“I am not a fan of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies, which are not money...

“I am not a fan of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies, which are not money, and whose value is highly volatile and based on thin air. Unregulated Crypto Assets can facilitate unlawful behavior, including drug trade and other illegal activity," Trump wrote.


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I wonder why he actually said this, because Trump sounds like he'd love Trump Coin for his casinos and shit

I wouldn't worry in the long term, because so much money will flow into crypto that there will be too much to destroy; as unethical and tyrannical governments are, I doubt they will just wipe out billions of dollars worth of crypto markets; they'll have to integrate to survive

Governments are parasites, they take wealth, not ignore it

Based on thin air? So like fiat currencies then?

Unironically coming up with years old fud...

comon would you invest in the future if you were 80 years old? lol

You actually think trump wrote this? lol... you must not be an American.... the dude can't spell or write a single complete coherent sentence

bullish. i bet he already bought at least 1k btc



LIBRA = human trafficking token between borders.

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>So like fiat currencies then?
No, why would you say that?

>president of the us shills the dollar

color me surprised.

This kills the crypto.
Rev up those sweet pink wojaks, bros.

The man is a senile mongoloid, this is bullish as fuck

True if fiat was backed by thin air it would be with more than it is now.

His tweet thread was mostly about Zuck and his shitty Libra.

>plebbit begins pump

When nobody gives a shit about what the president of the US has to say about an asset I think it's time to buy that asset.

Yes, but Tether isnt even backed by fiat.

Bet he's a fan of the AfterShock token. Lol

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99% of crypto is a scam

You must be a big fat pussy if you are not interested in LTO. You are slacking for sure

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Somebody please tell hm about Trumpcoin. Please for the love of God somebody tweet Trump about Trumpcoin.

Trump knows the BTC rally was pumped full of thin Tether air, tether that is backed by absolutely nothing, not even fiat.

Trump also signed an executive order allowing the US to freeze the assets of human traffickers. Thus, Trump knows that many billionaire human traffickers are moving their money into BTC and pumping the price with Tether.

Trump knows that Bitcoin is going to crash, and all the pedophiles that have moved their money over to bitcoin will be fucked either way by his Executive Order and/or by the BTC market crash.

Anybody else who is still in bitcoin (instead of LINK) will be fucked and the President will say, sorry but you fucked yourselves by being greedy and not taking profit from your risky speculative unregulated DLT asset.


Literally fucking delusional lmao
Delusional Zog zombies

loved the part where he shilled the US dollar, saying it was "stronger than ever" despite it losing 96% of its value in the past 100 years or so

>I wonder why (((POTUS))) is against the only unconfiscatable decentralized asset ever

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Trump doesn't know shit. He's just saying what his (((FED overlords))) want him to say.

I was pushed an article saying Trump had asked an aide to investigate ways to devalue the USD, just hours before this tweet came out. Interesting...

No steppy on snekky

Trumpfags BTFO. Hopefully someone tells him about Trumpcoin so he can sue the shit out of the creators.

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Ross William Ulbricht had his bitcoin confiscated

>Doesn't know what fiat is is backed by
You know this is a (((Finance))) board right?

This, why would you ever save USD when they’re just going to print more and lose your purchasing power? At least with crypto, you have some transparency as to what’s going on.

Trump is a goldbug

“Trump knows” kek, that senile old fool barely knows anything. People either vote republican or Democratic...they don’t care who the head of it is....people vote for their team regardless of the consequences. Kek, teump was trying to build a Tv station to rival fox, not actually be president.

The CIA and Mossad have been using Bitcoin for drug and human trafficking

>criminals have been using money

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what if I told you bitcoin is backed by physical slaves

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Take my money

who gives a fuck about some senile pedo Zionist boomer. investors stopped reading his tweets long ago

Libra can’t compete with Chainlink and we all know which crypto Big Don has in his portfolio...

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Physical slaves? Better than corporeal ones I guess.

Incredibly bullish. Everyone hates Trump. Btc is gonna pump to 20k based on spite alone.

