I faked a robbery in my house and stole 50k from my boomer parent that he had under his desk. I also had to "steal" several valuable things to make it seem real like his laptop and a watch he had laying around. I invested everything in LINK at $1.2 so I think I made a good decision. It was sad to see him and my mother cry though, but It'll be worth it in the end. I plan on repaying him back 60k when link hits $50.I don't feel guilty because I'm sure he'll understand.

Coinfess your crimes user.

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you are a garbage person and literally nigger tier


Holy shit you nigger at least give them back $100k

I already explained my reasons.
I'm not a nigger.
I did it because it had to be done. He'll be happy when he makes 10k in a few months.

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You are god-tier for that. I am extremely proud of you user. You are doing what you need to do to break your family out of the slave class. All of your future lineage will thank you for this moment

Kek this is some chaotic good -tier stuff. Hope it works out for you.

Yeah sorry user had to do it. Fuck you.

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You're white trash, a nigger with white skin. Sell the link and give them back at least the initial investment before this shitcoin crashes and your family loses everything

Good dam fuckin link cult is worse than Scientologists

Can (((we))) start a case against Sir Gay for securities fraud. Imagine how slow this board would become!

I barely understand anything about cryptos and larp like I do because I'm like 10x in the positive from listening to user.

To be fair, even Abraham was ready to sacrifice Isaac. Follow the Link path, either in or out forever

you already doubled his money. if you were a good person youd pay him back and just keep the rest

I believe in the anons shilling for bitcoin cash and fudding BTC as merely overpriced segwit coins. If proven true, something that monstrous will cement the foundations for a finalized one-world administration. Fuck that dogshit

Kek. Nice larp faggot. I once took a shit on a hooker while she was asleep, took the money I paid her and put it back into Bitcoin. OoooooooooooooOooooooOOOooooooooooo

You need to give him back 4x. $200k cash, plus whatever else you stole. Hope you make it, otherwise you're a nigger.

I know who you are and where you live, "user". If you don't transfer 10k LINK to me in the next five minutes I will report you you the cops. Tick Tock "user"

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most likely the shock took off YEARS of his life, he's now closer to a heartattack than before

well done you retrd

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This better be a larp. If not I hope your dad beats the shit out of you and calls the police when he finds out and then the police beat the shit out of you like the nigger you are.

lol at all these salty moralfags.
if you can't do what you must to make it, you'll never make it.
you need to break the rules, or you'll be forever a pesant.

i too deposited 50k of stolen cash directly into coinbase with no problems

enjoy hell larper

Someone asked if having children is worth it. In your dad's case, the answer is not

>steal from your parents
>invest in fucking shitcoins

Please die very quickly lest you accidentally procreate.

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