Need crypto advice

Family diner 2018

Aunt started talking to me

Aunt: Hey user, how are you doing? What have you been up to lately?
Me: Working, studying and buying crypto
Aunt: *Talking loud* Crypto??? user, I think you have no idea how the world works! Your uncle bought some at $18.000 and look how much it is now! Take an example of your uncle, stop bothering with crypto. (Everyone starts laughing at me)
Parents mix in: I have told user that crypto is all a scam, but he never listens... i hope he just get a degree and can get a full time job, just like us..
Me: *starts uncomfortable playing with my dick under the table*
Aunt: user, you are so old, stop doing dumb things, think about your future. Everyone who thinks crypto is still a think is dumb.

Last week family diner

Aunt takes me to her room

Aunt: user... you know last year, when you talked about crypto.. uhm can you teach me abit?
Me: *Starts unbuckling my belt* start sucking you degenerate whorte, i will give you some
tips when we are done
Aunt: *Starts sucking, and choking while I fuck her throat*

''After we are done"

Me: *Acting cool* I will message you some shit later, aunty

Need help Jow Forums i actually own 0 crypto, and was just acting cool... what should i say to her? i want to keep fucking her like my whore, but everything is over if she knows that i was just boasting..

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This is why you should never talk about crypto, if you don’t fucking know anything about it

Fantasy incest story?

Buy fantom or coti both will moon x2-3 in 1 month

thank me later larp

Tell her to buy chainlink and in the mean time get yourself some rope

Just tell her boomer shit, crypto is a volatile expeculative asset, you can play with it because you have time to recover loses, and time to spent the winners. They are gonna die soon.

Not my proudest fap

buy ONE and tell your aunt to buy some

porn producer here, stealing this plot, soon to be seen on pornhub
thx user.
btw tell her to buy RSR

Porn director here, you need a job man?
Seriously this shit is amazing, showed it to my crew and everyone loves it. Give it some thought, pay is good.

Im getting a boner, this is horny af

Kek good larp (no sarcasm)

Buy yourself some COTI and Fantom. COTI will announce big news soon, expect 2-3x short term. Stake Fantom on xFutures for XFT (exchange token), xFutures is backed by OKEx, so it’s safe

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heard of moon3d? 10x or 100x your crypto. ez money

Fantom stake event is over, too late. Last staking event will be announced soon

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Tell her to sell her bath water and pee
Even better if you collect it and then sell

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>dodgy English spelling
>fantasies about your aunt

Hello Rajesh.


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Topkek. This. Also based story user.

just shill top 3



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Checked...also what is up with the incest porn thing?

Am I in some bizzaro world?
I thought boomers loved crypto.