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Fake and gay

Lmao who fucking cares about this mongoloid tranny boomer


He has my vote now


There was discussion of money and banking. One statement was, "Inflation is infinite. You can put an infinite number of zeros after any number and put the decimals points wherever you want", as an indication that inflation is a tool of the controllers. Money would become predominately credit. It was already ... money is primarily a credit thing but exchange of money would be not cash or palpable things but electronic credit signal. People would carry money only in very small amounts for things like chewing gum and candy bars. Just pocket sorts of things. Any purchase of any significant amount would be done electronically. Earnings would be electronically entered into your account. It would be a single banking system. May have the appearance of being more than one but ultimately and basically it would be one single banking system, so that when you got paid your pay would be entered for you into your account balance and then when you purchased anything at the point of purchase it would be deducted from your account balance and you would actually carry nothing with you. Also computer records can be kept on whatever it was you purchased so that if you were purchasing too much of any particular item and some official wanted to know what you were doing with your money they could go back and review your purchases and determine what you were buying.dddcc

praise jebus, as christians we must strictly adhere to the Old Testament

There was a statement that any purchase of significant size like an automobile, bicycle, a refrigerator, a radio or television or whatever might have some sort of identification on it so it could be traced, so that very quickly anything which was either given away or stolen - whatever - authorities would be able to establish who purchased it and when. Computers would allow this to happen. The ability to save would be greatly curtailed. People would just not be able to save any considerable degree of wealth. There was some statement of recognition that wealth represents power and wealth in the hands of a lot of people is not good for the people in charge so if you save too much you might be taxed. The more you save the higher rate of tax on your savings so your savings really could never get very far. And also if you began to show a pattern of saving too much you might have your pay cut. We would say, "Well, your saving instead of spending. You really don't need all that money." That basically the idea being to prevent people from accumulating any wealth which might have long range disruptive influence on the system. People would be encouraged to use credit to borrow and then also be encouraged to renege on their debt so they would destroy their own credit. The idea here is that, again, if you're too stupid to handle credit wisely, this gives the authorities the opportunity to come down hard on you once you've shot your credit. Electronic payments initially would all be based on different kinds of credit cards ... these were already in use in 1969 to some extent. Not as much as now. But people would have credit cards with the electronic strip on it and once they got used to that then it would be pointed out the advantage of having all of that combined into a single credit card, serving a single monetary system and then they won't have to carry around all that plastic."sdfd

I can't believe I voted for this Boomer I'm going full liberal next election

Thing about Trump is he says one thing and does another. I think he says shit to keep people happy then gets off Twitter and does something totally opposite.

So the next step would be the single card and then the next step would be to replace the single card with a skin implant. The single card could be lost or stolen, give rise to problems; could be exchanged with somebody else to confuse identify. The skin implant on the other hand would be not losable or counterfeitable or transferrable to another person so you and your accounts would be identified without any possibility of error. And the skin implants would have to be put some place that would be convenient to the skin; for example your right hand or your forehead. At that time when I heard this I was unfamiliar with the statements in the Book of Revelation. The speaker went on to say, "Now some of you people who read the Bible will attach significance to this to the Bible," but he went on to disclaim any Biblical significance at all. This is just common sense of how the system could work and should work and there's no need to read any superstitious Biblical principals into it. As I say, at the time I was not very familiar with the words of Revelations. Shortly after I became familiar with it and the significance of what he said really was striking. I'll never forget it. There was some mention, also, of implants that would lend themselves to surveillance by providing radio signals. This could be under the skin or a dental implant ... put in like a filling so that either fugitives or possibly other citizens could be identified by a certain frequency from his personal transmitter and could be located at any time or any place by any authority who wanted to find him. This would be particularly useful for somebody who broke out of prison.


I wish they would make a Shiro coin

I wonder how many kikes paid him to tweet this utter bullshit.
>thin air
>has purchasing power

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I don't know, Trump seems to be getting smarter. Maybe they give presidents some type of drug, I don't know.

Quick anecdote. My old boss worked for Trump trying to lease the retail at one of his major towers. My boss is young, in his 30's so it was a big deal that he got this listing. He worked on it for over a year and couldn't get any tenants to agree to the high rents Trump wanted. One day, my boss gets a call that Trump himself wants to talk to him the following day, so he should be ready.

The whole company freaks out, not knowing what is going to happen. So they spend the whole night doing practice sessions, hardening my boss to the tough questions to come. By morning he was ready for anything.

