family is paying for your existence? Did they lend you money? user please, you are 27!

And how the fuck are you responsible for your girlfriends life? She'll either wait or leave. Both are good for you. Get a new one if she leaves.

I think you give too many shits about stuff.

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500ish LINK here, poorfag.
Made a small loan to pay next year (almost 0 taxes) to buy link, too bad only got It when link was at ~3,5.

Doing my best to get to 1k, but I dont think in making It.
The money I get with LINK will be to help my family. And boy, we need that money.

My 3k stack is my NEET lifeboat, I can only tread water for 1.5 more years.

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I know but because its the fact that i can't go that triggers it, it is always worst in the worst situations. Like a few months ago I was presenting a case report in front of a crowd of researchers and consultants and had to literally leave with an apology mid sentence, its easy to brush it off on paper but it's deeply humiliating in real life. I don't disagree with anything you say though, i know it's a mental thing.

As in i receive all my money to live from my dad. As i have done so for 9 years of university education now. Im well past the age that should have stopped but im still living like a child in that sense.

I've been with my girlfriend for 8 years and i am responsible for her and that's how i want it to be, our lives are intertwined and I want to make her proud and happy. She wouldn't leave but that doesn't mean she wouldn't be disappointed and look down on me, as said she's doing great career wise.

Having people who care for you is great when things are good but a stress when they're not.

I wouldn't say i worry too much about things. All my life people have complained that im perpetually laid back and not stressed about a thing. This last year though i just feel the floor falling out from under me. I take a shit tonne of cortisol as medicine so that probably doesn't help.

Thank you fren

Tfw white guy who loves asians. Men and women. Good people

So, except your illness (my sincere sympathies), all this stress is the cause of your own actions and choices. And, you know that at any point in time you could do away with it.

Oh. Yeah now I see. Made me an emotional wreck for a while too lol. You'll push through it user!

Fuck, you're based beyond belief, dude.

Literally more people just need to stop "giving too many shits about stuff"

Honestly, one of the best pieces of advice for life. Doesn't mean stop trying, or not to advance in areas by leaps and bounds and to tackle them with urgency- but it means chill the fuck down while you're in a hurry to get where you are, just enjoy where you are while you're getting to your "destination"

fuckin based


Yeah i know it's all depedent on me, but it's because i want things that i worry about their loss. I used to not worry because i didn't really care about much at all. Now i want to have a family, make my girlfriend happy, her parents happy, my parents happy etc. So the imminent sense of everything coming down causes me a lot of panic. All i do right now is just very pathetic, even moaning here is.

Let's hope LINK takes off as a lot of us have a lot riding on it.

forgot pic

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Hope you make it user. My mom invested a little more and basically is horrible with money and has no future prospects as well. Hope it works out for all of us.

I wish you the very best in all your endeavours.

Thank you, user.
Even though this attitude was always part of me, it was deepened by Hermetism/esoterica. If you're open to that kind of stuff I highly recommend it. Just don't take anyones word for anything regarding ((truth)). If it works for you, it works for you. Terence McKenna is pretty chill to listen to, for starters.

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Said like a true keyboard warrior

Me. I am mentally and physically disabled with zero skills and can't take care of myself. If Link fails, I'll have little hope left.


in debt.

honestly LINK just allowed me to avoid bankruptcy but not /makeit

still have high hopes though.

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Get a job you faggots. I hold a ton of link and won't be giving them up anytime soon and would easily be a millionaire if this thing hits but I'm still working long hours every fucking dayand owning rental properties on top of that too. If you have no other plan except link you're retarded and you'll be even worse off if you make it. Even an autistic neet like Notch had the motivation to lead the development of a video game and he's sort of unpleasant now with all his money. Get out there and do shit you retards

Based af. Too much piss, shit and tears in here wtf

good on you man. we're all gonna make it

Good for you mean, seriously.

Do me a favor though. Cash out $60k and give your mom a nice present or vacation. You clearly will have enough to make it, but she deserves to enjoy that money before she gets too old

Giga Nigga Based. This site is a huge gathering of whiny, pathetic, depressed, amerifat, losers that think the world owes them and they shouldn't lift a finger to achieve something.

>wagecuck f-friends I-its s-so f-fulfilling

Faggot start a business

Not everyone needs to be a business owner user. Hierarchies exist for a reason.

> notch is unpleasant now
If you just said 'im an NPC lol' it would save your energy for bossman schlomostein.

calm down poorfag, money won't solve anything.
you just don't have them to know.
if you life is shit now, it will be shit even with millions of dollars, if your life is great right now, it will get better or worse, depending on how much of a stupid fuck you are.

Cringe & winced.

This. Some of you need to stop coming to Jow Forums if the FUD is getting to you so much.

Be patient, accumulate more if you can, and we'll all make it.

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>dude just spend your life endlessly accumulating
I want to make it so i don't have to spend all my time doing that in the first place

Shiet nigger, godspeed user

i am a few steps away from another mental breakdown

i cannot make good decisions

I plan on keep buying untill link gets to ~$10

Fuck, I'm in the same boat.

I make OKay money, but it's not a real career and I kinda fucked up with my schooling and skills development.

Need LINK to come through because my peers already have high net worths thanks to home ownership appreciation values.

33yr old millennial here i will be fucked

I unironically pray every night anf generate posivte thought and put it into the collective box
in the back of my mind and send it to god

I at least twice a week buy a big mac and say grace before dining.
thank you

Jerk off as much as possible. Those few seconds of bliss are the best life has for you.

I’ve got 100k. The way I see it I’m fucked either way if it goes to 0 or 1000 eoy.

how did you buy the link in the first place? retard kys yourself probably most likely yeah!