Does she know the oracle problem?

Dubs and I will go ask her + shill her chainlink and say whatever you want me to ask her.

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can i smell your feet? checkem

Would you like to have sex mlady

Show her this picture

Leave her alone you degenerate. She's obviously texting chad to come and pound her later

You can maybe have a chance 10 years down the road when shes done riding the carousel


Better shill her Harmony, she will be dripping all over that chair for you being such a smart low inhibition Chad, being early in it.

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wanna see my dick go 100x you little whore?


damn, shes fuckin' sexy... i am dead fucking serious when i say this, if that coffee shes drinking came out of her anus as diahhorea i would have no problem licking that shit off of her beautiful white skin as it came out of her ass.. onto the seat and on her sexy dress. id lift that dress up, inhale all her feces scent, and get to work

Shill her on Link, explain to her that you know Sergey personally and suggest a threesome in a McDonnalds bathroom.

Poopoo peepee?

Who the fuck wears socks with flip flops

Will you barry me?

Ask her if she has ever heard about our Lord and Saviour Sergey from Nazareth

Bully her. I will encourage you, don't feel silly just go up and annoy her.

Ok patel

human toilet you disgust me

girls with fucked up feet

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stop taking pics of costumers or you'll lose you're job frendo

Walk up and tell her your altcoins are all dumping right now but they’re going to moon really soon and you’re really happy about that.


Checked. Say all these in quick succession

You have to say this now, OP.

The true Jow Forums way. Shill her a Chinese scam coin that hit it's top a month ago and has been deserted by all but the lowest of IQ bag-holders.

Based. And checked. But it's not dubs.

I fundamentally want to marry you, have 14 children and save the white race

go in front of the glass and take a picture of her panties

drop something under her table. Say I'll get it don't worry.

by the way, she's secretly masturbating

bitch lasagna

im gonna wait til you drop to support level so i can ride you all the way to 100x
and of course link $1000eoy

Reroll for this.

She looks like she plays sports
She might be a team player, namsayin?

so. I heard u leik mudkipz?

Go for both or you're a faggot OP

better, ofer she to be a brapper lady, she will get paid in brappers, show your power level



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she couuld be the new belle delphie, you need to show her face, you could pimp her

shill her brap tokens

imagine to have or own biz ethot, brapper open so many windows

decentralized pimping is the future, some pimp smart contract, unimaginable how would be the use of chainlink oracle with some pussy

>nike socks

She likes black dudes my guy



approach her and ask her if she knows about chainlink

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You have to go back

I take home girls like this and strip their pants off and slorp on their pussies ASAP. I'm not fucking around.

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