Trump's assistant calls and connects my boss and Trump, one on one. Trump is very polite, tells him he's done a great job. He tells my boss that his lender is going to call and ask why the space isn't leased, and that Trump wants him to tell the lender they overvalued the retail and have to lower their projections by 50%. Trump tells him he overvalued the spaces from day one so that he could refinance later and make money on the delta. My boss agrees and the plan executes accordingly.

What does this demonstrate? Trump is not stupid, he plans ahead and he makes strategic, long term moves. After witnessing Trump's games first hand, I look at everything he does in a different light than how the media paints him.


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It astounds me how gullible people are to actually believe that Trump is stupid. Manipulative, cunning, dishonest, perhaps. But not stupid.

They think he just gets up and angrily sends a tweet without thinking. The fact that he's built that idea in the public's mind shows just how effective he is at controlling the narrative and getting his opponents to underestimate him.

>le 15d chess
No, you are the gullible one

Trump is a drooling retard with toilet paper stuck to his shoe so thats not much of a sign either way.

I don’t understand the refinancing . Pls help me I’m retarded

I trust the people that have worked directly for Trump more than CNN. The 15d chess memes and alt right obsession with his "mind games" is extremely annoying though. I'm just saying he's not stupid.

I mean retail is the one thing he's done professionally all his life, it doesn't surprise me he's competent at it, he still doesn't have a clue about crypto, but it will probably work out for us regardless

go back to the donald you delusional boomer

>I trust the people that have worked directly for Trump
you mean all those contractors he conned and cheated without pay? all those he conned in his failed university? all those loans he bailed out from because of his bankrupted casinos? all those failed vodka and steak products? there is nothing intelligent in anything Trump did. He inherited half a billion that could worth over 10 billion if he simply threw it at the boomer stock market but instead he has less than 1 because he is a huge failure. The only thing he did that wasn't a complete failure was real estate which you really don't need to be a genius to do, you only need huge starting capital. He is in fucking New York city for fucks sake, you can buy a literal dump filled with shit and it will still go up in value eventually because its in fucking New York

Basically, it gets him a lower interest rate and you can take cash out during a refi. Usually if your property NOI is going down, its harder to refinance, but here it was projected rents and nothing had yet been leased, so the NOI was unchanged by the projected rents being lowered.

If I get a loan on a property that is supposed to make $1MM per year, my debt coverage is supposed to stay at a certain percentage of that revenue for my property to be healthy. If the revenue is actually only $500K, I still have to pay the same debt service, so my property might go into the red since I have to pay for maintenance, leasing costs, etc.

By refinancing before anything was leased he got himself a more realistic, lower rate and can also take out tax free cash to spend on improvements for the building.

He basically created extra money to spend on the building out of nothing by falsely projecting high retail rents, then crying poor when they didn't pan out.

>Manipulative, cunning, dishonest, perhaps. But not stupid
lrn2read brainlet

He's a master at manipulation. It really shouldn't surprise anyone that a billionaire businessman with a lifetime of experience in pr won an election but somehow that makes less sense than, say, a literal nobody senator from Chicago. At this point he is basically a military intelligence asset (patriots, not deep state), so if I had to just make a guess looking at the current field I would say this is a play to strike down Libra while he is strategically positioning to do something about the Fed in the next few years. It has to be done. If anyone was ever going to do it, it would be a political outsider like Trump. And it would be in the second term once the gloves are off. All these game are just to make sure no one ends the interest rate party or beats him to the punch.

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what an idiot. Still better than Hilldog, but Trump is an idiot.

stupid is a relative word. he might not be completely retarded but he isn't that smart either.

He is definately smarter than his dumb sheep followers thats for sure



Simply a 4D chess move, my friends. He's leveraging TDS to get the left on-board with crypto.

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>I recognize this racist is an idiot but I am also a racist


I've got another Trump anecdote. There are a lot of real estate conferences, ICSC is the biggest one for retail. My buddy was at an ICSC event in the mid 2000's and Trump is on as a speaker, so he goes to watch. There are probably a couple hundred industry guys there.

