Under $5k Club

What's your portfolio, and how are you planning to make it?

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50% FTM, 35% LIT, 15% VIDT. I am going to increase my positions, buy some BTC as well just to make sure I don't miss out completely, and HOLD with these hands

Have everything in link, was a bad idea

75% LINK
15% VIDT
10% ETH

What should I drop my 0.6 ETH on?

Harmony. 70% of my portfolio is ONE.

50% stock which is mostly various DUDE WEED LMAO companies
30% BTC
10% ETH
5% LINK (bought a meme amount last year for shit and giggles)
5% DOGE (Again shits and giggles)

buy bitcoin
wait until it hits 10m (2030 latest)
congrats now you have ~5m

we're gonna make it bro

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I want to believe. Too poorfag to put more money in though.

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1k link
I plan on my making it through hard work and dedication to a meaningful career user

80% BTC
20% bouncing around moonshots like Brapper collecting quick gains

Once BTC consolidates I'll probably start trading a little to build my account.

The true redpill

under 500 club anyone?

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Pic related and 500 link.

Will I make it?

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my portfolio used to be valued under $5k and it's insane to me to imagine that it isn't anymore
I have a lot of pretend money that could poof in an instant and I try not to think about it

I went from 400 to 6k through eth and poe in 2017. Cash out while youre on top senpai

Under $2000

I get your sentiment, but nah
my initial investment was ages ago, nobody knows about it, and my life's moving on fine. I could buy some luxury goods, or I can wait and potentially significantly better my life. I'm fine with the gamble.

50% link 50% shitcoins. My plan of attack is just beating btcs growth so i can load up.

The last two are bags from December 2017.

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>not buying TRUE for 61% cheaper than other exchanges
>Doesn't know how to use real decentralized IDEXs
> Not shorting OKeX
No wonder you're poor

Why is everyone holding a bunch of chink absolute shitcoins?

Any guidance on learning how to spot good arbitrage opportunities? Any good tutorials / guides on this stuff you suggest?

I just have 1k link

Bro gotta hope for those ×100's bro

because its more guaranteed than gambling shit coin that the IRS will tax you for

It's not gambling. Its easy money. Most people are lazy or don't know how to use dex so they dont bother. You can make a serious profit

dropped a hard eth thanks

this is how the poorfolios work. you bet in that obscure chink coin and hope for the best

I'm all in ONE

started with 5k

who are you kidding
at least you're aware of the chink aspect

Thanks user

All in Chainlink

Got in LINK at $1 so at least I'm not a sub 1000 coinlet anymore. 15k would already be making it for me desu so let's hope it will do another 10x

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1.5k LINK
32k ONE
Hoping for a miracle.

99.99% LINK

Damn. Wish I knew about this a week ago. Still, good arb

I had $4k
Went all in Link
Now $44k
That's my plan

Bought in to crypto meme for $100
I'm now down to $40

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50% LINK
30% BTC
10% VIDT
5% QNT

100% RLC
>Bottom of the top 200 coins
>Fundamental rating in top 65
Just getting to where it's appropriately valued will be like a 10x and im just accumulating the bottom and waiting on the market to call it's number


That’s it. BAT is my moonshot but XMR gets comfier every day with a US crackdown looming.

Chainlink and LinkPool Share

Have about $4000, all in FTM for now except a little I'm still holding in Bitcoin, but wish I would have but in FTM when it was at 180 sats the other day.

Going all in brapper


This will make it. no need to ask

I’ve got 65k rsr. I’m hoping for a miracle pump

Going to keep throwing money in until I feel like I’m in a good place financially.

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60% BTC
30% LINK
10% FTM
Wish I had put more into LINK before the massive pump.

All in on Holo
2M and stacking up

100% reserve. ill take out my initial after 3-20x q3 app & rsv launch pump... ill hold rest for 8-10 years.. potential 10-20,000x

then ill do same for next 1000x.. there are several but i wont say because i dont hold them yet

The only good folio ITT

New guy here, which coins are FTM and LIT ?
Isn't VIDT almost close to 0?

thank you in advance :)

Harmony is like fucking close to zero.........!!!

How much did you invest and at what price ?

100% Skycoin

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High risk High reward is all I got at this point.

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which exchange did you use to buy all these coins? fellow eurofag here.

I bought at 117 sats.

what does sats mean?

All in Ada. 2k$

holy shit. get off this board. you are too dumb to get into crypto. if you have money in crypto you 100% will loose it all.


I meant 0.00000117 BTC

thank you for your reply :)

you seem to a lot of gatekeeping, you fuckin faggot.

go back to plebbit you fucking street shitter

> :)
> gatekeeping
Go back the way ya came boy.


60% BNB
25% LINK
15% ONE

I'm ready for alt season

Will I make it?

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100% xrp

60% BTC
20% ETH
20% BAT
I’ll be retired in one year.

A lot of those aren't going anywhere, best hope one of them does. That being said, LINK and BTC have the best shot long-term. VIDT and QNT are gambles.

Again, just a random user's take

makes me so happy that a smiley can bother you so much :D

Close enough

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looks like you are on there more than me, you inbred faggot

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5K link, nothing else.
Plan on selling Link once the Cryptomarket peak once again..
I am thinking 30-50% more than the previous ATH, so when BTC are around 30K$, i'll sell link.

BTC 94%
link 5%
misc shite I got for free 1%

Damn, you're living the dream of buy high sell low.

All in Holo unironically

Stay poor retard

>What's your portfolio

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VIDT, hold for a year while Q3 listings, Sept drop, and monthly burnings change he prices to eventually being worth 10 dollars then I may sell to hit my first 100k.

> 5000 VIDT

you will definitely make it.

I hold 4 eth and plan to continue holding for a long time

100% JNT

>I plan on my making it through hard work and dedication to a meaningful career
Good goyim good. Dedicate yourself to making us more money.

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Absolutely based


I'm about 90% BTC, rest is a suicide stack of few low cap alts.

All in btc

Why is the btc chart stuttering so much, an why did it peak two years ago?


Lisk is actually the only good thing you’re holding user. Stack up.

100% ONE. Honestly biz, just all in on ONE easiest 10x by next month

this is the only real way. buying alts should only serve this purpose. to speed up the process you can try to sell some btc during the next tops and buy more on the next bottoms.

IT better be

50% BTC
50% SENT


Flipped 6 eth based af