Alright, let's discuss how to get free crypto

Alright, let's discuss how to get free crypto.

1) Coinbase -> $36 of free crypto for watching videos.

2) -> Free Airdrops

(I made a pastebin, because Jow Forums doesn't like links)

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What else is there?

You can sign up to be a worker on Effect Force.

All you need is an EOS account

Use brave browser fshgots

>Effect Force
wtf is that? you can make money with it?

Four spots open each for XLM and EOS.

i know of coinpot and moon*coin faucets

not much for gains, but so far in, i managed to make about 2.7 dollars worth of litecoin. about 0.0265 ltc.

i think it would be wiser if you just saved up your monthly beer money and just exchanged them at a nearby btc atm. although, as it seems not everybody has them.

Speaking of if anyone wants to use my link for the free coinbase money please do

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What kind of autist posts a screenshot for a referral link?

Fair point
coinbase. com earn eos invite smg0xbn6

Oh and coinbase. com earn xlm invite wd758jqz

kekked hard



why wont these shit shovelling niggers approve my account
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biz has really turned into pajeet central

Does Coinbase ask anybody else here to confirm their device every single time they log in? This is on the same home internet connection.

Authorize "new" device I mean

I got verified in 15 minutes kek

what ID did you use?

>free $36
jesus christ yikes

how do the airdrops work on

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i got no friends help me get more crypto

coinbase. com earn xlm invite mhk8rgz3
coinbase. com earn eos invite j83rtyhv

help on the earn quiz please sirs

Bitcointalk too, this is the new crypto. Adapt or stay poor.

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Go sign up for the Aftershock airdrop

Pi Network - download on the App Store and sign up with code WestenMike to start mining for free

You can get free USDCoin if you just go to a busy public place, and sit down on the corner with a cup next to you.

>user posts /thread
>thread continues after /thread
Why does no one ever listen?

you can even get more if youre a female character

Here is my stellar invite link.

Free EOS:
coinbase .com earn eos invite 3b91n68q

Free Stellar:
coinbase .com earn xlm invite tq4xnw9f

I've got two slots left over! Help a brother out

speaking of earning free crypto. How do those telegram bots work? After reaching the withdraw minimal you have to "upgrade" your account by sending back some of those BTCs to them. Do you send them a telegram message with the transfer or what?. Its very likely a scam but im not even putting money from my wallet.

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Someone make a board where you have to timestamp white skin to browse

If you buy CHR now you can literally turn it into "free crypto" by selling the top next month.


Got 4 slots left of each XLM/EOS. Coins for coins

Yeah you earn their token EFX doing microtasks on their platform.

Pi network is back on the google play store. Use code Mobile363 to get signed up. It's worth nothing right now. But it's free meme coins that might one day be worth a lot. Mobile363

Here are $50 invites, frens

This just confirms that crypto is way past the early adopter phase. Next crypto bubble might be the very last one.

Please sirs I need to buy spices for my vindaloo. I will be able to do that with coinbase rupees thank you.

It's been pajeet central for years