he isn't shorting this fakeout

> he isn't shorting this fakeout

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post a pic of your shorts beartard

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That bobro fucks on a daily basis

>liq price $17k
how fucking low is your leverage lmao


I’m short myself 250k at 12.3

I’ve realized shorting with high leverage is beyond retarded with any serious amount of capital. Shorting is really about balancing a portfolio and capital preservation so you can properly buy a bottom

this isnt a good entry

Can't wait for you faggot beartards to get liquidated because you were too greedy to close the short lol

imagine wanting the bitcoin price to go down when you're being paid in bitcoin

bears = brainlets

Disagree, think he got a really good entry

his entry was ytd you brainlet
how can i short yesterday? i can only short now or later

I’m out on the sidelines, waiting patiently.

i mean yea with that capital of course low leverage is better but still. if you guys were so sure about this short i think you could have easily gotten away with a higher leverage imo

> he isn't aware of stop hunters on bitmex

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This. You can’t put yourself at the mercy of one whale deciding to pump the price 1k.

My liq is 20050, stop at 14.1k and couldn’t be comfier

Being a bobro unironically requires a certain degree of intelligence

We go to 12k at least today. Plan accordingly

>Being a bobro unironically requires a certain degree of intelligence
Shortin in Bull market very smart it is

So how do you short dear bearbro.

Do you need to have btc or us it possible with euros or dollars?

What's the best leverage for a newfag like me?

And when do you realize your profit?

I short using fiat on normal trading websites because I'm not a retard

i hope it barts downwards.

I use deribit. You transfer in btc and get paid in btc

So far OP is $500 in the red hahaha get fucked bearfag


> he thinks the orange man has any influence on the price of crypto

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imagine unironically shorting the beginning of a bull market