Trump walks up on stage and starts being a complete dick. He said "Very happy to be here, I usually charge $200 grand to speak at an event, but you are my real estate people so I did it for free." He then goes on to start calling out all of the specific real estate firms he doesn't like. "MidAmerica, screw you guys never trust them!, CBRE, they're okay, Fein corp, worst guys to work with"

He literally came to ICSC and just shat on all his competitors, didn't talk about retail, didn't talk about real estate. Just said fuck you and left.

On one hand that is hilarious, on the other hand it's terrifyingly petty and somewhat insane.

no shit. read the illuminati ama they created btc (proof being they said when it was going to be created 2 years before it was created)

i’m still getting rich off link fuck being a wageslave i’m tired of me and all my friends getting jewed over


Zoomie infants: [rage intensifies]

Lol your pretend "investment" toys will never be accepted by normie society. Cry harder. You're faggots.

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how butthurt will you faggots be when he wins a second term

Yes because then I get a fucking statue for being an old man with a young vision. Please tell me how the jews are gonna FUD and tarnish my 1,500lb solid steel cock

He's right, crypto world is like the wild wild west and let's be honest the only people apart of that ponzi scheme called Bitcoin are pedophiles and degenerate gang members. Why in the blue hell would you want to emerse yourself in such degenerate filth when you can use the gold standard in modern currency, the U.S dollar. Bitcoin is decentralized and runs from regulations because they are corrupt and use sleazy manipulation tactics such as tether pump and dumps. Bitcoin is so volatile a newbie investor can get wiped out in an hour or two, what kind of a joke is that? A sick one that's what. I'm just glad soon regulations will be thrown at Bitcoin and hopefully it will be barred from use in every single country with a central bank. Trump is doing the right thing in the long run, either we all play by the same rules or you get a boot on your throat faggot ass bitch!

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>i’m still getting rich off link fuck being a wageslave i’m tired of me and all my friends getting jewed over

You are helping something that will fuck you, I already knew digital currency would be a big thing (discovered wiht this text) at early 2013 or late 2012 (dont remember) before I even knew crypto was a thing and said I would never get this digital coins (unless I am forced of course), then at late 2013 I discovered bitcoin and didnt brought it, i knew it would be big and didnt brought it, to not help the system.

being a racist is not really only a bad thing and not all "racist" are the same.
Also your (((progressive friends))) are racist toward whites

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>You are helping something that will fuck you
>retiring early and leving this sinking ship of faggot marxists = getting fucked over
whatever, kike worshipper. Keep fighting the good fight, lmao

>implying I have friends
Doesn't stop me from seeing what's right.

Trump is not a fan of bitcoin but he is a fan of unregulated brown people flooding our country and destroying it from the inside. Boomers and jews are BASED

fuck grumkptff for fudding my bags

>he might not be completely retarded but he isn't that smart either.
Right. He's just a multi-billionaire by luck.

Trump literally called on the fed to weaken the dollar in response to China and Europe 2 days prior to this. He is a senile old jewish slave. He does whatever the jews tell him to do because he is weak

yeah I am sure inheriting half a billion had nothing to do with that

This is accurate. Trump is not even in control the deep state has been running the country since 2016 to prevent this orange mongoloid from nuking someone

Sounds like bullshit to me. Likely a jewish scam/cope
>t.finance fag

>muhhh it will change in the 2nd term when “the gloves come off”
Holy fuck the cope never stops. I have heard this shit about 2nd terms since I was born

being racists can be healthy if you only want to keep strong borders and have healthy homogeneous communities. I know because I have lived in both the western and the eastsern world and I know that you western europeans and Amerimutts are retards that can be easily controlled by being called "racist". Instead of wanting to preserve your culture you open your borders to both us but to also Africans that destroy your communities. We would only steal from you, but we would not rape, kill or worse. But the blackies.... yea, no.

Naturally I do not want you retards to go on a killing nazi rampage, but I think you need to have iron borders where noone can come without being shot at if he is illegal. Also keep the number of emigrants bellow 10% of overall population and you may get to keep your dying race alive. But no, you have decided to suicide because you are so scared of being called a word of 6 letters.

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He inherited a billion and he carried water for jews for 50 years. He would have outperformed by simply putting his inheritance into an index fund and sleeping all day