Muh Trump tweet is good advertisement

>muh Trump tweet is good advertisement
>muh Trump haters will buy to spite him
>muh feeling like 2017
This is just the beginning. Trump will move to ban cryptocurrencies and bring in new legislation etc. Institutional money will pull out and probably are in the process of doing so right now.
Once the rubber hits the road we're going back to 2k levels or below. You all know this already but don't want to accept it. Alts will be decimated, crypto companies will be decimated, (You) will be decimated, within 6 months

It's over.

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Build the wall first or get rekt bobo

The writing is on the wall
The Tweet was just Trump telling you what is about to happen

Oh really?

Irrelevant within 6 months

>amerilards literally banned from crypto
bearish short-term, but incredible bulllish long-term

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Because some undilated discord tranny said so?

What's Discord tranny about this post? Delusional idiot. Trump made the Tweet. If you can't read between the lines then there is no helping you

God I hope so. Please moon my SNTVT bags 50x before it happens.

>segwit fud
>ny agreement
>hard fork scam
>Dimon fudding
>gavin fork scam
>china ban
>futures scheme
>op dragonslayer fud
>we will tame btc fud
>g20 fud
>stiglitz and other jews fud
>ln fud
>india ban
>Hard fork scam 2: rajeesh strikes again
>china double ban
>craig flowers drama fud
>schiff fud

And now we got

>POTUS fud

This was their last bullet, they runned out of ammo, their only choice is to Pump the fuck out of it and them dump like you do after Christmas evening.

In the trail of fire I know I will be free again

...or they just start to clamp down on companies trading/cryptos in the US.

you forgot load the exact same korea fud

Literally scraping up all fiat I could find to buy btc right this moment lol

Never underestimate the power of the terminally Drumpf deranged. We moon mission now thanks to the bad orange man. I fucking love that guy.

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seems jp morgan fudding btc and meanwhile buying it lulz

''banning'' crypto would have the same effect as banning alcohol or cocaine

Not really

and the rest of the world will continue on with crypto, with or without retarded amerilards

imagine being so delusional thinking that the entire world revolves around you

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Except it does

american unipolar dominance of the world is slowly fading. just look at the venezeula, iran, and north korea situations. your world police days are over.
it's even funnier when you realize supposed shitholes like russia and china will probably always be crypto friendlier than america.

>muh freedumbs
>banned from buying 1's and 0's

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>Trump made the Tweet.
>Oh no! Not the tweet!! How will we ever recover?
Trump makes shit ton of tweets and 90% of them don’t mean jack shit you filthy dirt fucker

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Time will tell

This. Based Trump

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>''banning'' crypto would have the same effect as banning alcohol or cocaine

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He’s not wrong.

He is