At restaurant with cutie

>at restaurant with cutie
>makes random comment about how vegans are dumb and limit their choices
>I'm a vegan
>No I didn't mean you I mean it must be so difficult it's really admirable and attractive

>random crap with another girl, talking about her phone
>I'm gonna get a Samsung like you when this one breaks
>It's shit stick with Apple
>oh yeah I mean I'm just considering it one of my friends suggested it I probably will stick with Apple

>talking about game of thrones, say my favourite scene is the mountain Vs little guy
>(she thinks I mean cause of the head crushing) oh I love horror too what's your favourite?
>I don't really watch horror I like the action in the scene
>Oh yeah that's what I meant

Why are all women so insecure and desperate deep down? Literally change their opinions instantly as if thats going to interest the guy.

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nice blogpost

Business and Finance

women are all npcs they dont actually have opinions about anything. they are whoever they need to be to land the husband or job they need to advance their social standing.

Wrong board you stupid cunt.

they're mental sponges that absorb the opinions of the mate they're attracted too. there is nothing wrong with this other then the fact that they have suffrage and absorb the opinions told to them by mass media and popular culture.

>girl tells me she's a gamer in an attempt to impress me
>tell her I hate video games and I hate gamers
>she starts squirming and going "oh...well...I don't really like them that much. I haven't played in a while actually...I guess you're right.

feels good being a male

women are retarded, they like whatever you tell them to. when you're in a relationship the woman actually starts to copy you and change her whole personality to suit yours. she will start to like what you like, talk how you talk, etc. women are like dogs

Because men are retards and happen to be physically stronger than them.
This is literally the root cause.

why even bother reposting on Jow Forums

Fuck off with this stale pasta

>women are like dogs

Unironically this. Feed them, show them how to have fun and discipline them. She'll be a miniyou in months, but without the mental and physical strength.

They haven’t changed their beliefs, they just changed what they told you to not hurt your feelings.

Fuck off to reddit with your blog post and vegan faggotry.

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Have sex

no shit they're like dogs. its the man who needs to be in control and in charge. its the man who needs to be smart and have a plan how to continue growing their wealth. the woman is there to keep the man company and slob on his knob in times of stress.

a thread died for this

Fuck you, go back to plebbit

t. Incel

>blog post about how humiliating it is to be a soigoy
you need to return to >>>reddit

All trannies should dilate

How do I short incels?

This is now a buzzcoin thread

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Vegans are indeed dumb.
Android superior to Crapple.
Head crushing was amazing.
Women are dogs.

Untill you overcommit and the standard lowers. Youre balls deep in (shared mortgage, crying demonic kids).

You think about leaving or leave and she will stab you in the back worse than you could ever imagine.

Manipulation, blackmail etc. Youll be in a warzone and she will have the best of you. You go down the drain while shes flourishes up and finds the next victim she can 'adjust her opinion too' Then you will realise women are the stronger gender mentally

Cope, tbqh. None of what you just said is a sign of strength, it is only even possible to begin with because of gubberment handouts and the way the system favours women pretty much across the board.