Give me hustling and business ideas with a very small budget Jow Forums. Any oldfags left...

Give me hustling and business ideas with a very small budget Jow Forums. Any oldfags left, what was Jow Forums like before the crypto craze, except the stock market?
In all honesty I don't have much real knowledge about how crypto works or know the resources or have the motivation to learn it, I wanted to put in all my savings from high school in early 2018 because of the memes and because I'm a degenerate gambler, and I would've pulled out a majority on 4,5$ and it would change my life at this point. But I pussied out and went the responsible way so I just hope it goes back to under a dollar so I can put some money in it so that I don't have to shoot myself in the head if it goes insanely up.
>tl;dr give me degenerate ways to make money that isn't crypto

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Forgot to specify I wanted to put it all in link lol

>Scam kids by trading Dota and CSGO skins
>become a "YouTuber"
>walk around like a homeless guy and ask for money
It doesn't get more degenerate than this. Good luck!

>tl;dr give me degenerate ways to make money that isn't crypto
drugs retard, duh

>posts IDF "girl"
Expects the goyim to help...

damn, she's cute! i'd like to feel her hole!

Dropshipping, e-whoring?

Biz has always been about one thing, crypto and Asian bitches.

Quick rundown on CSGO scamming?

Get into trading communities, offer skins, make people trust you and trade your stuff against money. Never actually trade anything, just act like you would. Wait for their money to arrive and tell them you'll send the skins as soon as you receive the money. Send Screenshots of your fake inventory with fake previous trades.
It's basically the same as shit coin shilling, you offer a digital asset that doesn't have any value and people throw the money at you.

israel is just a beach resort for the super rich financed by US tax slaves. Thank you that is all.

Damn, checked and that time holy shit... my advice: flip services from fiverr and sell to local boomers. A boomer paid me 150$ for a high quality logo that a pajeet made for 5$ for me.

suck dicks. it is a small budget indeed.

sell your asshole. but you need a room for that

I'm mostly considering to do dropshipping as a side hustle by now
But that's not the same as shilling coins thats just stealing from kids you fuckhead
It was 0,4-0,3 for the time I wanted to go in
Also that actually sounds like a great idea

>But that's not the same as shilling coins thats just stealing from kids you fuckhead
Where's the difference?

Is there a complete guide to e-whoring somewhere?

go full chink mode op
>go to another city
>look for successful businesses that you can copy
>come back home
>copy idea from start to finish even the name just change it up a little
I'm planning on starting to do this once I get the cash

>but you need a room for that

>money in exchange for digital item
>money in exchange for this crypto coin, where buyer and seller have an understanding that it *may* go up in value or down as this is the nature of investing

The fuck do you mean ‘what’s the difference’. It’s people like you who actually fuck things up in the world. You find dumb ways to equate everything to everything else so you can rationalise anything.

the shit he talks about also goes up and down

Google it. I know for a fact that there are also underground forums where people make bank with this shit. But also online forums that are available to the public.

Alright clearly you have an IQ below 60 too because you can’t follow a basic thought process. If you’re in some runescape fag whatever game and you make wizard hats or whatever the fuck for some 8 year old to buy, the understanding is that he gives you money, in exchange for this wizard hat in his digital wardrobe. This is THE DEAL. If he pays you and you don’t give the item, it’s a scam.

If some fag on Jow Forums shills you some coin, the understanding is that this is an investment, not a fucking in-game cock sock for your gayme character. It’s an investment, it may go up, it may go down. The transaction is for a potential future profit, not sentimental value or anything else, just the chance to make money. There is NO SALE HERE. The shill is merely a marketer and you don’t deal with him. You buy the coins on chink exchange excel spreadsheet #58 and you think it might maybe one day go up, you know it’s a shitcoin, you’re prepared to deal with the chance it may plummet.

How the fuck are these two things the same you utter fucking troglodyte cunt? I’m probably being baited but you should kill yourself either way.

Now I'm telling you:
>buy AWP Dragon Lore
>that shit is gonna moon
You go to the coin exchange (steam trading market) and INVEST into the digital asset because you think it's price will increase and you can sell it at a higher price.
It is 100% the same. Someone programmed and designed it once, then put it on an exchange platform and now there's limited offer and demand which leads to a price.
>gg wp

lol stupid monkey, there are people trading these digital items for profit, thats why its the same as shitcoins, a literally a digital nothing, RETARD

The smart thing to do is to invest in popular limited supply consumables, and just run trading bots because steam market fees are too high.
t. former tf2 trader

Unfortunately you literally didn't say that in your post but instead simply suggested you should tell kids you're gonna send them stuff and then never send the stuff when they send you the money